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A Virtual Element Method for the Wave Equation on Curved Edges in Two Dimensions 1-gen-2022 Fumagalli A.Mazzieri I.Scotti A. +
Performances of the Mixed Virtual Element Method on Complex Grids for Underground Flow 1-gen-2021 Fumagalli, AlessioScotti, AnnaFormaggia, Luca
Verification benchmarks for single-phase flow in three-dimensional fractured porous media 1-gen-2021 Fumagalli, AlessioScotti, Anna +
Inversion of synthetic and measured 3D geoelectrical data to study the geomembrane below a landfill 1-gen-2021 Fumagalli AlessioScotti AnnaLuigi Zanzi +
A multi-layer reactive transport model for fractured porous media 1-gen-2021 Formaggia, LucaFumagalli, AlessioScotti, Anna
Preconditioning Techniques for the Numerical Solution of Flow in Fractured Porous Media 1-gen-2021 Antonietti, Paola F.Formaggia, LucaScotti, Anna +
The mixed virtual element method on curved edges in two dimensions 1-gen-2021 Dassi, FrancoFumagalli, AlessioLosapio, DavideScotti, Anna +
A control problem approach to Coulomb’s friction 1-gen-2021 Cerroni, D.Formaggia, L.Scotti, A.
Numerical Methods for Flow in Fractured Porous Media. 1-gen-2020 L. FormaggiaA. FumagalliA. Scotti
Conservative multirate multiscale simulation of multiphase flow in heterogeneous porous media 1-gen-2020 Delpopolo Carciopolo, LudovicaFormaggia, LucaScotti, Anna +
A multi-layer reduced model for flow in porous media with a fault and surrounding damage zones 1-gen-2020 Fumagalli, AlessioScotti, Anna
Slip tendency analysis, fault reactivation potential and induced seismicity in the Val d'Agri oilfield (Italy) 1-gen-2020 Vadacca, L.Rossi, D.Scotti, A. +
Quantifying the uncertainties in a fault stability analysis of the Val d’Agri oilfield 1-gen-2020 Rossi, DanieleScotti, AnnaVadacca, Luigi
Reactive Flow in Fractured Porous Media 1-gen-2020 A. FumagalliA. Scotti
Numerical modeling of flow in fractured porous media and fault reactivation 1-gen-2019 L. FormaggiaA. Scotti
Slip tendency analysis, fault reactivation potential and induced seismicity in the Val d'Agri oilfield (Italy) - data 1-gen-2019 vadacca luigiROSSI, DANIELEscotti anna +
Matematica e Design 1-gen-2019 Edie MiglioNicola ParoliniAnna ScottiChristian Vergara
A conservative implicit multirate method for hyperbolic problems 1-gen-2019 DELPOPOLO CARCIOPOLO, LUDOVICABonaventura, LucaScotti, AnnaFormaggia, Luca
Uncertainty Quantification of geochemical and mechanical compaction in layered sedimentary basins 1-gen-2018 Porta, GiovanniScotti, Anna +
Effects of the Anisotropy of the Fault Zone Permeability on the Timing of Triggered Earthquakes: Insights from 3D-Coupled Fluid Flow and Geomechanical Deformation Modeling 1-gen-2018 VADACCA, LUIGIColciago, Claudia MariaMicheletti, StefanoScotti, Anna
A mixed finite element method for modeling the fluid exchange between microcirculation and tissue interstitium 1-gen-2018 CERRONI, DANIELELAURINO, FEDERICAFormaggia, LucaScotti, AnnaZunino, Paolo
Benchmarks for single-phase flow in fractured porous media 1-gen-2018 Fumagalli, AlessioScotti, Anna +
Analysis of a mimetic finite difference approximation of flows in fractured porous media 1-gen-2018 Formaggia, LucaScotti, Anna +
A hybrid XFEM –Phase field ( Xfield ) method for crack propagation in brittle elastic materials 1-gen-2017 GIOVANARDI, BIANCASCOTTI, ANNAFORMAGGIA, LUCA
Modeling the Feedback Between Glaciation, Geochemical and Mechanical Compaction on Sedimentary Basin Evolution 1-gen-2017 Guadagnini, A.Porta, G.Cerroni, D.Formaggia, L.Scotti, A.Zunino, P. +
