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AIXE. Building a scale to evaluate the UX of AI-infused products 1-gen-2023 M. SciannamèD. Spallazzo
Smart Objects and Replicas: A Survey of Tangible and Embodied Interactions in Museums and Cultural Heritage Sites 1-gen-2023 Spallazzo, DavidePetrelli, Daniela +
Envisioning museums on-chain: a designerly inquiry on blockchain-based digital transformation 1-gen-2023 RUBINO F.SPALLAZZO D.CECONELLO M.
Digital for Heritage and Museums: Design-Driven Changes and Challenges 1-gen-2023 Lupo EleonoraCarmosino GiuseppeGobbo BeatriceMotta MartinaMauri MicheleParente MarinaSpallazzo DavideRubino Federica
Proceedings of IASDR 2023: Life-changing Design 1-gen-2023 D. De Sainz MolestinaL. GalluzzoF. RizzoD. Spallazzo
Remote Cultural Events: Investigating the Usefulness of Live Streaming for Creating Cultural and Social Engagement in Communities of Older Adults 1-gen-2023 Caiola, VPillan, MSpallazzo, D +
XS to XL: Interaction design for valorizing heritage across scales. Analyzing constants and variables 1-gen-2023 M. CeconelloD. Spallazzo
User Experience and AI-infused products. A wicked relationship 1-gen-2022 D. Spallazzo
Embedding Intelligence. Designerly reflections on AI-infused products 1-gen-2022 D. SpallazzoM. Sciannamè
Conclusions 1-gen-2022 D. SpallazzoM. Sciannamè
Teaching design out in the city. LBMGs as educational means 1-gen-2022 Ceconello M.Spallazzo D.Sciannamè M.
Forewords 1-gen-2022 D. SpallazzoM. Sciannamè
Context of the analysis and methodology 1-gen-2022 I. MarianiP. BolzanA. De RosaV. FerraroM. MortatiX. PeiF. RizzoD. Spallazzo
The projects’ outcomes: the analysis of the results in the medium-term 1-gen-2022 D. SpallazzoA. De Rosa
Exploring AI-Infused Products Qualities to Unleash AmI 1-gen-2022 Spallazzo, DavideSciannamè, MartinaAjovalasit, MarcoCeconello, MauroArquilla, Venanzio
ICS Materials for exhibit design 1-gen-2021 D. SpallazzoM. Ceconello
Location-based Mobile Games for a house museum. Insights from an educational design activity 1-gen-2021 D. SpallazzoI. Mariani
Reframing the domestic smartness. Artificial intelligence between utopia and dystopia 1-gen-2021 M. SciannamèD. Spallazzo
Domestic AI and Emotional Involvement. Design Perspectives 1-gen-2021 M. CeconelloM. SciannamèD. Spallazzo
The engagement of visitors in faber’s houses and studios. Empirical design research and experimental actions in Lombardy 1-gen-2021 R. TrocchianesiA. MazzantiA. SpagnoliD. Spallazzo
Keeping coherence across thresholds. A narrative perspective in Hybrid Games 1-gen-2020 Spallazzo, DavideMariani, Ilaria
Towards a UX Assessment Method for AI-Enabled Domestic Devices 1-gen-2020 Spallazzo D.Sciannamè MartinaCeconello M.
The Domestic Shape of AI: A Reflection on Virtual Assistants 1-gen-2019 D. SpallazzoM. SciannamèM. Ceconello
Mediating Cultural Values in a Multimedia Installation 1-gen-2019 M. ceconelloD. Spallazzo
Design and AI: prospects for dialogue 1-gen-2019 M. CeconelloD. SpallazzoM. Sciannamè
Design e AI: prospettive di dialogo 1-gen-2019 M. CeconelloD. SpallazzoM. Sciannamè
An In-between Ludic Approach for UX Research: A Case Study 1-gen-2019 M. SciannamèD. SpallazzoM. Ceconello
Game-Design-Driven Knowledge: When Prototypes Unpack and Reframe Conventions 1-gen-2019 I. MarianiD. Spallazzo
Preface 1-gen-2019 G. BosoniR. CapurroM. CeconelloB. Di PreteC. LecceA. MazzantiM. SciannamèA. SpagnoliD. Spallazzo +
Taking students outside the classrooms. Location-based mobile games in education 1-gen-2019 Ceconello, Mauro AttilioSpallazzo, DavideScianname', Martina
ICS Materials. Towards a Re-Interpretation of Material Qualities Through Interactive, Connected, and Smart Materials 1-gen-2018 S. ParisiV. RognoliD. SpallazzoD. Petrelli
Location Based Mobile Games as educational means. The case of The Fellowship of the Umbrella 1-gen-2018 M. SciannamèI. MarianiD. Spallazzo
Location-Based Mobile Games. Design Perspectives 1-gen-2018 Spallazzo, DavideMariani, Ilaria
Mapping ICS materials: Interactive, connected, and smart materials 1-gen-2018 Parisi, StefanoSpallazzo, DavideFerraro, VenereFerrara, MarinellaCeconello, Mauro AttilioGarcia, Camilo AyalaRognoli, Valentina
Tangible interaction and cultural heritage. An analysis of the agency of smart objects and gesture-based systems. 1-gen-2017 D. SpallazzoR. Trocchianesi +
LBMGs and Boundary Objects. Negotiation of Meaning between Real and Unreal 1-gen-2017 D. SpallazzoI. Mariani
Boosting the consciousness of the public concerning the post-war architecture in the urban city envelope 1-gen-2017 Bogdan StojanovicDavide SpallazzoRaffaella Trocchianesi
Designing digital encounters and their agency on users. A case study 1-gen-2017 M. CeconelloD. Spallazzo
Interactive Players. LBMGs from a Design Perspective 1-gen-2017 I. MarianiD. Spallazzo
Enacting the Genius Loci of the place through a digital storyteller. Reflections from an interactive exhibit. 1-gen-2017 Spallazzo, D.Ceconello, M.
Exploring the City. Valorisation of Culture Through Situated and Informal Learning 1-gen-2017 M. CeconelloD. Spallazzo
Valorisation Experience Process for Raising Awareness of the Eastern Modernist Architecture Towards Layperson Audience 1-gen-2017 STOJANOVIC, BOGDANSPALLAZZO, DAVIDETROCCHIANESI, RAFFAELLA
Strategies to engage visitors through mobile technologies: considerations from the experimental action. 1-gen-2016 SPALLAZZO, DAVIDE
Tangible interaction in museums and temporary exhibitions: embedding and embodying the intangible values of cultural heritage. 1-gen-2016 SPALLAZZO, DAVIDETROCCHIANESI, RAFFAELLA +
Vis-à-vis with Leonardo. Designing Digital Encounters 1-gen-2016 CECONELLO, MAURO ATTILIOSPALLAZZO, DAVIDE
Empowering Games. Meaning Making by Designing and Playing Location Based Mobile Games. 1-gen-2016 MARIANI, ILARIASPALLAZZO, DAVIDE
Play Design! Designing games to teach design 1-gen-2015 CECONELLO, MAURO ATTILIOSpagnoli, A.SPALLAZZO, DAVIDETOLINO, UMBERTO
Mobile technology per le istituzioni culturali, design e bricolage 1-gen-2015 SPALLAZZO, DAVIDE
Playing Design. Mobile Serious Games to Valorize Design Culture in the Urban Space 1-gen-2015 CECONELLO, MAURO ATTILIOSpagnoli, A.SPALLAZZO, DAVIDETOLINO, UMBERTO
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 73
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