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Simulating fracture in rock using a micropolar peridynamic formulation In corso di stampa Diana V.Biolzi L. +
Diagonal compression cyclic testing of unreinforced and reinforced masonry walls 1-gen-2023 Biolzi L.Cattaneo S.Crespi P.Scamardo M.Vafa N.
Overall response of 2-ply laminated glass plates under out-of-plane loading 1-gen-2022 Biolzi L.Simoncelli M.
Post-failure behavior of 2-ply laminated glass plates with different interlayers 1-gen-2022 Biolzi L.Cattaneo S.Simoncelli M.
Effect of fiber hybridization on mechanical properties of concrete 1-gen-2022 He F.Biolzi L.Carvelli V.
Digital imaging monitoring of fracture processes in hybrid steel fiber reinforced concrete 1-gen-2022 He F.Biolzi L.Carvelli V. +
Parametric Analyses of the Response of Masonry Walls with Reinforced Plaster 1-gen-2022 Scamardo, MCattaneo, SBiolzi, LVafa, N
Effects of elevated temperature and water re-curing on fracture process of hybrid fiber reinforced concretes 1-gen-2022 He F.Biolzi L.Carvelli V.
Investigation of the mechanical and durability properties of sustainable high performance concrete based on calcium sulfoaluminate cement 1-gen-2021 Afroughsabet V.Biolzi L.Gastaldi M. M. +
Silicone bonded steel-glass joints under high temperature 1-gen-2021 Biolzi L. +
Structural analysis and design of reinforced concrete bridge corbels 1-gen-2020 Cattaneo S.Crespi P.Biolzi L.
Constitutive relationships of different interlayer materials for laminated glass 1-gen-2020 Biolzi L.Cattaneo S. +
Numerical assessment of laminated cantilevered glass plates with point fixings 1-gen-2020 V. QuagliniS. CattaneoL. Biolzi
Cold bending of vertical glass plates: Wind loads and geometrical instabilities 1-gen-2020 V. QuagliniS. CattaneoC. PettorrusoL. Biolzi
Evaluation of engineering properties of calcium sulfoaluminate cement-based concretes reinforced with different types of fibers 1-gen-2019 Biolzi L.Cattaneo S. +
Modelling the response of a laminated tempered glass for different configurations of damage by a rigid body spring model 1-gen-2019 Biolzi L.Casolo S.Tateo V. +
Sustainable Concretes for Structural Applications 1-gen-2019 Luigi BiolziSara Cattaneo +
The influence of expansive cement on the mechanical, physical, and microstructural properties of hybrid-fiber-reinforced concrete 1-gen-2019 Afroughsabet, VahidBiolzi, Luigi +
Testing masonry blockwork panels for orthotropic shear strength 1-gen-2019 Casolo, SiroBiolzi, LuigiCarvelli, ValterBarbieri, Gaia
Laminated Glass Cantilevered Plates under Static and Impact Loading 1-gen-2018 Biolzi, LuigiCattaneo, Sara +
Bond-based peridynamic modelling of singular and nonsingular crack-tip fields 1-gen-2018 BALLARINI, ROBERTODIANA, VITOBiolzi, LuigiCasolo, Siro
Post-failure behavior of laminated glass beams using different interlayers 1-gen-2018 Biolzi, LuigiCattaneo, Sara +
The effect of steel and polypropylene fibers on the chloride diffusivity and drying shrinkage of high-strength concrete 1-gen-2018 Afroughsabet, VahidBiolzi, Luigi +
Response of steel fiber reinforced high strength concrete beams: Experiments and code predictions 1-gen-2017 BIOLZI, LUIGICATTANEO, SARA
An insight in the late Baroque architecture: An integrated approach for a unique Bibiena church 1-gen-2017 BARBIERI, GAIAVALENTE, MARCO VINCENZOBIOLZI, LUIGITOGLIANI, CARLOFREGONESE, LUIGI +
Seismic assessment of two masonry Baroque churches damaged by the 2012 Emilia earthquake 1-gen-2017 Valente, MarcoBarbieri, GaiaBiolzi, Luigi
Estimating laminated glass beam strength via stochastic Rigid Body-Spring Model 1-gen-2017 BIOLZI, LUIGICASOLO, SIRODIANA, VITOSANJUST, CARLO ALBERTO
Shear response of masonry blockwork panels 1-gen-2017 L. BiolziV. CarvelliS. Casolo +
FAILURE OF GLASS CONCRETE COMPOSITE PANELS 1-gen-2017 Biolzi L.Cattaneo S.Crespi P.Giordano N.
