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Transient kinetic analysis of CO oxidation over a Cu-SSZ-13 catalyst proves complete conversion of ZCu2+(OH)- cations to binuclear Cu2+ species In corso di stampa Iacobone, UmbertoNova, IsabellaTronconi, Enrico +
Experimental investigation and 2D mathematical modelling of copper foams packed with Rh-Al2O3 catalysts for the intensification of methane steam reforming 1-gen-2024 Ferri, GiuliaAmbrosetti, MatteoBeretta, AlessandraGroppi, GianpieroTronconi, Enrico
Intensification of plasma-catalytic processes via additive manufacturing. Application to non-oxidative methane coupling to ethylene 1-gen-2024 Matteo AmbrosettiLidia CastoldiGianpiero GroppiEnrico Tronconi +
Heat transfer intensification in compact tubular reactors with cellular internals: A pilot-scale assessment of highly conductive packed-POCS with skin applied to the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis 1-gen-2024 Visconti, Carlo GiorgioPanzeri, MartinoGroppi, GianpieroTronconi, Enrico
Investigation of Low-Temperature OHC and RHC in NH3-SCR over Cu-CHA Catalysts: Effects of H2O and SAR 1-gen-2024 Nasello N. D.Iacobone U.Usberti N.Gjetja A.Nova I.Tronconi E.Villamaina R.Ruggeri M. P. +
Intensified plasma-driven methane coupling to ethylene through 3D printed catalytic electrodes 1-gen-2023 Lidia CastoldiGianpiero GroppiEnrico Tronconi +
Joule-Heated Catalytic Reactors toward Decarbonization and Process Intensification: A Review 1-gen-2023 Zheng, LeiAmbrosetti, MatteoTronconi, Enrico
Transient CO Oxidation as a Versatile Technique to Investigate Cu2+ Titration, Speciation and Sites Hydrolysis on Cu–CHA Catalysts: The Cu Loading Effect 1-gen-2023 Iacobone, UmbertoNova, IsabellaTronconi, EnricoVillamaina, RobertaRuggeri, Maria Pia +
First‐principles Assessment of the Role of Water in the Reduction Half Cycle of Low‐Temperature NH3‐SCR over Cu‐CHA 1-gen-2023 Contaldo, GabrieleFerri, MatteoNegri, ChiaraNova, IsabellaMaestri, MatteoTronconi, Enrico
Dual-Site RHC and OHC Transient Kinetics Predict Low-T Standard SCR Steady-State Rates over a Cu-CHA Catalyst 1-gen-2023 Nasello, Nicole DanielaUsberti, NicolaIacobone, UmbertoGramigni, FedericaHu, WenshuoLiu, ShaojunNova, IsabellaTronconi, Enrico +
Direct electrification of Rh/Al2O3 washcoated SiSiC foams for methane steam reforming: An experimental and modelling study 1-gen-2023 Zheng, LAmbrosetti, MZaio, FBeretta, AGroppi, GTronconi, E
Electrified CO2 valorization driven by direct Joule heating of catalytic cellular substrates 1-gen-2023 Lei ZhengMatteo AmbrosettiAlessandra BerettaGianpiero GroppiEnrico Tronconi
CFD analysis on the optimization of POCS performances under randomical transformations: a bridge with open-cell foams 1-gen-2023 Vespertini, A.Della Torre, A.Montenegro, G.Onorati, A.Nova, I.Tronconi, E.
Experimental study on the competition between carbon dioxide hydrate and ice below the freezing point 1-gen-2023 Li, YanMaria Gambelli, AlbertoTronconi, Enrico +
Transient Redox Behavior of a NH3-SCR Cu-CHA SCR Catalyst: Effect of O2 Feed Content Variation 1-gen-2023 Nasello, Nicole DanielaGramigni, FedericaNova, IsabellaTronconi, Enrico +
Coupling cellular substrates and radial flow reactors for enhanced exhaust abatement in automotive DeNOx-SCR 1-gen-2023 Ferroni C.Bracconi M.Ambrosetti M.Groppi G.Maestri M.Tronconi E.
An Experimental Study of Dual-Layer Adscr Systems for NOx Abatement during Cold-Start Transients 1-gen-2022 Maria Elena AzzoniNicola UsbertiNicole Daniela NaselloFederica GramigniIsabella NovaLidia CastoldiEnrico Tronconi +
Packed-POCS with skin: A novel concept for the intensification of non-adiabatic catalytic processes demonstrated in the case of the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis 1-gen-2022 Fratalocchi L.Groppi G.Visconti C. G.Lietti L.Tronconi E.
Electrified methane steam reforming on a washcoated SiSiC foam for low-carbon hydrogen production 1-gen-2022 Zheng L.Ambrosetti M.Marangoni D.Beretta A.Groppi G.Tronconi E.
