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Tunable and Portable Extreme-Scale Drug Discovery Platform at Exascale: the LIGATE Approach 1-gen-2023 Palermo, G.Accordi, G.Gadioli, D.Vitali, E.Silvano, C.Guindani, B.Ardagna, D. +
EXSCALATE: An Extreme-Scale Virtual Screening Platform for Drug Discovery Targeting Polypharmacology to Fight SARS-CoV-2 1-gen-2023 Gadioli D.Vitali E.Silvano C.Palermo G. +
Accelerating Binary and Mixed-Precision NNs Inference on STMicroelectronics Embedded NPU with Digital In-Memory-Computing 1-gen-2023 Fabrizio IndirliCristina Silvano +
Embedded Computer Systems: Architectures, Modeling, and Simulation 1-gen-2023 C. SilvanoC. Pilato +
Proceedings of the Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing Conference 1-gen-2023 Cristina Silvano +
An extreme-scale virtual screening platform for drug discovery 1-gen-2022 Davide GadioliEmanuele VitaliCristina SilvanoGianluca Palermo +
Tunable approximations to control time-to-solution in an HPC molecular docking Mini-App 1-gen-2021 Gadioli D.Palermo G.Cherubin S.Vitali E.Agosta G.Silvano C. +
A Tile-based Fused-layer CNN Accelerator for FPGAs 1-gen-2020 Indirli, FabrizioErdem, AhmetSilvano, Cristina
Pegasus: Performance Engineering for Software Applications Targeting HPC Systems 1-gen-2020 Gadioli D.Palermo G.SILVANO C. +
Runtime Design Space Exploration and Mapping of DCNNs for the Ultra-Low-Power Orlando SoC 1-gen-2020 Erdem A.Silvano C. +
Transactions on High-Performance Embedded Architectures and Compilers V 1-gen-2019 Cristina Silvano +
Proceedings of the 13th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Networks-on-Chip 1-gen-2019 Cristina Silvano +
Exploiting OpenMP and OpenACC to accelerate a geometric approach to molecular docking in heterogeneous HPC nodes 1-gen-2019 Vitali E.Gadioli D.Palermo G.Silvano C. +
An Efficient Monte Carlo-based Probabilistic Time-Dependent Routing Calculation Targeting a Server-Side Car Navigation System 1-gen-2019 Vitali E.Gadioli D.Palermo G.SILVANO C. +
A tile-based fused-layer approach to accelerate DCNNs on low-density FPGAs 1-gen-2019 Erdem A.Babic D.Silvano C.
Supporting the Scale-up of High Performance Application to Pre-Exascale Systems: The ANTAREX Approach 1-gen-2019 Silvano, CAgosta, GCherubin, SGadioli, DPalermo, GVitali, E +
Workload- and process-variation aware voltage/frequency tuning for energy efficient performance sustainability of NTC manycores 1-gen-2019 Stamelakos I.Palermo G.Silvano C. +
mARGOt: a Dynamic Autotuning Framework for Self-aware Approximate Computing 1-gen-2019 Gadioli, DavideVitali, EmanuelePalermo, GianlucaSilvano, Cristina
An Hybrid Approach to accelerate a Molecular Docking Application for Virtual Screening in Heterogeneous Nodes 1-gen-2019 Vitali E.Gadioli D.Silvano C.Palermo G. +
The ANTAREX domain specific language for high performance computing 1-gen-2019 Silvano C.Agosta G.Cherubin S.Gadioli D.Palermo G.Vitali E. +
A survey on compiler autotuning using machine learning 1-gen-2019 Ashouri, Amir H.Palermo, GianlucaSilvano, Cristina +
Parallelized Convolutions for Embedded Ultra Low Power Deep Learning SoC 1-gen-2018 Erdem A.Silvano C. +
Automatic Tuning of Compilers Using Machine Learning 1-gen-2018 Ashouri, Amir H.Palermo, GianlucaSilvano, Cristina +
Message from general and program co-chairs 1-gen-2018 Fornaciari W.C. Silvano +
Design Space Exploration for Orlando Ultra Low-Power Convolutional Neural Network SoC 1-gen-2018 ERDEM, AHMETSilvano, Cristina +
Design space pruning and computational workload splitting for autotuning OpenCL applications 1-gen-2018 Erdem, AhmetGadioli, DavidePalermo, GianlucaSilvano, Cristina
