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Tuning the Properties of Biobased PU Coatings via Selective Lignin Fractionation and Partial Depolymerization 1-gen-2023 Turri S.Griffini G. +
Diels-Alder Macromolecular Networks in Recyclable, Repairable and Reprocessable Polymer Composites for the Circular Economy – A Review 1-gen-2023 Griffini G.Turri S. +
Bio-Based Vitrimers from 2,5-Furandicarboxylic Acid as Repairable, Reusable, and Recyclable Epoxy Systems 1-gen-2023 Manarin, EleonoraDa Via, FedericoRigatelli, BenedettaTurri, StefanoGriffini, Gianmarco
Unveiling the Hidden Properties of Tomato Peels: Cutin Ester Derivatives as Bio-Based Plasticizers for Polylactic Acid 1-gen-2023 G. RighettiM. LeviS. TurriR. Suriano +
The FiberEUse Demand-Driven, Cross-Sectorial, Circular Economy Approach 1-gen-2022 Colledani, MarcelloTurri, StefanoDiani, Marco
Introduction, Context, and Motivations of a Circular Economy for Composite Materials 1-gen-2022 Colledani, MarcelloTurri, StefanoDiani, Marco +
Sintesi di poliuretani 1-gen-2022 S. TurriG. Griffini
Additive Manufacturing of Recycled Composites 1-gen-2022 Andrea MantelliAlessia RomaniRaffaella SurianoMarinella LeviStefano Turri
Systemic circular economy solutions for fiber reinforced composites 1-gen-2022 M. ColledaniS. Turri
Styrene-free liquid resins for composite reformulation 1-gen-2022 R. SurianoG. GriffiniS. Turri +
Evaluation of the anaerobic degradation of food waste collection bags made of paper or bioplastic 1-gen-2022 Dolci G.Venturelli V.Catenacci A.Ciapponi R.Malpei F.Turri S. E. R.Grosso M.
Cardanol-Derived Epoxy Resins as Biobased Gel Polymer Electrolytes for Potassium-Ion Conduction 1-gen-2022 Manarin, EleonoraCorsini, FrancescaTurri, StefanoGriffini, Gianmarco +
Fractionation of Raw and Parboiled Rice Husks with Deep Eutectic Solvents and Characterization of the Extracted Lignins towards a Circular Economy Perspective 1-gen-2022 Chiara AllegrettiEmanuela BellinettoPaola D’ArrigoMonica FerroGianmarco GriffiniLetizia Anna Maria RossatoEleonora RuffiniStefano Turri +
High-Efficiency Luminescent Solar Concentrators Based on Antifogging and Frost-Resisting Fluorescent Polymers: Adding Multiple Functions for Sustained Performance 1-gen-2022 Francesca CorsiniStefano TurriGianmarco Griffini +
Nanomechanical characterization of bacterial polyhydroxyalkanoates using Atomic Force Microscopy 1-gen-2022 S. Turri +
Self-healing epoxy coatings with microencapsulated ionic PDMS oligomers for corrosion protection based on supramolecular acid-base interactions 1-gen-2022 Suriano R.Turri S. +
Metallization of Recycled Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymers Processed by UV-Assisted 3D Printing 1-gen-2022 Romani, AlessiaLevi, MarinellaTurri, StefanoSuriano, Raffaella +
Self-healing behavior in blends of PDMS-based polyurethane ionomers 1-gen-2022 Suriano R.Boumezgane O.Grande A. M.Turri S. +
Plasma processing of nano and microparticles in Gliding Arc Tornado device 1-gen-2022 Bellinetto E.Boumezgane O.Turri S.Griffini G. +
Lignin as Polymer Electrolyte Precursor for Stable and Sustainable Potassium Batteries 1-gen-2022 Corsini, FrancescaPascuzzi, GiuseppeTurri, StefanoGriffini, Gianmarco +
Water-reducible and self-healing acrylic coatings based on Diels-Alder reversible reaction 1-gen-2022 Manarin, ECorsini, FGriffini, GTurri, S +
Towards a Complete Exploitation of Brewers’ Spent Grain from a Circular Economy Perspective 1-gen-2022 Allegretti, ChiaraBellinetto, EmanuelaD’Arrigo, PaolaGriffini, GianmarcoRossato, Letizia Anna MariaRuffini, EleonoraTessaro, DavideTurri, Stefano +
Production and characterization of polyhydroxyalkanoates from wastewater via mixed microbial cultures and microalgae 1-gen-2022 E. FicaraS. Turri +
Environmental Profile and Technological Validation of New High-Tg Unsaturated Polyesters from Fully Bio-Based Monomers and Reactive Diluents 1-gen-2021 Suriano R.Turri S. +
Metallization of Thermoplastic Polymers and Composites 3D Printed by Fused Filament Fabrication 1-gen-2021 Romani, AlessiaMantelli, AndreaTurri, StefanoLevi, MarinellaSuriano, Raffaella +
Microalgal biomass as renewable biofiller in natural rubber compounds 1-gen-2021 Bellinetto E.Ciapponi R.Contino M.Marano C.Turri S.
