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A migration methodology for factories digital transformation In corso di stampa R. RoccaF. BoschiP. FantiniM. Taisch +
Business Case Evaluation Methodology (BCEM) for Factories Digitalization In corso di stampa R. RoccaG. TavolaF. BoschiP. FantiniM. Taisch
Symbiotic Integration of Human Activities in Cyber-Physical Systems In corso di stampa Paola FantiniMarco Taisch +
Increasing middle school students' awareness and interest in manufacturing through digital game-based learning (DGBL) In corso di stampa PERINI, STEFANOTAISCH, MARCO +
A reference architecture to implement Self-X capability in an industrial software architecture 1-gen-2024 Quadrini, WalterCuzzola, Francesco AlessandroFumagalli, LucaTaisch, Marco +
Development and implementation of a roadmapping methodology to foster twin transition at manufacturing plant level 1-gen-2024 Spaltini, MTerzi, STaisch, M
Toward a technology roadmapping methodology to enhance sustainable and digital transition in manufacturing 1-gen-2024 Spaltini, MarcoAcerbi, FedericaDe Carolis, AnnaTerzi, SergioTaisch, Marco
Key Competencies for Circular Manufacturing 1-gen-2023 M. PinzoneM. Taisch
LCA applied to PSS, main challenges and shared solutions: A literature review 1-gen-2023 E. BeducciA. de CarolisM. LavagnaS. TerziM. Taisch
Towards Circular Systems: The Role of Digital Servitization in an Italian Extended Partnership 1-gen-2023 Beducci, ElenaAcerbi, Federicade Carolis, AnnaTerzi, SergioTaisch, Marco
The role of Public-Private Partnership to foster Twin Transition in Made in Italy: an application case 1-gen-2023 Spaltini, MarcoTerzi, SergioTaisch, Marco
Development of an Industry 4.0-oriented Tool Supporting Circular Manufacturing: A Systematic Literature Review 1-gen-2023 Spaltini, MAcerbi, FTaisch, M
Developing a Roadmap Towards the Digital Transformation of Small & Medium Companies: A Case Study Analysis in the Aerospace & Defence Sector 1-gen-2023 Acerbi, FSpaltini, MDe Carolis, ATaisch, M
Enhancing the cosmetics industry sustainability through a renewed sustainable supplier selection model 1-gen-2023 Acerbi F.Rocca R.Fumagalli L.Taisch M.
Towards a Circular Manufacturing Competency Model: Analysis of the State of the Art and Development of a Model 1-gen-2023 Pinzone M.Taisch M.
Development of an LCA-based tool to assess the environmental sustainability level of cosmetics products 1-gen-2023 Rocca R.Acerbi F.Fumagalli L.Taisch M.
Exploiting Information Systems for Circular Manufacturing Transition: A Guiding Tool 1-gen-2023 Acerbi F.Sassanelli C.Taisch M. +
Capturing Value by Extending the End of Life of a Machining Department Through Data Analytics: An Industrial Use Case 1-gen-2023 Acerbi F.Taisch M. +
Twin Transition cosmetic roadmapping tool for supporting cosmetics manufacturing 1-gen-2023 Perossa, DAcerbi, FRocca, RFumagalli, LTaisch, M
Fostering Circular Manufacturing Through the Integration of Genetic Algorithm and Process Mining 1-gen-2022 Acerbi, FedericaPolenghi, AdalbertoQuadrini, WalterMacchi, MarcoTaisch, Marco
Defining the Roadmap towards Industry 4.0: The 6Ps Maturity Model for Manufacturing SMEs 1-gen-2022 Spaltini, MarcoAcerbi, FedericaPinzone, MartaGusmeroli, SergioTaisch, Marco
A conceptual data model promoting data-driven circular manufacturing 1-gen-2022 Acerbi, FedericaTaisch, Marco +
Industry 4.0 Enabling Technologies Supporting the Social Sphere of Circular Manufacturing 1-gen-2022 Acerbi F.Spaltini M.Taisch M.