Autotuning and adaptivity in energy efficient HPC systems: The ANTAREX toolbox 1-gen-2018 Silvano, CristinaPalermo, GianlucaAgosta, GiovanniAshouri, Amir H.Gadioli, DavideCherubin, StefanoVITALI, EMANUELEBartolini, Andrea +
SOCRATES - A seamless online compiler and system runtime autotuning framework for energy-aware applications 1-gen-2018 Gadioli, DavideVitali, EmanueleAshouri, Amir H.Palermo, GianlucaSilvano, Cristina +
ANTAREX: A DSL-based Approach to Adaptively Optimizing and Enforcing Extra-Functional Properties in High Performance Computing 1-gen-2018 Silvano, CAgosta, GCherubin, SGadioli, DPalermo, GVitali, E +
Accelerating a Geometric Approach to Molecular Docking with OpenACC 1-gen-2018 Emanuele VitaliDavide GadioliGianluca PalermoCristina Silvano +
The ANTAREX tool flow for monitoring and autotuning energy efficient HPC systems 1-gen-2017 Silvano, CristinaAgosta, GiovanniCherubin, StefanoGadioli, DavidePalermo, Gianluca +
Introduction to the special section on FPL 2015 1-gen-2017 Silvano, Cristina +
The first 25 years of the FPL conference: Significant papers 1-gen-2017 Silvano, Cristina +
MiCOMP: Mitigating the Compiler Phase-Ordering Problem Using Optimization Sub-Sequences and Machine Learning 1-gen-2017 ASHOURI, AMIR HOSSEINPALERMO, GIANLUCASILVANO, CRISTINA +
DSL and Autotuning Tools for Code Optimisation on HPC Inspired by Navigation Use Case 1-gen-2016 PALERMO, GIANLUCAGADIOLI, DAVIDESILVANO, CRISTINA +
Throughput balancing for energy efficient near-threshold manycores 1-gen-2016 STAMELAKOS, IOANNISPALERMO, GIANLUCASILVANO, CRISTINA +
Variability-Aware Voltage Island Management for Near-Threshold Computing with Performance Guarantees 1-gen-2016 STAMELAKOS, IOANNISPALERMO, GIANLUCASILVANO, CRISTINA +
A system-level exploration of power delivery architectures for near-threshold manycores considering performance constraints 1-gen-2016 STAMELAKOS, IOANNISPALERMO, GIANLUCASILVANO, CRISTINA +
Predictive modeling methodology for compiler phase-ordering 1-gen-2016 ASHOURI, AMIR HOSSEINPALERMO, GIANLUCASILVANO, CRISTINA +
Autotuning and adaptivity approach for energy efficient Exascale HPC systems: The ANTAREX approach 1-gen-2016 SILVANO, CRISTINAAGOSTA, GIOVANNIPALERMO, GIANLUCA +
COBAYN: Compiler autotuning framework using Bayesian networks 1-gen-2016 ASHOURI, AMIR HOSSEINPALERMO, GIANLUCASILVANO, CRISTINA +
Near threshold computing: Technology, methods and applications 1-gen-2016 Silvano, Cristina +
SPIRIT: Spectral-Aware Pareto Iterative Refinement Optimization for Supervised High-Level Synthesis 1-gen-2015 PALERMO, GIANLUCAZACCARIA, VITTORIOSILVANO, CRISTINA +
Application autotuning to support runtime adaptivity in multicore architectures 1-gen-2015 GADIOLI, DAVIDEPALERMO, GIANLUCASILVANO, CRISTINA
Significant papers from the first 25 years of the FPL conference 1-gen-2015 SILVANO, CRISTINA +
ANTAREX - AutoTuning and adaptivity approach for energy efficient eXascale HPC systems 1-gen-2015 SILVANO, CRISTINAAGOSTA, GIOVANNIPALERMO, GIANLUCA +
DeSpErate++: An enhanced design space exploration framework using predictive simulation scheduling 1-gen-2015 MARIANI, GIOVANNI SIROPALERMO, GIANLUCAZACCARIA, VITTORIOSILVANO, CRISTINA
Customization of OpenCL Applications for Efficient Task Mapping Under Heterogeneous Platform Constraints 1-gen-2015 PAONE, EDOARDOPALERMO, GIANLUCAZACCARIA, VITTORIOSILVANO, CRISTINA +
Evaluating orthogonality between application auto-tuning and run-time resource management for adaptive OpenCL applications 1-gen-2014 PAONE, EDOARDOGADIOLI, DAVIDEPALERMO, GIANLUCAZACCARIA, VITTORIOSILVANO, CRISTINA
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