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Evaluation of neoadjuvant chemotherapy-induced changes in contralateral healthy breast tissue through diffuse optical spectroscopy 1-gen-2023 Mule, NikhithaMaffeis, GiuliaCubeddu, RinaldoPifferi, AntonioTaroni, Paola +
Initial examples of the SOLUS multimodal potential 1-gen-2023 Maffeis, GiuliaPifferi, AntonioDalla Mora, AlbertoDi Sieno, LauraCubeddu, RinaldoTosi, AlbertoConca, EnricoTaroni, Paola +
Breast lesion classification based on absorption and composition parameters: a look at SOLUS first outcomes 1-gen-2023 Maffeis G.Pifferi A.Dalla Mora A.Di Sieno L.Cubeddu R.Tosi A.Conca E.Ruggeri A.Taroni P. +
Monitoring Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Through Time Domain Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy in Breast Cancer Patients: Preliminary Clinical Results 1-gen-2023 Mule N.Maffeis G.Cubeddu R.Pifferi A.Taroni P. +
Evaluation of a pipeline for simulation, reconstruction, and classification in ultrasound-aided diffuse optical tomography of breast tumors 1-gen-2022 Maffeis, GiuliaDalla Mora, AlbertoPifferi, AntonioTaroni, Paola +
Multi-laboratory performance assessment of diffuse optics instruments: the BitMap exercise 1-gen-2022 Lanka, PranavBehera, AnuragZanoletti, MartaPirovano, IleanaLacerenza, MicheleQiu, LinaFerocino, EdoardoMaffeis, GiuliaAmendola, CaterinaColombo, LorenzoFrabasile, LorenzoLevoni, PietroDi Sieno, LauraRe, RebeccaDalla Mora, AlbertoContini, DavideTaroni, PaolaTosi, AlbertoTorricelli, AlessandroPifferi, Antonio +
SOLUS: Multimodal System Combining Ultrasounds and Diffuse Optics for Tomographic Imaging of Breast Cancer 1-gen-2022 Taroni, P.Dalla Mora, A.Di Sieno, L.Maffeis, G.Pifferi, A.Tosi, A.Conca, E. +
First in-vivo diffuse optics application of a time-domain multiwavelength wearable optode 1-gen-2022 Di Sieno L.Dalla Mora A.Torricelli A.Maffeis G.Tosi A.Conca E.Pifferi A.Taroni P. +
Preliminary Evidence of the Efficacy of Time-Resolved Broad-Spectrum Optical Mammography in Monitoring Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy 1-gen-2022 Maffeis G.Mule N.Cubeddu R.Pifferi A.Taroni P. +
A smart optical and ultrasound device for the diagnostics of breast cancer 1-gen-2022 Maffeis G.Pifferi A.Dalla Mora A.Di Sieno L.Tosi A.Conca E.Taroni P. +
Time-domain diffuse optics with 8.6 mm2 fast-gated SiPM for extreme light harvesting 1-gen-2021 L. Di SienoE. FerocinoE. ConcaV. SestaM. ButtafavaF. VillaF. ZappaD. ContiniA. TorricelliP. TaroniA. TosiA. PifferiA. Dalla Mora
SOLUS: A novel multimodal approach to diffuse optics and ultrasound imaging of breast cancer 1-gen-2021 Pifferi A.Dalla Mora A.Di Sieno L.Maffeis G.Tosi A.Conca E.Sesta V.Di Sciacca G.Taroni P. +
Fast-gated digital silicon photomultiplier maximizes light harvesting and depth sensitivity in time-domain diffuse optics 1-gen-2021 Dalla Mora A.Di Sieno L.Conca E.Sesta V.Buttafava M.Villa F.Zappa F.Contini D.Torricelli A.Taroni P.Tosi A.Pifferi A. +
In vivo test-driven upgrade of a time domain multi-wavelength optical mammograph 1-gen-2021 Maffeis G.Ferocino E.Dalla Mora A.Pifferi A.Cubeddu R.Taroni P.