Sustainability paradigm in the cosmetics industry: State of the art 1-gen-2022 Rocca, RobertoAcerbi, FedericaFumagalli, LucaTaisch, Marco
The role of Artificial Neural Network in the covid-19 era to support manufacturing Industry resilience 1-gen-2022 Marco SpaltiniFederica AcerbiMarco Taisch
Enterprise information systems interoperability for asset lifecycle management to enhance circular manufacturing 1-gen-2021 Polenghi A.Acerbi F.Roda I.Macchi M.Taisch M.
Analysis of information systems as empowering tools in Circular Manufacturing 1-gen-2021 Acerbi F.Taisch M.
Role of artificial intelligence in circular manufacturing: A systematic literature review 1-gen-2021 Acerbi F.Forterre D. A.Taisch M.
A predictive simulation and optimization architecture based on a knowledge engineering user interface to support operator 4.0 1-gen-2021 Palasciano Claudio.Taisch Marco. +
A systematic literature review on data and information required for circular manufacturing strategies adoption 1-gen-2021 Acerbi F.Sassanelli C.Terzi S.Taisch M.
Using wastes as driver to integrate digital and engineering practices maturity in the product development process: an application case 1-gen-2021 Spaltini M.Sassanelli C.Rossi M.Terzi S.Taisch M.
Developing a Qualitative Maturity Scale for Circularity in Manufacturing 1-gen-2021 Acerbi F.Taisch M. +
A quantitative framework for Industry 4.0 enabled Circular Economy 1-gen-2021 Spaltini M.Poletti A.Acerbi F.Taisch M.
An Assessment Tool for Digital Enhancement of Operators on the Production Shop Floor 1-gen-2021 Pinzone, MartaAcerbi, FedericaTaisch, Marco +
World manufacturing report 2020: manufacturing in the age of artificial intelligence 1-gen-2020 M. TaischM. Pinzone +
Towards a Data Classification Model for Circular Product Life Cycle Management 1-gen-2020 Acerbi F.Taisch M.
Circular economy in the manufacturing sector as enabler of sustainable manufacturing 1-gen-2020 Acerbi F.Taisch M.
A literature review on circular economy adoption in the manufacturing sector 1-gen-2020 Acerbi F.Taisch M.
Information Flows Supporting Circular Economy Adoption in the Manufacturing Sector 1-gen-2020 Acerbi F.Taisch M.
Towards a Data-Based Circular Economy: Exploring Opportunities from Digital Knowledge Management 1-gen-2020 Acerbi F.Sassanelli C.Terzi S.Taisch M.
An “Additive” Architecture for Industry 4.0 Transition of Existing Production Systems 1-gen-2020 G. TavolaA. CaielliM. Taisch
Placing the operator at the centre of Industry 4.0 design: Modelling and assessing human activities within cyber-physical systems 1-gen-2020 FANTINI, PAOLA MARIAMarta PinzoneMarco Taisch
Exploring Synergies Between Circular Economy and Asset Management 1-gen-2020 Acerbi F.Polenghi A.Roda I.Macchi M.Taisch M.
A framework for operative and social sustainability functionalities in Human-Centric Cyber-Physical Production Systems 1-gen-2020 Pinzone, MartaALBE', FEDERICOORLANDELLI, DAVIDETaisch, Marco +
Architectural Blueprint Solution for Migrating Towards FAR-EDGE 1-gen-2019 Filippo, BoschiPaola, FantiniGiacomo, TavolaMarco, Taisch +
The 2019 world manufacturing forum report. Skills for the future of manufacturing 1-gen-2019 M. TaischM. Pinzone +
Impresa, lavoro e non lavoro nell'economia digitale. Atti del Convegno 1-gen-2019 P. FantiniM. PinzoneM. Taisch
A research on hard and soft skills required to operate in a manufacturing company embracing the industry 4.0 paradigm 1-gen-2019 Acerbi F.Assiani S.Taisch M.
PERFoRM: Industrial Context and Project Vision 1-gen-2019 Boschi, FilippoTavola, GiacomoTaisch, Marco +
Migration Strategies towards the Digital Manufacturing Automation 1-gen-2019 Filippo, BoschiMarco, TaischPaola Maria, Fantini +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 329
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