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Computational modeling of confined blast waves with focus on interaction with structures 1-gen-2023 Shehu, ELomazzi, LGiglio, MManes, A
Crack Size Estimation with an Inverse Finite Element Model 1-gen-2023 Oboe, DPoloni, DSbarufatti, CGiglio, M
Experimental and numerical studies on the repeated low-velocity impact response and damage accumulation in woven S2-glass fibre/epoxy composites 1-gen-2023 REZASEFAT BALASBANEH, MOHAMMADGiglio, MManes, A +
Variable Thickness Strain Pre-Extrapolation for the Inverse Finite Element Method 1-gen-2023 Poloni, DarioOboe, DanieleSbarufatti, ClaudioGiglio, Marco
A fuzzy-set-based joint distribution adaptation method for regression and its application to online damage quantification for structural digital twin 1-gen-2023 Sbarufatti, CGiglio, M +
On Eulerian-Lagrangian methods to investigate the blast response of composite plates 1-gen-2023 Giuliano, DLomazzi, LGiglio, MManes, A
Cluster-Based Joint Distribution Adaptation Method for Debonding Quantification in Composite Structures 1-gen-2023 Oboe, DPoloni, DSbarufatti, CGiglio, M +
On the explainability of convolutional neural networks processing ultrasonic guided waves for damage diagnosis 1-gen-2023 Lomazzi L.Parziale M.Giglio M.Cadini F. +
Towards a stochastic inverse Finite Element Method: A Gaussian Process strain extrapolation 1-gen-2023 Poloni D.Oboe D.Sbarufatti C.Giglio M.
Gaussian Process Strain Pre-extrapolation and Uncertainty Estimation for Inverse Finite Elements 1-gen-2023 Poloni, DOboe, DSbarufatti, CGiglio, M
On statistical Multi-Objective optimization of sensor networks and optimal detector derivation for structural health monitoring 1-gen-2022 Colombo L.Todd M. D.Sbarufatti C.Giglio M.
A Numerical Study on the Influence of Strain Rate in Finite-Discrete Element Simulation of the Perforation Behaviour of Woven Composites 1-gen-2022 Rezasefat, MohammadGiglio, MarcoManes, Andrea +
Damage assessment of CFRP laminate plate subjected to close-range blast loading: hydrocode methodology validation and case study 1-gen-2022 Vescovini, ALomazzi, LGiglio, MManes, A
Experimental and numerical evaluation of the perforation resistance of multi-layered alumina/aramid fiber ballistic shield impacted by an armor piercing projectile 1-gen-2022 Scazzosi R.Giglio M.Manes A. +
Physics-based strain pre-extrapolation technique for inverse Finite Element Method 1-gen-2022 Daniele OboeClaudio SbarufattiMarco Giglio
Strain-based delamination prediction in fatigue loaded CFRP coupon specimens by deep learning and static loading data 1-gen-2022 Cristiani, DSbarufatti, CGiglio, M +
Integrated multi-objective optimisation of the support structure of heliostats in concentrated solar power plants using a genetic algorithm 1-gen-2022 Lomazzi, LCadini, FGiglio, M +
Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Open Holes on the Impact Response of CFRP Laminates 1-gen-2022 Rezasefat Balasbaneh, M.Giglio, M.Manes, A.
Vibration-based structural health monitoring exploiting a combination of convolutional neural networks and autoencoders for temperature effects neutralization 1-gen-2022 Parziale M.Lomazzi L.Giglio M.Cadini F.
Numerical investigation on the uniaxial compressive behaviour of an epoxy resin and a nanocomposite 1-gen-2022 Ma D.Giglio M.Manes A.
A distribution model for low-velocity impact tests on Kevlar-epoxy composites reinforced by nanoparticles 1-gen-2022 D. MaM. GiglioA. Manes +
Multi-function movable scotch block: application of an analytical-experimental methodology for the design of the innovative component 1-gen-2022 E. SABBIONIA. MANESD. TARSITANOR. SCAZZOSIM. GIGLIO +
Vulnerability assessment to projectiles: Approach definition and application to helicopter platforms 1-gen-2022 Lomazzi L.Cadini F.Giglio M.Manes A.
A method for determining the distribution of carbon nanotubes in nanocomposites by electric conductivity 1-gen-2022 Ma, DSbarufatti, CGiglio, MManes, A +
An Approach for Material Model Identification of a Composite Coating Using Micro-Indentation and Multi-Scale Simulations 1-gen-2022 Scazzosi R.Giglio M.Manes A. +
Particle Filters and Auto-Encoders Combination for Damage Diagnosis on Hysteretic Non-Linear Structures Subject to Changing Environmental Conditions 1-gen-2022 Lomazzi L.Cadini F.Giglio M.
