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Investigation on the effect of the gas-to-metal ratio on powder properties and PBF-LB/M processability 1-gen-2023 Cacace S.Semeraro Q. +
A techno-economic approach for decision-making in metal additive manufacturing: metal extrusion versus single and multiple laser powder bed fusion 1-gen-2023 Parenti P.Puccio D.Semeraro Q.Colosimo B. M.
In-situ Printability Maps (IPM): A new approach for in-situ printability assessment with application to extrusion-based bioprinting 1-gen-2023 Zanderigo G.Bracco F.Semeraro Q.Colosimo B. M.
Process optimization via confidence region: a case study from micro-injection molding 1-gen-2022 Trotta, GianlucaCacace, StefaniaSemeraro, Quirico
Fast optimisation procedure for the selection of L-PBF parameters based on utility function 1-gen-2022 Cacace S.Semeraro Q.
On the Lack of fusion porosity in L-PBF processes 1-gen-2022 Cacace S.Semeraro Q.
Effect of overhanging surfaces on the evolution of substrate topography and internal defects formation in laser powder bed fusion 1-gen-2022 Bugatti M.Semeraro Q.Colosimo B. M.
Optimizing process parameters in micro injection moulding considering the part weight and probability of flash formation 1-gen-2022 Trotta G.Cacace S.Semeraro Q.
A new solution for assessing the printability of 17-4 PH gyroids produced via extrusion-based metal AM 1-gen-2022 Parenti, PaoloPuccio, DarioColosimo, Bianca MariaSemeraro, Quirico
The effect of energy density and porosity structure on tensile properties of 316L stainless steel produced by laser powder bed fusion 1-gen-2022 Stefania CacaceLuca PaganiBianca M. ColosimoQuirico Semeraro
A Method for Benchmarking of FEM Packages for Multi-Stage Sheet Metal Forming Simulations 1-gen-2022 Strano M.Semeraro Q. +
Mathematical Models for Minimizing Total Tardiness on Parallel Additive Manufacturing Machines 1-gen-2022 Matta A.Semeraro Q. +
Improvement of SLM Build Rate of A357 alloy by optimizing Fluence 1-gen-2021 Cacace, S.Semeraro, Q.
Estimation of the accuracy of measurement of internal defects in X-ray Computed Tomography 1-gen-2021 Cacace S.Semeraro Q. +
Multi-objective scheduling in hybrid flow shop: Evolutionary algorithms using multi-decoding framework 1-gen-2020 Yu, ChunlongSemeraro, Quirico +
Optimization of cutting conditions using an evolutive online procedure 1-gen-2020 Cacace, StefaniaSemeraro, Quirico +
Group decision making in manufacturing systems: An approach using spatial preference information and indifference zone 1-gen-2020 Yu C.Matta A.Semeraro Q.
Using recycled material to produce gas-atomized metal powders for additive manufacturing processes 1-gen-2020 Cacace, S.Furlan, V.Semeraro, Q. +
Influence of the atomization medium on the properties of stainless steel SLM parts 1-gen-2020 Cacace S.Semeraro Q.
Hierarchical Metamodeling of the Air Bending Process 1-gen-2018 Strano, MatteoSemeraro, QuiricoIorio, Lorenzo +
About Fluence and Process Parameters on Maraging Steel Processed by Selective Laser Melting: Do They Convey the Same Information? 1-gen-2018 Cacace, StefaniaSemeraro, Quirico
A genetic algorithm for the hybrid flow shop scheduling with unrelated machines and machine eligibility 1-gen-2018 YU, CHUNLONGSemeraro, QuiricoMatta, Andrea
Limitations of the inherent strain method in simulating powder bed fusion processes 1-gen-2018 Bugatti, MatteoSemeraro, Quirico
Fusion metamodeling of the bend deduction in air bending 1-gen-2017 Strano, MatteoIorio, LorenzoSemeraro, Quirico +
In-Process Monitoring of Selective Laser Melting: Spatial Detection of Defects Via Image Data Analysis 1-gen-2017 GRASSO, MARCO LUIGILAGUZZA, VITTORIOSEMERARO, QUIRICOCOLOSIMO, BIANCA MARIA
