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Thin Membrane with “Human Touch” Sensitivity: Body Pressure and Temperature Measurements with Optical Fiber Sensors 1-gen-2023 Spini, F.Rigamonti, D.Bettini, P.Di Landro, L. +
An Integrated Fiber Optic Based SHM System for Structural Composite Components: Application to a Racing Motorbike Fork 1-gen-2023 Rigamonti, D.Bettini, P.Sala, G. +
Fiber Optics in Process Monitoring for Sustainable Cradle to Cradle Composite Manufacturing 1-gen-2023 Rigamonti, D.Ferretti, C.Bettini, P.Di Landro, L.
Development of an Additive Manufactured Fitting Sensorized with Optical Fibres for Load Recognition 1-gen-2023 Airoldi, AlessandroBallarin, PietroRigamonti, DanielaBettini, Paolo +
Enabling FO-Based HUMS Applications Through an Innovative Integration Technique: Application to a Rotor Blade Mockup 1-gen-2023 Rigamonti, D.Bettini, P.
Hybrid Structural Device with Sensors 1-gen-2022 Airoldi AlessandroBettini PaoloGhiasvand Sara +
Method for Embedding a Monitoring System in a Device 1-gen-2022 Airoldi AlessandroBettini PaoloRigamonti Daniela +
On the Fracture Healing Response of an Aeronautic Grade Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Vitrimer Composite 1-gen-2022 Rigamonti, D.Bettini, P.Sala, G.Grande, A. M. +
Sensorized Cylindrical Element Made of Composite Material for a Damper Device 1-gen-2022 Bettini, PaoloRigamonti, Daniela +
Blade Load Reconstruction from Embedded Strain Measurements 1-gen-2022 Talamo, C.Bettini, P.Rigamonti, D.Masarati, P. +
Interlaminar fracture of structural fibre/epoxy composites integrating damage sensing and healing 1-gen-2022 Rigamonti D.Bettini P.Sala G.Grande A. M. +
Thin membranes based on FBG sensors for real-time sub-bandage pressure monitoring 1-gen-2022 Spini, F.Rigamonti, D.Aceti, P.Bettini, P.
Analysis of residual stresses and interface damage propagation in hybrid composite/metallic elements monitored through optical fiber sensors 1-gen-2022 Ghiasvand S.Airoldi A.Bettini P. +
Elemento cilindrico in composito sensorizzato per un dispositivo ammortizzatore 1-gen-2021 Paolo BettiniDaniela Rigamonti +
Effect of Hygrothermal Ageing on Optical Fibersensorized Composite Materials 1-gen-2021 Aceti, P.Ballarin, P.Ghiasvand, S.Airoldi, A.Bettini, P.Sala, G.
Sensorized hybrid structures and sensorized metallic fittings 1-gen-2021 Airoldi A.Bettini P.Ghiasvand S. +
Damping Behaviour of Ni-Ti Auxetic Structures Manufactured by Selective Laser Melting 1-gen-2021 Grande, A. M.Bettini, P. +
Scaling Laws for an Airfoil with MFC-Actuated Trailing Edge Plate 1-gen-2021 Auteri F.Bettini P. +
A Study on Damping Property of NiTi Elements Produced by Selective Laser‐Beam Melting 1-gen-2021 Bettini, PaoloSala, GiuseppeGrande, Antonio Mattia +
SMA for composite aerospace structures 1-gen-2021 Bettini, PaoloRigamonti, DanielaSala, Giuseppe
Design of complex NiTi dampers trough subtractive and additive production processes: three case studies 1-gen-2021 A. M. GrandeP. Bettini +
Development of an actuated corrugated laminate for morphing structures 1-gen-2021 A. AiroldiD. RigamontiG. SalaP. Bettini +
Towards an understanding of the functional properties of NiTi produced by powder bed fusion 1-gen-2021 Grande, Antonio MattiaRigamonti, DanielaBettini, PaoloSala, Giuseppe +
Development of a Smart-Hinge Based on Shape Memory Alloys for Space Applications 1-gen-2019 Rigamonti, D.Bettini, P.Di Landro, L.Sala, G.
Actuated Composite Corrugated Laminates for Morphing Aerodynamic Surfaces 1-gen-2019 Airoldi, A.Bettini, P.Boiocchi, M.Rigamonti, D.
