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AI, Machine Learning e Data Mining 1-gen-2022 Andrea BonariniCesare AlippiMArco ColombettiFrancesco AmigoniGiacomo BoracchiVincenzo CagliotiGiuseppina GiniDaniele LoiaconoMatteo MatteucciMarcello RestelliManuel RoveriViola Schiaffonati
Analysis and Comparison of Features and Algorithms to Classify Shoulder Movements from sEMG Signals 1-gen-2018 RIVELA, DILETTAPavan, Esteban E.Frigo, Carlo A.Belluco, PaoloGini, Giuseppina +
Linguistic primitives: A new model for language development in robotics 1-gen-2016 FRANCHI, ALESSIO MAUROGINI, GIUSEPPINA +
Learning and executing rhythmic movements through chaotic neural networks: A new method for walking humanoid robots 1-gen-2016 BANA, MATTEOFRANCHI, ALESSIO MAUROGINI, GIUSEPPINAFOLGHERAITER, MICHELE +
Bioinspired classification in the architecture of situated agents 1-gen-2016 GINI, GIUSEPPINAFRANCHI, ALESSIO MAUROMUTTI, FLAVIO +
From learning to new goal generation in a bioinspired robotic setup 1-gen-2016 FRANCHI, ALESSIO MAUROMUTTI, FLAVIOGINI, GIUSEPPINA
Integrating QSAR and read across for environmental assessment 1-gen-2015 GINI, GIUSEPPINA +
The organization of Cortex-Ganglia-Thalamus to generate movements from motor primitives: a model for developmental robotics 1-gen-2015 FRANCHI, ALESSIO MAUROATTUARIO, DANILOGINI, GIUSEPPINA
Integrating QSAR and read across for environmental assessment 1-gen-2015 GINI, GIUSEPPINA +
A new tool to explore reasons of adverse effects, within a read across perspective 1-gen-2015 FRANCHI, ALESSIO MAUROGINI, GIUSEPPINA +
Processing of surface EMG through pattern recognition techniques aimed at classifying shoulder joint movements 1-gen-2015 PAVAN, ESTEBAN ENRIQUEFRIGO, CARLO ALBINOGINI, GIUSEPPINA +
A Chaotic Neural Network as Motor Path Generator for Mobile Robotics 1-gen-2014 FOLGHERAITER, MICHELEGINI, GIUSEPPINA
Visuomotor mapping based on Hering's law for a redundant active stereo head and a 3 DOF arm 1-gen-2014 MUTTI, FLAVIOGINI, GIUSEPPINA
How Far Chemistry and Toxicology Are Computational Sciences? 1-gen-2014 GINI, GIUSEPPINA
A new in silico classification model for ready biodegradability, based on molecular fragments 1-gen-2014 GINI, GIUSEPPINA +
ToxRead: a tool to assist in read across and its use to assess mutagenicity of chemicals 1-gen-2014 GINI, GIUSEPPINAFRANCHI, ALESSIO MAURO +
New software to support read across, based on multiple profilers 1-gen-2014 GINI, GIUSEPPINAFRANCHI, ALESSIO MAURO +
Creating causal representations from ontologies and Bayesian networks 1-gen-2014 GINI, GIUSEPPINA +
New results on classifying EMG signals for interfacing patients and mechanical devices 1-gen-2014 GINI, GIUSEPPINAMUTTI, FLAVIOBELLUCO, PAOLO +
A bioinspired intentional architecture for situated agents to explore human cognitive abilities 1-gen-2014 FRANCHI, ALESSIO MAUROGINI, GIUSEPPINAMUTTI, FLAVIO
Development of QSAR models for predicting anti-HIV-1 activity using the Monte Carlo method 1-gen-2013 GINI, GIUSEPPINA +
CORAL: QSPRs of entalpies of formation of organometallic compounds 1-gen-2013 GINI, GIUSEPPINA +
CORAL: QSPR model of water solubility based on local and global SMILES attributes 1-gen-2013 GINI, GIUSEPPINA +
VEGA-QSAR: AI inside a platform for predictive toxicology 1-gen-2013 GINI, GIUSEPPINA +
