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Digital Maturity Models for SMEs: A Systematic Literature Review 1-gen-2023 Re N. U.Ghezzi A.Balocco R.Rangone A.
Supporting the Digitalization of SMEs Through Maturity Models 1-gen-2023 Re N. U.Ghezzi A.Balocco R.Rangone A.
Technological Change and the Interplay of Strategic Innovation and Business Model Innovation 1-gen-2023 Ghezzi A.Moiana D.Manotti J.Rangone A.Balocco R.
Understanding SMEs Digitalization: A Literature Review of Maturity Models 1-gen-2023 Re N. U.Ghezzi A.Balocco R.Rangone A.
Modelling Digital Maturity for SMEs 1-gen-2023 Re N. U.Ghezzi A.Balocco R.Rangone A.
Entrepreneurial ecosystem research: present debates and future directions 1-gen-2019 Cavallo, AngeloGhezzi, AntonioBalocco, Raffaello
Lean business models change process in digital entrepreneurship 1-gen-2019 Balocco, RaffaelloCavallo, AngeloGhezzi, AntonioBERBEGAL MIRABENT, JASMINA
Disclosing the role of IT Suppliers as Digital Innovation enablers for SMEs: a strategy analysis of the European IT Sales Channel 1-gen-2016 GHEZZI, ANTONIOBALOCCO, RAFFAELLO
The Open Innovation – Strategy nexus: findings from the Mobile Telecommunications Industry 1-gen-2016 GHEZZI, ANTONIOBALOCCO, RAFFAELLORANGONE, ANDREA
A comparative study on the impact of business model design & lean startup approach versus traditional business plan on mobile startups performance 1-gen-2015 GHEZZI, ANTONIOCAVALLARO, ANDREARANGONE, ANDREABALOCCO, RAFFAELLO
Mobile Content and Applications Value Networks: Evidences from the Italian Mobile Telecommunications market 1-gen-2015 GHEZZI, ANTONIOBALOCCO, RAFFAELLORANGONE, ANDREA
A fuzzy framework assessing corporate resource management for the mobile content industry 1-gen-2015 GHEZZI, ANTONIOBALOCCO, RAFFAELLORANGONE, ANDREA
On business models, resources and exogenous (dis)continuous innovation: Evidences from the mobile applications industry 1-gen-2015 GHEZZI, ANTONIOCAVALLARO, ANDREARANGONE, ANDREABALOCCO, RAFFAELLO
Strategizing and Revenue Creation in Dynamic Paradigms: A Model to Support Revenue Analysis for Mobile Incumbent Telcos 1-gen-2014 GHEZZI, ANTONIOMALANCHINI, ANGELABALOCCO, RAFFAELLOCORTIMIGLIA, MARCELO +
Internet Interconnection Techno-economics: A Proposal for Assured Quality Services and Business Models 1-gen-2014 GHEZZI, ANTONIORANGONE, ANDREABALOCCO, RAFFAELLO +
The Relationship between Open Innovation and Strategy: Data-Driven Analysis of the Mobile Value Services Industry 1-gen-2014 GHEZZI, ANTONIOBALOCCO, RAFFAELLORANGONE, ANDREA
Applications of the REST framework to test technology activation in different ICT domains 1-gen-2014 GHEZZI, ANTONIOCAVALLARO, ANDREARANGONE, ANDREABALOCCO, RAFFAELLO
On resources, discontinuity and (dis)continuous innovation. The effects of a distribution paradigm innovation on core resources 1-gen-2013 GHEZZI, ANTONIOCAVALLARO, ANDREABALOCCO, RAFFAELLORANGONE, ANDREA
A Qualitative Analysis on the Impacts of Assured Quality Internet Interconnection 1-gen-2013 GHEZZI, ANTONIOBALOCCO, RAFFAELLO +
Technology diffusion theory revisited: a Regulation, Environment, Strategy, Technology model for technology activation analysis of Mobile ICT 1-gen-2013 GHEZZI, ANTONIORANGONE, ANDREABALOCCO, RAFFAELLO
Is ICT an Effective Lever to Paradoxically Balance Quality Improvement and Cost Rationalisation in Health Care? 1-gen-2012 Luca GastaldiMariano CorsoRaffaello Balocco
Strategic planning in highly dinamic competitive contexts: A study of Italian Mobile Network Operators 1-gen-2012 GHEZZI, ANTONIOBALOCCO, RAFFAELLO +
Technology provisioning in the mobile industry: A strategic clustering regular paper 1-gen-2012 GHEZZI, ANTONIOBALOCCO, RAFFAELLOMANGIARACINA, RICCARDO