Investigating the lung using time-resolved diffuse optics 1-gen-2021 Pifferi A.Farina A.Dalla Mora A.Lanka P.Miniati M.Taroni P. +
Broadband optical spectroscopy of the human adipose and muscle tissues – An in-vivo pilot study 1-gen-2021 Lanka P.Segala A.Farina A.Taroni P.Cubeddu R.Pifferi A. +
A multi-laboratory comparison of photon migration instruments and their performances: the BitMap exercise 1-gen-2021 Lanka, PranavLanka, Sri Rama Pranav KumarBehera, AnuragZanoletti, MartaPirovano, IleanaLacerenza, MicheleQiu, LinaFerocino, EdoardoMaffeis, GiuliaAmendola, CaterinaColombo, LorenzoButtafava, MauroRenna, MarcoDi Sieno, LauraRe, RebeccaFarina, AndreaSpinelli, LorenzoDalla Mora, AlbertoContini, DavideTorricelli, AlessandroTosi, AlbertoTaroni, PaolaPifferi, Antonio +
Optical mammography in the time domain up to 1060 nm: From tests on healthy women to initial data for monitoring neoadjuvant chemotherapy 1-gen-2021 Maffeis G.Ferocino E.Dalla Mora A.Cubeddu R.Pifferi A.Taroni P. +
High-throughput multi-wavelength time-resolved optical mammograph: importance of in vivo performance assessment 1-gen-2021 Maffeis, GiuliaFerocino, EdoardoDalla Mora, AlbertoCubeddu, RinaldoPifferi, AntonioTaroni, Paola
SOLUS: An innovative multimodal imaging system to improve breast cancer diagnosis through diffuse optics and ultrasounds 1-gen-2021 Pifferi A.Dalla Mora A.Di Sieno L.Ferocino E.Tosi A.Conca E.Sesta V.Taroni P. +
Fisica. Meccanica. Termodinamica. Con software di simulazione 1-gen-2021 L. DUO'P. TARONI
Esercizi di Fisica - Meccanica e Termodinamica 1-gen-2021 Maurizio ZaniLamberto DuòPaola Taroni
SOLUS: A novel multimodal approach to ultrasound and diffuse optics imaging of breast cancer 1-gen-2021 Pifferi A.Dalla Mora A.Di Sieno L.Maffeis G.Tosi A.Conca E.Ruggeri A.Tisa S.Farina A.Taroni P. +
In vivo validation of time domain optical mammograph with high-sensitivity detection chain 1-gen-2021 Maffeis G.Ferocino E.Dalla Mora A.Cubeddu R.Pifferi A.Taroni P.
Enhanced diffuse optical tomographic reconstruction using concurrent ultrasound information 1-gen-2021 Di Sieno L.Lanka P.Dalla Mora A.Pifferi A.Taroni P. +
Potential for improved thyroid cancer screening aided by multi-modal clinical ultrasound and hybrid diffuse optics (LUCA platform) 1-gen-2021 Buttafava M.Contini D.Dalla Mora A.Pifferi A.Renna M.Taroni P.Tosi A.Zanoletti M. +
Non-invasive investigation of adipose tissue by time domain diffuse optical spectroscopy 1-gen-2020 Lanka P.Farina A.Taroni P.Cubeddu R.Pifferi A. +
The SiPM revolution in time-domain diffuse optics 1-gen-2020 Dalla Mora A.Di Sieno L.Behera A.Taroni P.Contini D.Torricelli A.Pifferi A.
Large-Area, Fast-Gated Digital SiPM with Integrated TDC for Portable and Wearable Time-Domain NIRS 1-gen-2020 Conca E.Sesta V.Buttafava M.Villa F.Di Sieno L.Dalla Mora A.Contini D.Taroni P.Torricelli A.Pifferi A.Zappa F.Tosi A.