Well posedness of fully coupled fracture/bulk darcy flow with XFEM 1-gen-2017 DEL PRA, MARCOFUMAGALLI, ALESSIOSCOTTI, ANNA
Unfitted FEM for Modelling the Interaction of Multiple Fractures in a Poroelastic Medium 1-gen-2017 Bianca GiovanardiLuca FormaggiaAnna ScottiPaolo Zunino
A numerical procedure for geochemical compaction in the presence of discontinuous reactions 1-gen-2016 AGOSTI, ABRAMOGIOVANARDI, BIANCAFORMAGGIA, LUCASCOTTI, ANNA
Mimetic finite difference approximation of flows in fractured porous media 1-gen-2016 ANTONIETTI, PAOLA FRANCESCAFORMAGGIA, LUCASCOTTI, ANNAVERANI, MARCO +
A Review of the XFEM-Based Approximation of Flow in Fractured Porous Media 1-gen-2016 FUMAGALLI, ALESSIOSCOTTI, ANNA +
A Mixed Finite Element Method for Modeling the Fluid Exchange Between Microcirculation and Tissue Interstitium 1-gen-2016 NOTARO, DOMENICOCATTANEO, LAURAFORMAGGIA, LUCASCOTTI, ANNAZUNINO, PAOLO
The Challange of Complexity in Sedimentary and Reservoir Simulations 1-gen-2015 FORMAGGIA, LUCASCOTTI, ANNAFUMAGALLI, ALESSIO
A general framework for the simulation of geochemical compaction 1-gen-2015 GIOVANARDI, BIANCASCOTTI, ANNAFORMAGGIA, LUCA +
Analysis of a model for precipitation and dissolution coupled with a Darcy flux 1-gen-2015 AGOSTI, ABRAMOFORMAGGIA, LUCASCOTTI, ANNA
Mathematics: method and creativity in fabric design creation 1-gen-2014 CALIO', FRANCASCOTTI, ANNA
Global Sensitivity Analysis of Geochemical Compaction in a Sedimentary Basin 1-gen-2014 PORTA, GIOVANNI MICHELECOLOMBO, IVOSCOTTI, ANNAGUADAGNINI, ALBERTO +
An Efficient XFEM Approximation of Darcy Flows in Arbitrarily Fractured Porous Media 1-gen-2014 FUMAGALLI, ALESSIOSCOTTI, ANNA
A reduced model for Darcy’s problem in networks of fractures 1-gen-2014 FORMAGGIA, LUCAFUMAGALLI, ALESSIOSCOTTI, ANNA +
Stabilized extended finite elements for the approximation of saddle point problems with unfitted interfaces 1-gen-2014 CATTANEO, LAURAFORMAGGIA, LUCAIORI, GUIDO FRANCESCOSCOTTI, ANNAZUNINO, PAOLO
Optimal techniques to simulate flow in fractured reservoir 1-gen-2014 ANTONIETTI, PAOLA FRANCESCASCOTTI, ANNAVERANI, MARCOFORMAGGIA, LUCA +
Preliminary analysis of diagenetic effects on basin scale overpressure dynamics 1-gen-2013 PORTA, GIOVANNI MICHELERIVA, MONICALEVER, VALENTINASCOTTI, ANNAIMPERIALI, ILARIA +
A numerical method for two-phase flow in fractured porous media with non-matching grids 1-gen-2013 FUMAGALLI, ALESSIOSCOTTI, ANNA
Using embedded discrete fracture models (EDFMs) to simulate realistic fluid flow problems 1-gen-2013 SCOTTI, ANNA +
Uncertainty propagation in sandstone compaction modeling 1-gen-2012 PORTA, GIOVANNI MICHELELEVER, VALENTINASCOTTI, ANNAIMPERIALI, ILARIARIVA, MONICA
A reduced model for flow and transport in fractured porous media with non-matching grids 1-gen-2012 FUMAGALLI, ALESSIOSCOTTI, ANNA
Numerical modelling of multiphase subsurface flow in the presence of fractures 1-gen-2012 FUMAGALLI, ALESSIOSCOTTI, ANNA
An Uzawa iterative scheme for the simulation of floating bodies 1-gen-2012 TAMELLINI, LORENZOFORMAGGIA, LUCAMIGLIO, EDIESCOTTI, ANNA
Global Sensitivity Analysis through Polynomial Chaos Expansion of a basin-scale geochemical compaction model 1-gen-2012 FORMAGGIA, LUCAGUADAGNINI, ALBERTOIMPERIALI, ILARIALEVER, VALENTINAPORTA, GIOVANNI MICHELERIVA, MONICASCOTTI, ANNATAMELLINI, LORENZO
Positivity and Conservation Properties of Some Integration Schemes for Mass Action Kinetics 1-gen-2011 FORMAGGIA, LUCASCOTTI, ANNA
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