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A Method based on Natural Language Processing for Periodically Estimating Variations of Performance of Safety Barriers in Hydrocarbon Production Assets 1-gen-2023 Dario ValcamonicoPiero BaraldiEnrico Zio +
Prediction of the Number of Defectives in a Production Batch of Semiconductor Devices 1-gen-2023 Ahmed IbrahimPiero BaraldiEnrico Zio +
Guest Editorial: Special Issue of ESREL2020 PSAM15 1-gen-2023 Baraldi P.Di Maio F.Zio E.
Exploiting Explanations to Detect Misclassifications of Deep Learning Models in Power Grid Visual Inspection 1-gen-2023 Floreale GiovanniPiero BaraldiEnrico Zio +
Optimal operation and maintenance of energy storage systems in grid-connected microgrids by deep reinforcement learning 1-gen-2023 Pinciroli L.Baraldi P.Compare M.Zio E.
Deep Multiadversarial Conditional Domain Adaptation Networks for Fault Diagnostics of Industrial Equipment 1-gen-2023 Bingsen WangPiero BaraldiEnrico Zio
The Aramis Data Challenge to prognostics and health management methods for application in evolving environments 1-gen-2023 Baraldi P.Compare M.Zio E.Cannarile F.Yang Z.
Optimization Method for an Improved Training of Physics Informed Neural Networks 1-gen-2023 Sepe M.Zio E.Baraldi P.
Maintenance optimization in industry 4.0 1-gen-2023 Pinciroli L.Baraldi P.Zio E.
Monitoring Degradation of Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors in Induction Cooktops by Artificial Neural Networks 1-gen-2022 Chenyang LaiPiero BaraldiIbrahim AhmedEnrico Zio +
A Taxonomy for Modelling Reports of Process Safety Events in the Oil and Gas Industry 1-gen-2022 Valcamonico, DarioBaraldi, PieroZio, Enrico +
Wrapper Selection of Features for Fault Diagnostics of Truss Structures 1-gen-2022 Piero BaraldiAli Eftekhari MilaniEnrico Zio +
An Unsupervised Method for Anomaly Detection in Multi-Stage Production Systems Based on LSTM Autoencoders 1-gen-2022 Hosseinpour, FatemehBaraldi, PieroZio, Enrico +
Prediction of the Remaining Useful Life of MOSFETs Used in Automotive Inverters by an Ensemble of Neural Networks 1-gen-2022 Floreale, GiovanniBaraldi, PieroZio, Enrico +
Estimation of the Case Temperature of Insulated Gate Bipolar Temperatures in Induction Cooktops by Deep Neural Network 1-gen-2022 Ahmed, IbrahimBaraldi, PieroLai, ChenyangZio, Enrico +
A method for fault detection in multi-component systems based on sparse autoencoder-based deep neural networks 1-gen-2022 Yang Z.Baraldi P.Zio E.
A novelty-based multi-objective evolutionary algorithm for identifying functional dependencies in complex technical infrastructures from alarm data 1-gen-2022 Antonello FedericoBaraldi PieroZio Enrico +
A Novel Metric to Evaluate the Association Rules for Identification of Functional Dependencies in Complex Technical Infrastructures 1-gen-2022 Piero BaraldiEnrico Zio +
Optimal Management of the Flow of Parts for Gas Turbines Maintenance by Reinforcement Learning and Artificial Neural Networks 1-gen-2022 Compare M.Baraldi P.Zio E. +
A Niching Augmented Evolutionary Algorithm for the Identification of Functional Dependencies in Complex Technical Infrastructures From Alarm Data 1-gen-2022 Federico AntonelloPiero BaraldiEnrico Zio +
A framework based on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning for the classification of the severity of road accidents from reports 1-gen-2022 Dario ValcamonicoPiero BaraldiFrancesco AmigoniEnrico Zio
A two-stage estimation method based on Conceptors-aided unsupervised clustering and convolutional neural network classification for the estimation of the degradation level of industrial equipment 1-gen-2022 Piero BaraldiEnrico Zio +
Optimization of the Operation and Maintenance of renewable energy systems by Deep Reinforcement Learning 1-gen-2022 Pinciroli L.Baraldi P.Zio E. +
A dynamic event tree for a blowout accident in an oil deep-water well equipped with a managed pressure drilling condition monitoring and operation system 1-gen-2022 Francesco Di MaioPiero BaraldiEnrico Zio +
Generative Adversarial Networks With AdaBoost Ensemble Learning for Anomaly Detection in High-Speed Train Automatic Doors 1-gen-2022 Mingjing XuPiero BaraldiXuefei LuEnrico Zio
Association rules extraction for the identification of functional dependencies in complex technical infrastructures 1-gen-2021 Antonello F.Baraldi P.Zio E. +
Identification of critical components in the complex technical infrastructure of the large hadron collider using relief feature ranking and support vector machines 1-gen-2021 Baraldi P.Zio E. +
A semi-supervised method for the characterization of degradation of nuclear power plants steam generators 1-gen-2021 Pinciroli L.Baraldi P.Zio E. +
A multi-branch deep neural network model for failure prognostics based on multimodal data 1-gen-2021 Yang Z.Baraldi P.Zio E.