Development of Innovative Tooling Based on High Modulus Pitch Fibres for Structural Aeronautical Components 1-gen-2019 P. Bettini +
Selective Laser Melting Of NiTi Alloys 1-gen-2019 A. GrandeP. BettiniD. Rigamonti +
Development and Testing of Optical Fiber Based Monitoring Systems for a Wind Tunnel Application 1-gen-2019 Bettini, P.Boffadossi, M. +
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Damage Evolution in Curved Composite Laminates 1-gen-2019 Ghiasvand, S.Airoldi, A.SPINI, ALESSANDROBoiocchi, M.MIRANI, CHIARABettini, P.
Approaches for Numerical Analysis and Experimental Monitoring of Manufacturing Process and Damage Evolution in Carbon/Titanium Hybrid Structures 1-gen-2019 Ghiasvand, S.Airoldi, A.Bettini, P. +
Interfacial adhesion between embedded fibre optic sensors and epoxy matrix in composites 1-gen-2019 De Araujo Alves Lima, RosemereBettini, PaoloSala, Giuseppe +
Modelling and Monitoring the Response of Bonded Composite/Metallic Structures During Manufacturing Process and Damage Evolution 1-gen-2018 Airoldi, A.Bettini, P.FOURNIER, STEPHANE +
Rugged Fiber Optics Monitoring System for Helicopter Rotor Blades 1-gen-2018 Sala, G.Bettini, P. +
Composite Corrugated Laminates for Morphing Applications 1-gen-2018 Airoldi, A.Sala, G.Di Landro, L.Bettini, P.Gilardelli, A.
Composites Interlaminar Toughening Techniques by Means of Interleaved Nanofiber Veils: Experimental Evaluation 1-gen-2017 BETTINI, PAOLOFOURNIER, STEPHANEAIROLDI, ALESSANDROSALA, GIUSEPPE
Set-Up for the Permeability Measurement of Fabrics for Liquid Resin Infusion Techniques 1-gen-2017 DI LANDRO, LUCA ANGELOMAINO, ALESSANDRABETTINI, PAOLO
Detection of Voids in Carbon/Epoxy Laminates and Their Influence on Mechanical Properties 1-gen-2017 DI LANDRO, LUCA ANGELOMONTALTO, AURELIOBETTINI, PAOLO +
Design and manufacturing of skins based on composite corrugated laminates for morphing aerodynamic surfaces 1-gen-2017 AIROLDI, ALESSANDROFOURNIER, STEPHANEBORLANDELLI, ELENABETTINI, PAOLOSALA, GIUSEPPE
A load identification sensor based on distributed fiber optic technology 1-gen-2017 BETTINI, PAOLOSALA, GIUSEPPE +
Interlaminar Damage Detection in Composite Elements by Means of Optical Fibre Sensors 1-gen-2017 BETTINI, PAOLOAIROLDI, ALESSANDRO +
Ring patch sensor based on FBG array for normal and bending load recognition 1-gen-2017 Bettini, Paolo +
Strain field reconstruction on composite spars based on the identification of equivalent load conditions 1-gen-2017 AIROLDI, ALESSANDROBETTINI, PAOLOSALA, GIUSEPPE +
Circular Patch Sensor Based on Distributed Fiber Optic Technology for Tensile and Bending Loads Identification 1-gen-2017 BETTINI, PAOLO +
Fused Deposition Technique for Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic 1-gen-2017 BETTINI, PAOLOSALA, GIUSEPPEDI LANDRO, LUCA ANGELO +
Fiber Optic Shape Sensor System for a Morphing Wing Trailing Edge 1-gen-2017 BETTINI, PAOLO +
Ribbon Tapes, Shape Sensors, and Hardware 1-gen-2016 BETTINI, PAOLO +
Detection of Voids in Structural Composite Laminates and Evaluation of Their Effects over Material Performances 1-gen-2016 DI LANDRO, LUCA ANGELOBETTINI, PAOLO +
Design and Experimental Testing of a NiTi-based, High Frequency, Centripetal Multiple Actuator 1-gen-2016 BORLANDELLI, ELENASCARSELLI, DAVIDEBETTINI, PAOLOSALA, GIUSEPPEQUADRIO, MAURIZIORIGAMONTI, DANIELA +
dispositivo retrattore sensorizzato per tessuti in interventi chirurgici 1-gen-2015 BETTINI, PAOLOSALA, GIUSEPPE +
Design of Health and Usage Monitoring Systems Based on Optical Fibers for Composite Wing Spars 1-gen-2015 AIROLDI, ALESSANDROBETTINI, PAOLOBELOTTI, PAOLOSALA, GIUSEPPE +
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