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Fetal heart rate spectral analysis in raw signals and PRSA-derived curve: normal and pathological fetuses discrimination 1-gen-2023 Steyde, GSpairani, ESignorini, MG +
Hidden Markov Models for the identification of fetal phases in CTG recordings 1-gen-2023 Spairani E.Steyde G.Signorini M. G. +
Cardiotocography in antenatal fetal monitoring of diabetes-complicated pregnancies 1-gen-2023 Steyde G.Spairani E.Signorini M. G. +
Fetal states identification in cardiotocographic tracings through discrete emissions multivariate hidden markov models 1-gen-2023 Spairani, EdoardoSteyde, GiulioSignorini, Maria Gabriella +
Editorial: Biomedical engineering technologies and methods in antenatal medicine 1-gen-2023 Signorini M. G. +
A deep learning mixed-data type approach for the classification of FHR signals 1-gen-2022 Daniele, BeniaminoSignorini, Maria Gabriella +
Influence of Gestational Diabetes on Fetal Heart Rate in Antepartum Cardiotocographic Recordings 1-gen-2022 Giulio SteydeBeniamino DanieleMaria Gabriella Signorini +
Placental dysfunction in uncomplicated and complicated intrauterine growth restriction by preeclampsia and neonatal outcome 1-gen-2022 Pini N.Signorini M. G. +
Discriminating Healthy and IUGR fetuses through Machine Learning models 1-gen-2022 Daniele B.Steyde G.Signorini M. G. +
A Novel Large Structured Cardiotocographic Database 1-gen-2022 Daniele B.Signorini M. G. +
Cardiotocography for Fetal Monitoring: Technical and Methodological Aspects 1-gen-2021 m. g. signorini +
Cardiotocography for Fetal Monitoring: Technical and Methodological Aspects Giovanni Magenes, Maria G. Signorini Pages 73-97 in Innovative Technologies and Signal Processing in Perinatal Medicine vol 1 Editors Danilo Pani, Chiara Rabotti, Maria Gabriella Signorini, Laura Burattini 1-gen-2021 M. G. Signorini +
A Machine Learning Approach to Monitor the Emergence of Late Intrauterine Growth Restriction 1-gen-2021 Pini, NicoloSignorini, Maria G +
An integrated approach based on advanced CTG parameters and Doppler measurements for late growth restriction management 1-gen-2021 Pini N.Signorini M. G. +
Cardiotocography for fetal monitoring: technical and methodological aspects 1-gen-2020 M. G. Signorini +
Transfer Entropy Modeling of Newborn Cardiorespiratory Regulation 1-gen-2020 Lucchini, MaristellaPini, NicolòSignorini, Maria G. +
Intrapartum cardiotocography with and without computer analysis: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials 1-gen-2020 Signorini M. G. +
ICT4MOMs: An ICT Integrated Approach to Monitor and Manage Pregnancy Development 1-gen-2020 Signorini, Maria G.Pini, Nicolò +
Dataset on linear and non-linear indices for discriminating healthy and IUGR fetuses 1-gen-2020 Signorini, Maria G.Pini, NicoloBellazzi, Riccardo +
Integrating machine learning techniques and physiology based heart rate features for antepartum fetal monitoring 1-gen-2020 Signorini, Maria G.Pini, NicolòBellazzi, Riccardo +
Fetal heart rate monitoring and neonatal outcome in a population of early- and late-onset intrauterine growth restriction 1-gen-2019 Signorini M. G. +
A Point Process Framework for the Characterization of Sleep States in Early Infancy 1-gen-2019 Pini, NicoloSignorini, Maria G.Barbieri, Riccardo +
Impact of nuchal cord on antenatal and intrapartum foetal heart rate surveillance and perinatal outcome 1-gen-2019 Signorini, Maria Gabriella +
Multi-parametric cardiorespiratory analysis in late-preterm, early-term, and full-term infants at birth 1-gen-2019 Lucchini, MaristellaSignorini, Maria G. +
Lagged Transfer Entropy Analysis to Investigate Cardiorespiratory Regulation in Newborns during Sleep 1-gen-2019 N. PiniM. LucchiniM. G. Signorini +
