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Digital Twin for Factories: Challenges and Industrial Applications 1-gen-2024 Terkaj W.Annoni M.Pessot E.Urgo M. +
Monitoring manufacturing systems using AI: A method based on a digital factory twin to train CNNs on synthetic data 1-gen-2024 Marcello UrgoWalter TerkajGabriele Simonetti
RDM dataset 1-gen-2023 Urgo, MarcelloTerkaj, WalterSimonetti, Gabriele
Assessment of valorisation opportunities for secondary metallurgy slag through multi-criteria decision making 1-gen-2023 Falsafi M.Terkaj W.Guzzon M.Tolio T. +
A novel algorithm for optimal buffer allocation in automated asynchronous unreliable lines 1-gen-2022 Magnanini, MCTerkaj, WTolio, TAM
A mathematical foundation to support bidirectional mappings between digital models: an application of multi-scale modelling in manufacturing 1-gen-2022 Terkaj, WUrgo, M +
Design of serious games in engineering education: An application to the configuration and analysis of manufacturing systems 1-gen-2022 Urgo M.Terkaj W.Colombo G. +
A learning workflow based on an integrated digital toolkit to support education in manufacturing system engineering 1-gen-2022 Berardinucci F.Colombo G.Lorusso M.Manzini M.Terkaj W.Urgo M.
Multi-scale modelling of manufacturing systems using ontologies and delta-lenses 1-gen-2021 Terkaj, WalterUrgo, MarcelloJiang, Xiangqian +
Development of Virtual Learning Factory Toolkit for Production Engineering Education 1-gen-2021 Walter TerkajMarcello Urgo +
Formal modelling of release control policies as a plug-in for performance evaluation of manufacturing systems 1-gen-2020 Urgo M.Terkaj W.
Robust optimization of manufacturing systems flexibility 1-gen-2020 Magnanini M. C.Terkaj W.Tolio T.
Factories of the Future 1-gen-2019 Tullio TolioGiacomo CopaniWalter Terkaj
Key Research Priorities for Factories of the Future—Part II: Pilot Plants and Funding Mechanisms 1-gen-2019 Tolio, TullioCopani, GiacomoTerkaj, Walter
Performance evaluation of stochastic forward and reverse supply networks 1-gen-2019 Falsafi M.Terkaj W. +
Virtual Learning Factory Toolkit: an Erasmus+ project to support digital factory tools in engineering education 1-gen-2019 M. UrgoW. Terkaj
The Italian Flagship Project: Factories of the Future 1-gen-2019 Terkaj, WalterTolio, Tullio
Exploiting Modular Pallet Flexibility for Product and Process Co-evolution Through Zero-Point Clamping Systems 1-gen-2019 Urgo, MarcelloTerkaj, WalterPellegrinelli, StefaniaBORGO, STEFANO +
A digital factory platform for the design of roll shop plants 1-gen-2019 Terkaj W.TOLIO TULLIO ANTONIO MARIA.Urgo M. +
Key Research Priorities for Factories of the Future—Part I: Missions 1-gen-2019 Tolio, TullioCopani, GiacomoTerkaj, Walter
Preface 1-gen-2019 Tolio, TullioCopani, GiacomoTerkaj, Walter
Answer set programming for modeling and reasoning on modular and reconfigurable transportation systems 1-gen-2017 Terkaj, WalterUrgo, MarcelloAndolfatto, Daniela
Zero-point fixture systems as a reconfiguration enabler in flexible manufacturing systems 1-gen-2016 URGO, MARCELLOTERKAJ, WALTERCENATI, CLAUDIOPELLEGRINELLI, STEFANIA +
A Concept for a Pallet Configuration Approach Using Zero-point Clamping Systems 1-gen-2016 PELLEGRINELLI, STEFANIATERKAJ, WALTERURGO, MARCELLO