Influence of strain-rate related parameters on the simulation of ballistic impact in woven composites 1-gen-2022 Ma, DGiglio, MManes, A +
Comparison of strain pre-extrapolation techniques for shape and strain sensing by iFEM of a composite plate subjected to compression buckling 1-gen-2021 Oboe D.Colombo L.Sbarufatti C.Giglio M.
A fast fracture plane orientation search algorithm for Puck's 3D IFF criterion for UD composites 1-gen-2021 Rezasefat Balasbaneh M.Giglio M.Manes A. +
Numerical simulation of high-velocity impact on fiber-reinforced composites using MAT_162 1-gen-2021 Scazzosi R.Giglio M.Manes A.
Multiscale modelling approach for simulating low velocity impact tests of aramid-epoxy composite with nanofillers 1-gen-2021 Ma D.Giglio M.Manes A. +
On the mitigation of the RAPID algorithm uneven sensing network issue employing averaging and Gaussian blur filtering techniques 1-gen-2021 GONZÁLEZ JIMÉNEZ Á.Lomazzi L.Cadini F.Beligni A.Sbarufatti C.Giglio M.Manes A.
Shape Sensing with Inverse Finite Element Method on a Composite Plate Under Compression Buckling 1-gen-2021 Oboe D.Colombo L.Sbarufatti C.Giglio M.
Convolutional Neural Networks for Ultrasonic Guided Wave-Based Structural Damage Detection and Localisation 1-gen-2021 Lomazzi L.Giglio M.Cadini F.
Fatigue damage diagnosis and prognosis of an aeronautical structure based on surrogate modelling and particle filter 1-gen-2021 Cristiani, DemetrioSbarufatti, ClaudioCadini, FrancescoGiglio, Marco
Fatigue crack propagation in a helicopter component subjected to impact damage 1-gen-2021 Fossati M.Giglio M.Manes A. +
Low-velocity impact damage detection of CFRP composite panel based on Transfer Impedance approach to Structural Health Monitoring 1-gen-2021 Beligni A.Sbarufatti C.Giglio M. +
Investigation on low velocity impact damage identification with ultrasonic techniques under different sensor network conditions 1-gen-2021 Beligni A.Cadini F.Sbarufatti C.Giglio M. +
An Impact Monitoring System for Aeronautical Structures 1-gen-2021 Beligni A.Sbarufatti C.Giglio M. +
Experimental and numerical investigation on the perforation resistance of double-layered metal shields under high-velocity impact of soft-core projectiles 1-gen-2021 Scazzosi R.Giglio M.Manes A.
Analysis of mesoscale modelling strategies for woven composites 1-gen-2021 Ma D.Giglio M.Manes A.
A modified peridynamic method to model the fracture behaviour of nanocomposites 1-gen-2021 Ma D.Giglio M.Manes A. +
An interactive damage progression model for cross-ply laminates subject to fatigue load cycles 1-gen-2021 Cristiani D.Sbarufatti C.Giglio M.
Numerical and experimental flight verifications of a calibration matrix approach for load monitoring and temperature reconstruction and compensation 1-gen-2021 Colombo L.Sbarufatti C.Giglio M. +
Finite Element Modelling of a Parabolic Trough Collector for Concentrated Solar Power 1-gen-2021 Gilioli, A.Cadini, F.Abbiati, L.Solero, G. A. G.Fossati, M.Manes, A.Carnelli, L.Lazzari, C.Cardamone, S.Giglio, M.
Neutralization of temperature effects in damage diagnosis of MDOF systems by combinations of autoencoders and particle filters 1-gen-2021 Cadini F.Lomazzi L.Sbarufatti C.Giglio M. +
Damage Identification by Inverse Finite Element Method on Composite Structures Subject to Impact Damage 1-gen-2021 Colombo L.Oboe D.Sbarufatti C.Giglio M.
Effect of fibre bundle uncertainty on the tensile and shear behaviour of plain-woven composites 1-gen-2021 Ma D.Giglio M.Manes A. +
Shape sensing and damage identification with iFEM on a composite structure subjected to impact damage and non-trivial boundary conditions 1-gen-2021 Colombo L.Oboe D.Sbarufatti C.Cadini F.Giglio M. +
Analytical and empirical methods for the characterisation of the permanent transverse displacement of quadrangular metal plates subjected to blast load: Comparison of existing methods and development of a novel methodological approach 1-gen-2021 Lomazzi L.Giglio M.Manes A.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 335
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