Optimal setup of a multihead weighing machine 1-gen-2017 DEL CASTILLO, ENRIQUEBERETTA, ALESSIASEMERARO, QUIRICO
Densification mechanism for different types of stainless steel powders in Selective Laser Melting 1-gen-2016 CACACE, STEFANIADEMIR, ALI GOKHANSEMERARO, QUIRICO
Calibration and Validation of a Mechanistic Micromilling Force Prediction Model 1-gen-2016 ANNONI, MASSIMILIANO PIETRO GIOVANNIREBAIOLI, LARASEMERARO, QUIRICO +
On the Multihead Weigher Machine Setup Problem 1-gen-2016 BERETTA, ALESSIASEMERARO, QUIRICODEL CASTILLO, ENRIQUE
Thin wall geometrical quality improvement in micromilling 1-gen-2015 ANNONI, MASSIMILIANO PIETRO GIOVANNIREBAIOLI, LARASEMERARO, QUIRICO
On the Effectiveness of Profile Monitoring to Enhance Functional Performance of Particleboards 1-gen-2015 COLOSIMO, BIANCA MARIAMENESES, MARCELASEMERARO, QUIRICO
An Economical Approach to Stop an Experimental Campaign with the Aim of Reducing Cost 1-gen-2015 BERETTA, ALESSIACACACE, STEFANIASEMERARO, QUIRICO
Economical comparison of cryogenic vs. Traditional turning of Ti-6Al-4V: A case study 1-gen-2015 TIRELLI, STEFANOCHIAPPINI, ELIOSTRANO, MATTEOMONNO, MICHELESEMERARO, QUIRICO
A comparison study of distribution-free multivariate SPC methods for multimode data 1-gen-2015 GRASSO, MARCO LUIGICOLOSIMO, BIANCA MARIASEMERARO, QUIRICO +
Workpiece surface flatness improvement by tool length compensation in micromilling 1-gen-2014 ANNONI, MASSIMILIANO PIETRO GIOVANNICACCIATORE, FRANCESCODAVOUDINEJAD, ALIREBAIOLI, LARASEMERARO, QUIRICO
Experimental comparison between traditional and cryogenic cooling conditions in rough turning of Ti-6Al-4V 1-gen-2014 TIRELLI, STEFANOCHIAPPINI, ELIOSTRANO, MATTEOMONNO, MICHELESEMERARO, QUIRICO
Applicability of an orthogonal cutting slip-line field model for the microscale 1-gen-2014 REBAIOLI, LARAANNONI, MASSIMILIANO PIETRO GIOVANNISEMERARO, QUIRICO +
Improvement of surface flatness in high precision milling 1-gen-2014 DAVOUDINEJAD, ALIANNONI, MASSIMILIANO PIETRO GIOVANNIREBAIOLI, LARASEMERARO, QUIRICO
Geometrical quality improvement of high aspect ratio micromilled pins 1-gen-2014 ANNONI, MASSIMILIANO PIETRO GIOVANNICOLOSIMO, BIANCA MARIAPAGANI, LUCAREBAIOLI, LARASEMERARO, QUIRICO
Application of neural-based algorithms as statistical tools for quality control of manufacturing processes 1-gen-2014 PACELLA, MASSIMOSEMERARO, QUIRICO
Experimental verification of a slip-line field model of orthogonal cutting in the microscale 1-gen-2013 ANNONI, MASSIMILIANO PIETRO GIOVANNIREBAIOLI, LARASEMERARO, QUIRICO +
Geodesic Gaussian Process for the Reconstruction of Micro-Pins Surfaces 1-gen-2013 COLOSIMO, BIANCA MARIAPAGANI, LUCASEMERARO, QUIRICODEL CASTILLO, ENRIQUE
Procedure for the identification of the focal plane position in high power fiber laser systems 1-gen-2013 COLOMBO, DANIELEPREVITALI, BARBARARIVA, GIOVANNISEMERARO, QUIRICO
Cutting force prediction performance of a microcutting slip-line field model in brass machining 1-gen-2013 ANNONI, MASSIMILIANO PIETRO GIOVANNIREBAIOLI, LARASEMERARO, QUIRICO +
Process parameters effect on cutting forces and geometrical quality in thin wall micromilling 1-gen-2013 ANNONI, MASSIMILIANO PIETRO GIOVANNIPETRO', STEFANOREBAIOLI, LARASEMERARO, QUIRICO +
Vertical Density Profile Monitoring using Mixed-Effects Model 1-gen-2013 COLOSIMO, BIANCA MARIAMENESES, MARCELASEMERARO, QUIRICO
Microcutting force prediction by means of a slip-line field force model 1-gen-2013 ANNONI, MASSIMILIANO PIETRO GIOVANNIREBAIOLI, LARASEMERARO, QUIRICO +
Critical operating conditions for assemblies with parameter-dependent dimensions 1-gen-2013 ARMILLOTTA, ANTONIOSEMERARO, QUIRICO
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