Influence of double hooked-end steel fibers and slag on mechanical and durability properties of high performance recycled aggregate concrete 1-gen-2017 Afroughsabet, VahidBiolzi, Luigi +
On yielding, failure, and softening response of rock 1-gen-2016 BIOLZI, LUIGI +
Static and dynamic response of progressively damaged ionoplast laminated glass beams 1-gen-2016 BIOLZI, LUIGI +
Size and shape effect in the pull-out of FRP reinforcement from concrete 1-gen-2016 BARBIERI, GAIABIOLZI, LUIGIBOCCIARELLI, MASSIMILIANOCATTANEO, SARA
Damage in glass-concrete composite panels 1-gen-2016 BIOLZI, LUIGICATTANEO, SARACRESPI, PIETRO GIUSEPPEGIORDANO, NICOLA
Damage assessment of three medieval churches after the 2012 Emilia earthquake 1-gen-2016 VALENTE, MARCO VINCENZOBARBIERI, GAIABIOLZI, LUIGI
High-performance fiber-reinforced concrete: a review 1-gen-2016 AFROUGHSABET, VAHIDBIOLZI, LUIGI +
Pull out of FRP reinforcement from masonry pillars: Experimental and numerical results 1-gen-2015 BARBIERI, GAIABIOLZI, LUIGIBOCCIARELLI, MASSIMILIANOCATTANEO, SARA
Inelastic Strain and Damage in Surface Instability Tests 1-gen-2015 BIOLZI, LUIGI +
Shrinkage and temperature effects in glass-concrete composite panels 1-gen-2015 CRESPI, PIETRO GIUSEPPEBIOLZI, LUIGICATTANEO, SARAGIORDANO, NICOLA
Long-term monitoring of a very- high performance fiber reinforced concrete bridge: a case study 1-gen-2015 BIOLZI, LUIGICATTANEO, SARA +
A multidisciplinary approach to the conservation of an historical building in Mantua 1-gen-2014 BARBIERI, GAIABIOLZI, LUIGIBOCCIARELLI, MASSIMILIANOFREGONESE, LUIGITaffurelli, Laura
Experimental evaluation on long-term behaviour of cold-bent laminated glass 1-gen-2014 BIOLZI, LUIGIMUCIACCIA, GIOVANNI +
Long term response of glass-PVB double-lap joints 1-gen-2014 BIOLZI, LUIGIROSATI, GIANPAOLO +
Safety factors for the structural design of glass 1-gen-2014 BIOLZI, LUIGI +
Assessment of historical masonry pillars reinforced by CFRP strips 1-gen-2014 FEDELE, ROBERTOROSATI, GIANPAOLOBIOLZI, LUIGICATTANEO, SARA
Delamination tests on CFRP-reinforced masonry pillars: Optical monitoring and mechanical modeling 1-gen-2014 FEDELE, ROBERTOSCAIONI, MARCOBARAZZETTI, LUIGIROSATI, GIANPAOLOBIOLZI, LUIGI
Bending-shear response of self-consolidating and high-performance reinforced concrete beams 1-gen-2014 BIOLZI, LUIGICATTANEO, SARAMOLA, FRANCO
Opening and mixed mode fracture processes in a quasi-brittle material via digital imaging 1-gen-2014 BIOLZI, LUIGI +
Opening and Mixed-mode Fracture Initiation in aQuasi-brittle Material 1-gen-2013 BIOLZI, LUIGI +
Assessing the seismic vulnerability of a historical building 1-gen-2013 BARBIERI, GAIABIOLZI, LUIGIBOCCIARELLI, MASSIMILIANOFREGONESE, LUIGI +
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