Overtaking barriers between toxicologists and computers: the example of VEGA 1-gen-2013 GINI, GIUSEPPINA +
Defining new structural and mobile support to improve hospital facilities access and usability 1-gen-2013 GINI, GIUSEPPINA +
The definition of the molecular structure for potential anti-malaria agents by the Monte Carlo method 1-gen-2013 GINI, GIUSEPPINA +
QSAR models for inhibitors of physiological impact of Escherichia coli that leads to diarrhea 1-gen-2013 GINI, GIUSEPPINA +
CORAL: Monte Carlo Method as a Tool for the Prediction of the Bioconcentration Factor of Industrial Pollutants 1-gen-2013 GINI, GIUSEPPINA +
Cognitive integration through goal-generation in a robotic setup 1-gen-2013 MUTTI, FLAVIOGINI, GIUSEPPINA +
OCWLGI descriptors: Theory and praxis 1-gen-2013 GINI, GIUSEPPINA +
QSAR as a random event: Modeling of nanoparticles uptake in PaCa2 cancer cells 1-gen-2013 GINI, GIUSEPPINA +
A model of the visual dorsal pathway for computing coordinate transformations: an unsupervised approach 1-gen-2013 MUTTI, FLAVIOGINI, GIUSEPPINA +
Automatic knowledge extraction from chemical structures: the case of mutagenicity prediction 1-gen-2013 GINI, GIUSEPPINAFERRARI, THOMASCATTANEO, DARIO +
QSAR Models for Toxicity of Organic Substances to Daphnia magna Built up by Using the CORAL Freeware 1-gen-2012 GINI, GIUSEPPINA +
QSAR modeling of endpoints for peptides which is based on representation of the molecular structure by a sequence of amino acids 1-gen-2012 GINI, GIUSEPPINA +
SMILES-based optimal descriptors: QSAR modeling of estrogen receptor binding affinity by correlation balance 1-gen-2012 GINI, GIUSEPPINA +
QSAR models for ACE-inhibitor activity of tri-peptides based on representation of the molecular structure by graph of atomic orbitals and SMILES 1-gen-2012 GINI, GIUSEPPINA +
The average numbers of outliers over groups of various splits into training and test sets: a criterion of the reliability of a QSPR? A case of water solubility 1-gen-2012 GINI, GIUSEPPINA +
Novel application of the CORAL software to model cytotoxicity of metal oxide nanoparticles to bacteria Escherichia coli 1-gen-2012 GINI, GIUSEPPINA +
Analysis and design in providing a robotised cleaning and validation system for hospital environment 1-gen-2012 CARLINI, ALESSANDROGINI, GIUSEPPINA +
In-silico Methoden-Grenzen und Moglichkeiten aus unterschiedlichen Perspektiven 1-gen-2012 GINI, GIUSEPPINA +
Semanticizing syntactic patterns in NLP processing using SPARQL-DL queries 1-gen-2012 VITUCCI, NICOLAARRIGONI NERI, MARIOTEDESCO, ROBERTOGINI, GIUSEPPINA
Learning and evaluation of a vergence control system inspired by Hering’s law 1-gen-2012 MUTTI, FLAVIOGINI, GIUSEPPINA +
Acquisition and analysis of EMG signals to recognize multiple hand movements for prosthetic applications 1-gen-2012 GINI, GIUSEPPINAFOLGHERAITER, MICHELE +
CORAL: Classification model for predictions of anti-sarcoma activity 1-gen-2012 GINI, GIUSEPPINA +
CORAL: Quantitative models for estimating bioconcentration factor of organic compounds 1-gen-2012 GINI, GIUSEPPINA +
CORAL: QSAR modelling of toxicity of organic chemicals towards Daphnia Magna 1-gen-2012 GINI, GIUSEPPINA +
Automatic knowledge extraction from chemical structures: the case of mutagenicity prediction 1-gen-2012 GINI, GIUSEPPINAFERRARI, THOMASCATTANEO, DARIO +
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