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A Distributed Approach for Fault Detection in Swarms of Robots 1-gen-2024 Carminati, AlessandroAzzalini, DavideVantini, SimoneAmigoni, Francesco
Robust Multi-Agent Pickup and Delivery with Delays 1-gen-2023 Amigoni, Francesco +
Improving Remaining Useful Life Estimation of Lithium-Ion Batteries when Nearing End of Life 1-gen-2023 Martiri, LucaFlammini, BenedettaCristaldi, LoredanaAmigoni, Francesco +
Multi-Agent Pickup and Delivery in Dynamic Environments 1-gen-2023 B. FlamminiD. AzzaliniF. Amigoni
Adversarial Data Augmentation for HMM-Based Anomaly Detection 1-gen-2023 Azzalini, DavideAmigoni, Francesco +
Mapping beyond what you can see: Predicting the layout of rooms behind closed doors 1-gen-2023 Amadelli, FDi Berardino, MAmigoni, F +
Robust Structure Identification and Room Segmentation of Cluttered Indoor Environments From Occupancy Grid Maps 1-gen-2022 Tassi A.Amigoni F. +
AI, Machine Learning e Data Mining 1-gen-2022 Andrea BonariniCesare AlippiMArco ColombettiFrancesco AmigoniGiacomo BoracchiVincenzo CagliotiGiuseppina GiniDaniele LoiaconoMatteo MatteucciMarcello RestelliManuel RoveriViola Schiaffonati
Reconstruction and prediction of the layout of indoor environments from two-dimensional metric maps 1-gen-2022 Amigoni F. +
A framework based on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning for the classification of the severity of road accidents from reports 1-gen-2022 Dario ValcamonicoPiero BaraldiFrancesco AmigoniEnrico Zio
MAPF and MAPD: Recent Developments and Future Directions 1-gen-2022 Francesco AmigoniDavide AzzaliniBenedetta Flammini +
A Minimally Supervised Approach Based on Variational Autoencoders for Anomaly Detection in Autonomous Robots 1-gen-2021 Davide AzzaliniFrancesco Amigoni +
A Natural Language Processing Method for the Identification of the Factors Influencing Road Accident Severity 1-gen-2021 D. ValcamonicoP. BaraldiF. AmigoniE. Zio
Predicting Performance of SLAM Algorithms 1-gen-2021 Valerio CastelliFrancesco Amigoni +
Exploration of indoor environments through predicting the layout of partially observed rooms 1-gen-2021 Amigoni F. +
The Importance of Prediction in Designing Artificial Intelligence Systems 1-gen-2021 F. AmigoniV. Schiaffonati
Completing robot maps by predicting the layout of rooms behind closed doors 1-gen-2021 Amadelli F.Amigoni F. +
Distributed learning: a reliable privacy-preserving strategy to change multicenter collaborations using AI 1-gen-2021 Loiacono D.Giacomello E.Gozzi N.Amigoni F.Mainardi L.Lanzi P +
A Minimally Supervised Approach Based on Variational Autoencoders for Anomaly Detection in Autonomous Robots 1-gen-2021 Azzalini, DavideAmigoni, Francesco +
Text mining for the automatic classification of road accident reports 1-gen-2020 D. ValcamonicoP. BaraldiF. AmigoniE. Zio
Multi-agent path finding in configurable environments 1-gen-2020 Bellusci M.Amigoni F. +
Multirobot coverage of modular environments 1-gen-2020 Mirko SalarisAlessandro RivaFrancesco Amigoni
Multi-robot online sensing strategies for the construction of communication maps 1-gen-2020 Amigoni F. +
Robot exploration of indoor environments using incomplete and inaccurate prior knowledge 1-gen-2020 Amigoni F. +
HMMs for Anomaly Detection in Autonomous Robots 1-gen-2020 D. AzzaliniM. LupertoA. FarinelliF. Amigoni +
Exploring the Possibility of Semantic Map Data Representation as an Extension of the IEEE 2D and 3D Map Data Representation Standards 1-gen-2020 F. Amigoni +
IEEE RAS Standards Update [Standards] 1-gen-2019 Amigoni F. +
Online Update of Communication Maps for Exploring Multirobot Systems Under Connectivity Constraints 1-gen-2019 Amigoni, FrancescoBANFI, JACOPO +
Predicting the global structure of indoor environments: A constructive machine learning approach 1-gen-2019 Luperto M.Amigoni F.
Extracting structure of buildings using layout reconstruction 1-gen-2019 Luperto M.Amigoni F.
A Bayesian network framework for operations of circuit breakers 1-gen-2019 Carboni A.Amigoni F.Ragaini E. +
Exploiting inaccurate a priori knowledge in robot exploration 1-gen-2019 Amigoni F. +
An integer linear programming model for fair multitarget tracking in cooperative multirobot systems 1-gen-2019 Banfi J.Amigoni F. +
Predicting the layout of partially observed rooms from grid maps 1-gen-2019 Amigoni F. +
Algorithms for limited-buffer shortest path problems in communication-restricted environments 1-gen-2019 Riva A.Rufi A.Banfi J.Amigoni F.
Robot exploration using knowledge of inaccurate floor plans 1-gen-2019 Amigoni F. +
A sampling-based algorithm for planning smooth nonholonomic paths 1-gen-2019 Beretta C.Tateo D.Riva A.Amigoni F. +
Aggregating models for anomaly detection in space systems: Results from the FCTMAS study 1-gen-2019 Amigoni, FrancescoFerrari Dacrema, MaurizioLavagna, Michèle +
Recent Results on Information Gathering Path Planning for Autonomous Mobile Robots 1-gen-2019 F. Amigoni
Robotic competitions as experiments 1-gen-2018 Amigoni FrancescoSchiaffonati Viola
Ethics for robots as experimental technologies: Pairing anticipation with exploration to evaluate the social impact of robotics 1-gen-2018 Amigoni, FrancescoSchiaffonati, Viola
Multirobot Reconnection on Graphs: Problem, Complexity, and Algorithms 1-gen-2018 Banfi J.Amigoni F. +
Improving Repeatability of Experiments by Automatic Evaluation of SLAM Algorithms 1-gen-2018 Amigoni F.CASTELLI, VALERIO +
Identifying and Modeling Dynamic Preference Evolution in Multipurpose Water Resources Systems 1-gen-2018 Mason, E.Giuliani, M.Castelletti, A.Amigoni, F.
Multirobot Persistent Patrolling in Communication-Restricted Environments 1-gen-2018 Banfi, JacopoAmigoni, Francesco +
Multiagent Connected Path Planning: PSPACE-Completeness and How to Deal with It 1-gen-2018 TATEO, DAVIDEJ. BanfiRIVA, ALESSANDROF. AmigoniA. Bonarini
A search-based approach to solve pursuit-evasion games with limited visibility in polygonal environments 1-gen-2018 Amigoni F. +
A Standard for Map Data Representation: IEEE 1873-2015 Facilitates Interoperability Between Robots 1-gen-2018 Amigoni, FrancescoMatteucci, Matteo +
Strategies for coordinated multirobot exploration with recurrent connectivity constraints 1-gen-2018 Banfi, JacopoAmigoni, Francesco +
Comparing methods for merging redundant line segments in maps 1-gen-2018 Amigoni, Francesco +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 205
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