An onto-based interoperability framework for the connection of PLM and production capability tools 1-gen-2016 TERKAJ, WALTERURGO, MARCELLOCOLLEDANI, MARCELLO +
A virtual factory approach for in situ simulation to support production and maintenance planning 1-gen-2015 TERKAJ, WALTERTOLIO, TULLIO ANTONIO MARIAURGO, MARCELLO
Ontology-based modeling of production systems for design and performance evaluation 1-gen-2014 TERKAJ, WALTERURGO, MARCELLO
A Virtual factory data model as a support tool for the simulation of manufacturing systems 1-gen-2014 TERKAJ, WALTERURGO, MARCELLO
Integrated Virtual Platform for Manufacturing Systems Design 1-gen-2013 COLLEDANI, MARCELLOPEDRIELLI, GIULIATERKAJ, WALTERURGO, MARCELLO
Semantic Virtual Factory supporting interoperable modelling and evaluation of production systems 1-gen-2013 TERKAJ, WALTER +
Virtual Factory: an Integrated Framework for Manufacturing Systems Design and Analysis 1-gen-2013 TOLIO, TULLIO ANTONIO MARIATERKAJ, WALTERURGO, MARCELLO +
Modeling and simulation of production systems supported by a virtual factory framework 1-gen-2012 TERKAJ, WALTERURGO, MARCELLO +
Virtual factory data model to support performance evaluation of production systems 1-gen-2012 TERKAJ, WALTERURGO, MARCELLO
An HLA-based distributed simulation for networked manufacturing systems analysis 1-gen-2012 PEDRIELLI, GIULIATERKAJ, WALTERTOLIO, TULLIO ANTONIO MARIA +
Virtual factory manager 1-gen-2011 TERKAJ, WALTER +
Simulation of complex manufacturing systems via HLA-based infrastructure 1-gen-2011 PEDRIELLI, GIULIASCAVARDONE, PAOLATOLIO, TULLIO ANTONIO MARIATERKAJ, WALTER +
A stochastic programming approach to support the machine tool builder in designing Focused Flexibility Manufacturing Systems (FFMSs) 1-gen-2010 TERKAJ, WALTERTOLIO, TULLIO ANTONIO MARIAVALENTE, ANNA
Multi-stage stochastic programming for manufacturing system design 1-gen-2009 TERKAJ, WALTERTOLIO, TULLIO ANTONIO MARIA +
Focused flexibility in production systems 1-gen-2009 TERKAJ, WALTERTOLIO, TULLIO ANTONIO MARIAVALENTE, ANNA
Product-Process-System Information Formalization" in Design of Flexible Systems 1-gen-2009 COLLEDANI, MARCELLOTERKAJ, WALTERTOLIO, TULLIO ANTONIO MARIA
Designing manufacturing flexibility in dynamic production contexts 1-gen-2009 TERKAJ, WALTERTOLIO, TULLIO ANTONIO MARIA +
Design of Focused Flexibility Manufacturing Systems (FFMSs) 1-gen-2009 TERKAJ, WALTERTOLIO, TULLIO ANTONIO MARIA +
Rolling horizon stochastic programming approach to designing focused flexible manufacturing systems 1-gen-2009 TERKAJ, WALTERTOLIO, TULLIO ANTONIO MARIA +
A review on manufacturing flexibility 1-gen-2009 TERKAJ, WALTERTOLIO, TULLIO ANTONIO MARIA +
Design of focused flexibility manufacturing systems in uncertain environment 1-gen-2008 TERKAJ, WALTERTOLIO, TULLIO ANTONIO MARIA
Development of a conceptual framework to manage manufacturing knowledge related to products, processes and production systems 1-gen-2008 COLLEDANI, MARCELLOTERKAJ, WALTERTOMASELLA, MAURIZIOTOLIO, TULLIO ANTONIO MARIA
Focused Flexibility and Production System Evolution 1-gen-2007 TOLIO, TULLIO ANTONIO MARIATERKAJ, WALTERVALENTE, ANNA
A stochastic approach to the FMS loading problem 1-gen-2007 TERKAJ, WALTERTOLIO, TULLIO ANTONIO MARIA
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