Direct Ink Writing of Recycled Composites with Complex Shapes: Process Parameters and Ink Optimization 1-gen-2021 Mantelli A.Romani A.Suriano R.Levi M.Turri S.
Highly emissive fluorescent silica-based core/shell nanoparticles for efficient and stable luminescent solar concentrators 1-gen-2021 Corsini F.Tatsi E.Turri S.Griffini G. +
UV-Assisted 3D Printing of Polymer Composites from Thermally and Mechanically Recycled Carbon Fibers 1-gen-2021 Mantelli, AndreaRomani, AlessiaSuriano, RaffaellaDiani, MarcoColledani, MarcelloTurri, StefanoLevi, Marinella +
Poly(vinylidenefluoride) polymers and copolymers as versatile hosts for luminescent solar concentrators: compositional tuning for enhanced performance 1-gen-2021 Corsini F.Turri S.Griffini G. +
Lignin-Based Polymer Electrolyte Membranes for Sustainable Aqueous Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells 1-gen-2021 Tatsi E.Turri S.Griffini G. +
Drug release from polymer-coated TiO2nanotubes on additively manufactured Ti-6Al-4V bone implants: a feasibility study 1-gen-2021 Suriano R.Turri S. +
METALLIZATION OF PLASTIC SUBSTRATES 1-gen-2020 G. GriffiniS. TurriJ. C. De Haro Sanchez
Viscoelastic properties and self-healing behavior in a family of supramolecular ionic blends from silicone functional oligomers 1-gen-2020 Suriano R.Turri S. +
Tuning Lignin Characteristics by Fractionation: A Versatile Approach Based on Solvent Extraction and Membrane-Assisted Ultrafiltration 1-gen-2020 Allegretti C.Boumezgane O.Rossato L.Turri S.Griffini G.D'Arrigo P. +
A facile approach to durable, transparent and self-healing coatings with enhanced hardness based on Diels-Alder polymer networks 1-gen-2020 Fortunato G.Marroccoli V.Corsini F.Turri S.Griffini G.
Near-visible stereolithography of a low shrinkage cationic/free-radical photopolymer blend and its nanocomposite 1-gen-2020 Suriano R.Turri S.Levi M. +
Highly Transparent and Colorless Self-Healing Polyacrylate Coatings Based on Diels–Alder Chemistry 1-gen-2020 Fortunato G.Tatsi E.Rigatelli B.Turri S.Griffini G.
Additive re-manufacturing of mechanically recycled end-of-life glass fiber-reinforced polymers for value-added circular design 1-gen-2020 Romani A.Mantelli A.Suriano R.Levi M.Turri S.
Thermoresponsive Host Polymer Matrix for Self-Healing Luminescent Solar Concentrators 1-gen-2020 Tatsi E.Fortunato G.Rigatelli B.Turri S.Griffini G. +
Stimuli-Responsive Luminescent Solar Concentrators Based on Photoreversible Polymeric Systems 1-gen-2020 Giovanni FortunatoElisavet TatsiFrancesca CorsiniStefano TurriGianmarco Griffini
Metallizzazione di substrati plastici 1-gen-2019 G. GriffiniS. Turri +
Microcapsules-containing composition 1-gen-2019 TURRI, StefanoSURIANO, Raffaella +
Diels-Alder polymer matrices for fully recyclable fibre-reinforced thermoset composite materials 1-gen-2019 G. GriffiniS. Turri +
Thermo-reversible polymer matrices for stimuli-responsive luminescent solar concentrators 1-gen-2019 S. TurriG. Griffini +
Development of new bio-based lignin polyurethane coatings 1-gen-2019 Paola D’ArrigoDe HARO SÁNCHEZ, JUAN CARLOSChiara AllegrettiStefano TurriGianmarco Griffini
Tailored lignin-based polyurethane coatings with a high biomass content 1-gen-2019 Juan Carlos de HaroC. AllegrettiP. D'ArrigoS. TurriG. Griffini
Multi-step fractionation as a tool for enhanced valorization of technical lignins 1-gen-2019 P. D’ArrigoC. AllegrettiS. TurriG. Griffini +
Multi-step fractionation as a tool for enhanced valorization of technical lignins: a model study 1-gen-2019 C. AllegrettiS. TurriG. GriffiniP. D’Arrigo +
Polymer Nanostructuring by Two-Photon Absorption 1-gen-2019 Zandrini, TommasoSuriano, RaffaellaOsellame, RobertoTurri, StefanoBragheri, Francesca +
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