An Efficient Algorithm for the Extraction of Fetal ECG from Standard and Non-Standard Multi Abdominal Maternal Leads 1-gen-2019 Pini, NicoloSignorini, Maria G. +
Antepartum Fetal Monitoring through a Wearable System and a Mobile Application 1-gen-2018 Signorini M. G. +
Influence of prenatal alcohol and smoke exposure on neonatal vagal tone in response to head-up tilt 1-gen-2018 N. PiniM. LucchiniM. G. Signorini +
Characterization of cardiorespiratory phase synchronization and directionality in late premature and full term infants 1-gen-2018 Lucchini, MaristellaPINI, NICOLO'Signorini, Maria G +
Computerised analysis of antepartum foetal heart parameters: New reference ranges 1-gen-2017 SIGNORINI, MARIA GABRIELLA +
Ethnic analogies and differences in fetal heart rate variability signal: A retrospective study 1-gen-2017 SIGNORINI, MARIA GABRIELLA +
Telemedicine to Improve Access to Specialist Care in Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring: Analysis of 17 Years of TOCOMAT Network Clinical Activity 1-gen-2017 SIGNORINI, MARIA GABRIELLA +
Monitoring fetal maturation - objectives, techniques and indices of autonomic function 1-gen-2017 SIGNORINI, MARIA GABRIELLA +
Complex and nonlinear analysis of heart rate variability in the assessment of fetal and neonatal wellbeing 1-gen-2017 Signorini, Maria G.Ferrario, ManuelaLucchini, Maristella +
Entropy Information of Cardiorespiratory Dynamics in Neonates during Sleep 1-gen-2017 LUCCHINI, MARISTELLAPINI, NICOLO'SIGNORINI, MARIA GABRIELLA +
Cardio-respiratory phase locking in newborn and one month infants as a function of sleep state 1-gen-2017 LUCCHINI, MARISTELLAPINI, NICOLO'SIGNORINI, MARIA GABRIELLA +
Advanced signal processing techniques for CTG analysis 1-gen-2016 SIGNORINI, MARIA GABRIELLA +
Comparison of data mining techniques applied to fetal heart rate parameters for the early identification of IUGR fetuses 1-gen-2016 SIGNORINI, MARIA GABRIELLA +
Feasibility study for the assessment of cardio-respiratory coupling in newborn infants 1-gen-2016 LUCCHINI, MARISTELLAFERRARIO, MANUELASIGNORINI, MARIA GABRIELLA +
Short and Long-Term Heart-Rate Parameters in Newborns with Different Post-menstrual Ages and Sleep Position 1-gen-2016 LUCCHINI, MARISTELLASIGNORINI, MARIA GABRIELLA +
Novel heart rate parameters for the assessment of autonomic nervous system function in premature infants 1-gen-2016 LUCCHINI, MARISTELLASIGNORINI, MARIA GABRIELLA +
Low Frequency Oscillations of Heart Rate Variability and Central Volume 1-gen-2015 FERRARIO, MANUELASIGNORINI, MARIA GABRIELLACERUTTI, SERGIO +
A pre-docking source for the power-law behavior of spontaneous quantal release: application to the analysis of LTP 1-gen-2015 SIGNORINI, MARIA GABRIELLACERUTTI, SERGIO +
Evaluation of the Acceleration and Deceleration Phase-Rectified Slope to Detect and Improve IUGR Clinical Management 1-gen-2015 SIGNORINI, MARIA GABRIELLA +
The Forgotten Role of Central Volume in Low Frequency Oscillations of Heart Rate Variability 1-gen-2015 FERRARIO, MANUELASIGNORINI, MARIA GABRIELLACERUTTI, SERGIO +
Influence of sleep state and position on cardio-respiratory regulation in newborn babies 1-gen-2015 LUCCHINI, MARISTELLASIGNORINI, MARIA GABRIELLA +
Autonomic Control in Preterm Infants as a Function of Sleep Position. 1-gen-2014 LUCCHINI, MARISTELLASIGNORINI, MARIA GABRIELLA +
Linear and Non-Linear Analysis of Heart Rate Variability in Premature Infants 1-gen-2014 LUCCHINI, MARISTELLASIGNORINI, MARIA GABRIELLA +
Linear and Non-Linear analysis of Heart rate variability in Premature Infants 1-gen-2014 LUCCHINI, MARISTELLASIGNORINI, MARIA GABRIELLA +
A mobile remote monitoring service for measuring fetal heart rate 1-gen-2014 Signorini M. G. +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 228
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