A strategic analysis of the European companies in the ICT sales channel 1-gen-2012 BALOCCO, RAFFAELLOGHEZZI, ANTONIORANGONE, ANDREATOLETTI, GIOVANNI
Mobile content and service delivery platforms: a technology classification model 1-gen-2012 GHEZZI, ANTONIOBALOCCO, RAFFAELLO +
The impact of ICT Sourcing on ICT Organization, Competences and Continuous Innovation Capabilities 1-gen-2012 BALOCCO, RAFFAELLOCIAPPINI, ALESSIACORSO, MARIANO
An Anti-advice Guide for Strategic Planning and Business Model Design in the Mobile Telecommunications Industry: The Case of a Technology Provider 1-gen-2011 GHEZZI, ANTONIOBALOCCO, RAFFAELLO
Strategic Planning, Environmental Dynamicity and Their Impact on Business Model Design: The Case of a Mobile Middleware Technology Provider 1-gen-2011 GHEZZI, ANTONIORANGONE, ANDREABALOCCO, RAFFAELLO
Preface - Mobile Internet: A New Paradigm in a New Value Network 1-gen-2011 RANGONE, ANDREABALOCCO, RAFFAELLOGHEZZI, ANTONIO +
RFId adoption in the FMCG supply chain: an interpretative framework 1-gen-2011 BALOCCO, RAFFAELLOMIRAGLIOTTA, GIOVANNIPEREGO, ALESSANDROTUMINO, ANGELA
How to get strategic planning and business model design wrong: the case of a mobile technology provider 1-gen-2010 GHEZZI, ANTONIOBALOCCO, RAFFAELLORANGONE, ANDREA
A Value Network perspective study on the Italian Mobile Content Market 1-gen-2010 GHEZZI, ANTONIOBALOCCO, RAFFAELLO
How a new distribution paradigm changes the Incumbent’s core resources, competences and capabilities endowment: the case of Mobile Network Operators and Application Stores 1-gen-2010 GHEZZI, ANTONIOBALOCCO, RAFFAELLORANGONE, ANDREA
How a New Distribution Paradigm Changes the Core Resources, Competences and Capabilities Endowment: The Case of Mobile Application Stores 1-gen-2010 GHEZZI, ANTONIOBALOCCO, RAFFAELLORANGONE, ANDREA
A Strategy-Technology-Regulation-User-Context model for Mobile Location-Based Services market activation analysis 1-gen-2010 GHEZZI, ANTONIORANGONE, ANDREABALOCCO, RAFFAELLORENGA, FILIPPO MARIA
B2b eMarketplaces: A classification framework to analyse business models and critical success factors 1-gen-2010 BALOCCO, RAFFAELLOPEREGO, ALESSANDROPEROTTI, SARA
Mobile payment applications: offer state of the art in the Italian market 1-gen-2010 GHEZZI, ANTONIOBALOCCO, RAFFAELLORENGA, FILIPPO MARIA +
Mobile Marketing & Service: a Reference Framework 1-gen-2009 GHEZZI, ANTONIORANGONE, ANDREABALOCCO, RAFFAELLO
Mobile Internet and SMEs: a focus on the adoption 1-gen-2009 BALOCCO, RAFFAELLOTOLETTI, GIOVANNI +
A Technology Classification Model for Mobile Content and Service Delivery Platforms 1-gen-2009 GHEZZI, ANTONIORENGA, FILIPPO MARIABALOCCO, RAFFAELLO
eBusiness Applications in SMEs of industrial disctricts: the textile and wood/furniture cases” 1-gen-2008 BALOCCO, RAFFAELLORANGONE, ANDREA +
Mobile Payment Applications: An Exploratory Analysis of the Italian Diffusion Process 1-gen-2008 BALOCCO, RAFFAELLOGHEZZI, ANTONIO +
Organizing for Continuous Innovation: A Community of Practice Approach 1-gen-2008 BALOCCO, RAFFAELLOCORSO, MARIANO +
Le PMI utilizzano le ICT? 1-gen-2007 BALOCCO, RAFFAELLOFAINI, GIULIANO +
B2e Mobile Internet solutions in Italian SMEs: An exploratory study 1-gen-2007 BALOCCO, RAFFAELLOMOGRE, RICCARDOTOLETTI, GIOVANNI
B2B Online Operators: Business Models and Strategic Trends in the International Market 1-gen-2007 BALOCCO, RAFFAELLO +
La valutazione degli investimenti in ICT 1-gen-2006 BALOCCO, RAFFAELLO
Le ICT come leva strategica nelle PMI 1-gen-2006 BALOCCO, RAFFAELLORANGONE, ANDREA
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