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Guidance and Control for Safe Contactless Plume Impingement Operations to Detumble an Uncooperative Spacecraft 1-gen-2024 Borelli, GiacomoGaias, GabriellaColombo, Camilla
Safety in Forced Motion Guidance for Proximity Operations Based on Relative Orbital Elements 1-gen-2023 Borelli, G.Gaias, G. V. M.Colombo, C.
Extended Kalman filters for close-range navigation to noncooperative targets 1-gen-2023 Gaias G.Lovera M.
Enabling strategies for safe proximity operations to uncooperative and non-collaborative objects in Low Earth Orbit 1-gen-2023 Borelli, G.Colombo, C.Gaias, G. V. M.
Autonomous Optimal Absolute Orbit Keeping through Formation Flying Techniques 1-gen-2023 Gaias, G +
Rendezvous and proximity operations design of an active debris removal service to a large constellation fleet 1-gen-2023 Borelli, GiacomoGaias, GabriellaColombo, Camilla
Mission Analysis and Guidance and Control for the SpEye inspection CubeSat 1-gen-2023 Borelli, G.Gaias, G.Colombo, C. +
6-DoF Relative State and Parameters Estimation for Close-Range Navigation to Noncooperative Targets 1-gen-2022 Gaias, G. V. M.Lovera, M.
Rendezvous and Proximity Operations Design of an Active Debris Removal Service to a Large Constellation Fleet 1-gen-2021 Borelli, G.Gaias, G.Colombo, C. +
GNSS-based Navigation for a Remote Sensing Three-Satellite Formation Flying 1-gen-2021 Scala, F.Colombo, C.Gaias, G. V. M. +
Mission Analysis and Design for an Active Debris Removal Service for Large Constellations 1-gen-2021 Colombo, C.Huang, S.Borelli, G.Cavenago, F.Nugnes, M.Gonzalo Gòmez, J. L.Gaias, G.Massari, M. +
Safe Trajectory Design For Close Proximity Operations 1-gen-2021 Gaias GabriellaLovera Marco
Three Satellites Formation Flying: Deployment and Formation Acquisition Using Relative Orbital Elements 1-gen-2021 Scala, F.Gaias, G. V. M.Colombo, C. +
Trajectory Design for Proximity Operations: The Relative Orbital Elements’ Perspective 1-gen-2021 Gaias, GabriellaLovera, Marco
Precise Line-of-Sight Modelling for Angles-Only Relative Navigation 1-gen-2021 Gaias, G.Colombo, C. +
Rotational Control with Plume Impingement to Aid Rigid Capture of an Uncooperative Failed Satellite 1-gen-2021 Borelli, G.Gaias, G. V. M.Colombo, C.
Design of optimal low-thrust manoeuvres for remote sensing multi-satellite formation flying in low Earth orbit 1-gen-2021 Scala, FrancescaGaias, GabriellaColombo, Camilla +
Formation Flying L-Band Aperture Synthesis: Design Challenges and Innovative Formation Architecture Concept 1-gen-2020 Scala, F.Gaias, G.Colombo, C. +
Analytical Framework for Precise Relative Motion in Low Earth Orbits 1-gen-2020 Gaias, GabriellaColombo, Camilla +
Precise Line-of-Sight Modelling for Angles-Only Relative Navigation 1-gen-2019 Gaias, G.Colombo, C. +
COMPASS: Control for orbit manoeuvring enhancing natural perturbations 1-gen-2019 Colombo C.Gaias G.Gkolias I.Gonzalo J.MIGUEL BANOS, NARCÍSTrisolini M.Frey S.Huang S.Menzio D.NUGNES, MARCORomano M.
Accurate Osculating/Mean Orbital Elements Conversions for Spaceborne Formation Flying 1-gen-2019 Gaias G.Colombo C. +
Fast Angles-Only Initial Relative Orbit Determination for Onboard Application 1-gen-2019 Gaias, G. +
A numerical approach to the problem of angles-only initial relative orbit determination in low earth orbit 1-gen-2019 Gaias G. +
Semi-Analytical Framework for Precise Relative Motion in Low Earth Orbits 1-gen-2018 Gaias, G. V. M.Colombo, C.
In-orbit experience and lessons learned from the AVANTI experiment 1-gen-2018 Gaias G. +
Angles-only relative orbit determination in low earth orbit 1-gen-2018 Gaias G. +
From GRACE to AVANTI: 15 Years of formation-flying experience at DLR 1-gen-2018 Gaias G. +
Flight demonstration of autonomous noncooperative rendezvous in low earth orbit 1-gen-2018 Gaias G. +
Flight demonstration of spaceborne real-time angles-only navigation to a noncooperative target in low earth orbit 1-gen-2018 Gaias G. +
In-Orbit Experience and Lessons Learned from the AVANTI Experiment 1-gen-2017 Gaias, Gabriella +
Flight Demonstration of Spaceborne Real-Time Angles-Only Navigation to a Noncooperative Target in Low Earth Orbit 1-gen-2017 Gaias, Gabriella +
The AVANTI Experiment: Flight Results 1-gen-2017 Gaias, Gabriella +
Angles-Only Relative Orbit Determination during the AVANTI Experiment 1-gen-2017 Gaias Gabriella +
Angles-only relative navigation activities during AVANTI 1-gen-2017 Gaias G. +
Design challenges and safety concept for the AVANTI experiment 1-gen-2016 Gaias G. +
Design Challenges and Safety Concept for the AVANTI Experiment 1-gen-2015 Gaias, Gabriella +
Operational Concept of a Picosatellite Release from a LEO Satellite 1-gen-2015 Gaias, Gabriella +
Integrated Solution for Rapid Development of Complex GNC Software 1-gen-2015 Gaias, Gabriella +
Paving the Way for Future On-Orbit-Servicing Missions: the AVANTI Experiment 1-gen-2015 Gaias, Gabriella +
Visual trajectory reconstruction of a cubesat after deployment 1-gen-2015 Gaias G. +
Safe picosatellite release from a small satellite carrier 1-gen-2015 Gaias G. +
Model of J2 perturbed satellite relative motion with time-varying differential drag 1-gen-2015 Gaias G. +
Generalised multi-impulsive manoeuvres for optimum spacecraft rendezvous in near-circular orbit 1-gen-2015 Gaias, Gabriella +
Impulsive maneuvers for formation reconfiguration using relative orbital elements 1-gen-2015 Gaias G. +
The Autonomous Vision Approach Navigation and Target Identification (AVANTI) Experiment: Objectives and Design 1-gen-2014 Gaias, Gabriella +
Safe release of a picosatellite from a small satellite carrier in low Earth orbit 1-gen-2014 Gaias G. +
Spaceborne autonomous vision-based navigation system for AVANTI 1-gen-2014 Gaias G. +
Angles-only navigation to a noncooperative satellite using relative orbital elements 1-gen-2014 Gaias G. +
A Far Range Image Processing Method for Autonomous Tracking of an Uncooperative Target 1-gen-2013 Gaias, Gabriella +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 62
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