Natural Language Processing and Bayesian Networks for the Analysis of Process Safety Events 1-gen-2021 Valcamonico DarioBaraldi PieroZio Enrico
A Natural Language Processing Method for the Identification of the Factors Influencing Road Accident Severity 1-gen-2021 D. ValcamonicoP. BaraldiF. AmigoniE. Zio
A machine learning-based methodology for multi-parametric solution of chemical processes operation optimization under uncertainty 1-gen-2021 Piero BaraldiEnrico Zio +
A novel association rule mining method for the identification of rare functional dependencies in Complex Technical Infrastructures from alarm data 1-gen-2021 Antonello F.Baraldi P.Zio E. +
Bootstrapped ensemble of artificial neural networks technique for quantifying uncertainty in prediction of wind energy production 1-gen-2021 Baraldi P.Zio E. +
Deep reinforcement learning based on proximal policy optimization for the maintenance of a wind farm with multiple crews 1-gen-2021 Pinciroli L.Baraldi P.Compare M.Zio E. +
A method for fault diagnosis in evolving environment using unlabeled data 1-gen-2021 Baraldi P.Di Maio F.Zio E. +
A Method based on Gaussian Process Regression for Modelling Burn-in of Semiconductor Devices 1-gen-2021 Baraldi, PieroAhmed, IbrahimZio, EnricoLewitschnig, Horst +
Damage Detection in Truss Structures Supporting Pipelines and Auxiliary Equipment in Power Plants 1-gen-2021 Milani, Ali EftekhariBaraldi, PieroZio, Enrico +
Agent-based modeling and reinforcement learning for optimizing energy systems operation and maintenance: the pathmind solution 1-gen-2020 Pinciroli L.Baraldi P.Zio E. +
Industrial equipment reliability estimation: A Bayesian Weibull regression model with covariate selection 1-gen-2020 Compare M.Baraldi P.Zio E. +
An unsupervised method for the reconstruction of maintenance intervention times 1-gen-2020 Pinciroli L.Baraldi P.Zio E. +
Data-driven identification of critical components in complex technical infrastructures using Bayesian additive regression trees 1-gen-2020 Lu X.Antonello F.Baraldi P.Zio E.
Data-driven extraction of association rules of dependent abnormal behaviour groups 1-gen-2020 Antonello F.Baraldi P.Zio E. +
Multi-objective evolutionary algorithm for the identification of rare functional dependencies in complex technical infrastructures 1-gen-2020 Antonello F.Baraldi P.Zio E. +
A data-driven framework for identifying important components in complex systems 1-gen-2020 Lu X.Baraldi P.Zio E.
Challenges to IoT-Enabled Predictive Maintenance for Industry 4.0 1-gen-2020 Compare M.Baraldi P.Zio E.
An ensemble of echo state networks for predicting the energy production of wind plants 1-gen-2020 Baraldi P.Nigro E.Zio E. +
Ensemble empirical mode decomposition and long short-term memory neural network for multi-step predictions of time series signals in nuclear power plants 1-gen-2020 Baraldi P.Zio E. +
Partially observable Markov decision processes for optimal operations of gas transmission networks 1-gen-2020 Compare M.Baraldi P.Zio E. +
A Novel Concept Drift Detection Method for Incremental Learning in Nonstationary Environments 1-gen-2020 Yang Z.Al-Dahidi S.Baraldi P.Zio E.Montelatici L.
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