Multi-laboratory efforts for the standardization of performance assessment of diffuse optics instruments - The BitMap Exercise 1-gen-2020 Lanka P.Behera A.Zanoletti M.Pirovano I.Lacerenza M.Qiu L.Ferocino E.Maffeis G.Amendola C.Colombo L.Buttafava M.Renna M.Di Sieno L.Re R.Dalla Mora A.Contini D.Taroni P.Tosi A.Torricelli A.Pifferi A. +
LUCA device: A multi-wavelength time-resolved spectroscopy and diffuse correlation spectroscopy device with an integrated clinical ultrasound module/probe 1-gen-2020 Zanoletti M.Buttafava M.Renna M.Contini D.Dalla Mora A.Pifferi A.Taroni P.Tosi A. +
SOLUS project: Bringing innovation into breast cancer diagnosis and in the time-domain diffuse optical field 1-gen-2020 Di Sieno L.Dalla Mora A.Ferocino E.Pifferi A.Tosi A.Conca E.Sesta V.Tisa S.Taroni P. +
Solid heterogeneous phantoms for multimodal ultrasound and diffuse optical imaging: an outcome of the SOLUS project for standardization 1-gen-2019 Laura Di SienoRinaldo CubedduSanathana Konugolu Venkata SekarAndrea FarinaEdoardo FerocinoPaola TaroniAntonio PifferiAlberto Dalla Mora +
Bimodal ultrasonic probe comprising an optical device for diagnosis 1-gen-2019 Paola TaroniAlberto TosiAntonio PifferiAlberto Dalla Mora
A multimodal imaging system hosting an innovative photonic module to improve breast cancer diagnosis: the SOLUS project 1-gen-2019 L. Di SienoA. Dalla MoraE. FerocinoA. PifferiA. TosiE. ConcaV. SestaA. FarinaP. Taroni +
Biosensor surface functionalization by a simple photochemical immobilization of antibodies: Experimental characterization by mass spectrometry and surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy 1-gen-2019 Della Ventura B.Taroni P. +
Spectral approach to time domain diffuse optical tomography for breast cancer: validation on meat phantoms 1-gen-2019 Ferocino, EdoardoDi Sieno, LauraDalla Mora, AlbertoPifferi, AntonioTaroni, PaolaFarina, Andrea +
Broadband time domain diffuse optical reflectance spectroscopy: a review of systems, methods, and applications 1-gen-2019 S. Konugolu Venkata SekarP. LankaA. Dalla MoraP. TaroniA. Pifferi +
Multi-wavelength time domain diffuse optical tomography for breast cancer: initial results on silicone phantoms 1-gen-2019 Edoardo FerocinoLaura Di SienoAlberto Dalla MoraAntonio PifferiPaola TaroniAndrea Farina +
Wide-area fast-gated single-photon detector with integrated TDC for near-infrared spectroscopy applications 1-gen-2019 Enrico ConcaVincenzo SestaFederica VillaMauro ButtafavaAlberto Dalla MoraDavide ContiniAlessandro TorricelliAntonio PifferiLaura Di SienoPaola TaroniFranco ZappaAlberto Tosi +
Multi Simulation Platform for Time Domain Diffuse Optical Tomography: An Application to a Compact Hand-Held Reflectance Probe 1-gen-2019 Ferocino, EdoardoPifferi, AntonioTaroni, Paola +
Pilot measurement of the microvascular blood flow of thyroid nodules by diffuse optics 1-gen-2019 D. ContiniA. Dalla MoraA. PifferiS. Konugolu Venkata SekarP. Taroni +
The LUCA device: laser and ultrasound co-analyzer for thyroid nodules 1-gen-2019 Buttafava, MauroContini, DavideDalla Mora, AlbertoPifferi, AntonioRenna, MarcoKonugolu Venkata Sekar, SanathanaTaroni, PaolaTosi, AlbertoZanoletti, Marta +
Systematic study of the effect of ultrasound gel on the performances of time-domain diffuse optics and diffuse correlation spectroscopy 1-gen-2019 Laura Di SienoDavide ContiniAndrea FarinaPaola TaroniAntonio PifferiAlberto Dalla Mora +
Fitting a spectral model for component analysis in diffuse optical tomography 1-gen-2019 Ferocino, EdoardoPifferi, AntonioTaroni, Paola +
Fluorescence lifetime imaging of intracellular magnesium content in live cells 1-gen-2019 Candeo, AlessiaD'Andrea, CosimoValentini, GianlucaTaroni, Paola +
Effects of ultrasound impedance matching fluids on diffuse optical measurements 1-gen-2019 L. Di SienoD. ContiniA. FarinaP. TaroniA. PifferiA. Dalla Mora +
A Tool for quantitative and systematic simulation of diffuse optical tomography with a limited number of fixed sources and detectors 1-gen-2018 Ferocino E.Pifferi A.Taroni P. +
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