Heat transfer intensification with packed open-cell foams in TSA processes for CO2 capture 1-gen-2022 Ambrosetti M.Groppi G.Tronconi E. +
Transient kinetic analysis of passive SCR systems for NH3 abatement from natural gas fueled heavy duty engines over dual-layer ASC catalysts: An experimental and modelling study 1-gen-2022 Usberti, NicolaCiria, SaraNova, IsabellaTronconi, Enrico +
Dual-layer AdSCR monolith catalysts: A new solution for NOx emissions control in cold start applications 1-gen-2022 Azzoni M. E.Usberti N.Nasello N. D.Castoldi L.Nova I.Tronconi E. +
Dynamic Binuclear Cu II Sites in the Reduction Half-Cycle of Low-Temperature NH3-SCR over Cu-CHA Catalysts 1-gen-2022 Wenshuo HuFederica GramigniNicole Daniela NaselloNicola UsbertiUmberto IacoboneShaojun LiuIsabella NovaEnrico Tronconi +
H2 production by methane steam reforming over Rh/Al2O3 catalyst packed in Cu foams: A strategy for the kinetic investigation in concentrated conditions 1-gen-2022 Ambrosetti M.Bonincontro D.Balzarotti R.Beretta A.Groppi G.Tronconi E.
Rich H2 catalytic oxidation as a novel methodology for the evaluation of mass transport properties of 3D printed catalyst supports 1-gen-2022 Ambrosetti M.Balzarotti R.Bracconi M.Groppi G.Tronconi E. +
Appraising Multinuclear Cu2+ Structure Formation in Cu-CHA SCR Catalysts via Low-T Dry CO Oxidation with Modulated NH3 Solvation 1-gen-2022 Iacobone, UmbertoNova, IsabellaTronconi, EnricoVillamaina, RobertaRuggeri, Maria Pia +
Periodic open cellular structures (POCS) as enhanced catalyst supports: Optimization of the coating procedure and analysis of mass transport 1-gen-2021 Balzarotti R.Ambrosetti M.Groppi G.Tronconi E. +
A Fundamental Investigation of Gas/Solid Heat and Mass Transfer in Structured Catalysts Based on Periodic Open Cellular Structures (POCS) 1-gen-2021 Ferroni C.Bracconi M.Ambrosetti M.Maestri M.Groppi G.Tronconi E.
Mechanistic insight in NO trapping on Pd/Chabazite systems for the low-temperature NOx removal from Diesel exhausts 1-gen-2021 Villamaina R.Iacobone U.Nova I.Tronconi E. +
Unraveling the Hydrolysis of Z2Cu2+to ZCu2+(OH)-and Its Consequences for the Low-Temperature Selective Catalytic Reduction of NO on Cu-CHA Catalysts 1-gen-2021 Hu W.Iacobone U.Gramigni F.Liu S.Nova I.Tronconi E. +
AdSCR Systems (Adsorption + Selective Catalytic Reduction): Analysis of the Influence of H2O and CO2 on Low Temperature NOx Emission Reduction Performances 1-gen-2021 Nasello N. D.Gramigni F.Nova I.Tronconi E.
The h2o effect on cu speciation in cu-cha-catalysts for nh3-scr probed by nh3 titration 1-gen-2021 Villamaina R.Gramigni F.Iacobone U.Liu S.Nova I.Tronconi E.Ruggeri M. P. +
On the Redox Mechanism of Low-Temperature NH3-SCR over Cu-CHA: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Reduction Half Cycle 1-gen-2021 Hu W.Selleri T.Gramigni F.Liu S.Nova I.Tronconi E. +
A Numerical Investigation of Electrically-Heated Methane Steam Reforming Over Structured Catalysts 1-gen-2021 Matteo AmbrosettiAlessandra BerettaGianpiero GroppiEnrico Tronconi
Transient Kinetic Analysis of Low-Temperature NH3-SCR over Cu-CHA Catalysts Reveals a Quadratic Dependence of Cu Reduction Rates on CuII 1-gen-2021 Gramigni F.Nasello N. D.Usberti N.Iacobone U.Selleri T.Hu W.Liu S.Nova I.Tronconi E. +
An appraisal of the application of open-cell foams in automotive SCR systems 1-gen-2020 Vespertini A.Della Torre A.Montenegro G.Onorati A.Tronconi E.Nova I.
Unexpected Low-Temperature deNOx Activity of AdSCR Systems for Cold Start NOx Abatement 1-gen-2020 Gramigni F.Nasello N. D.Selleri T.Nova I.Tronconi E. +
Numerical Optimization of a SCR System Based on the Injection of Pure Gaseous Ammonia for the NOx Reduction in Light-Duty Diesel Engines 1-gen-2020 Della Torre A.Montenegro G.Onorati A.Cerri T.Tronconi E.Nova I.
On the passivation of platinum promoted cobalt-based Fischer-Tropsch catalyst 1-gen-2020 Fratalocchi, LauraGroppi, GianpieroVisconti, Carlo GiorgioLietti, LucaTronconi, Enrico
Low-T CO Oxidation over Cu−CHA Catalysts in Presence of NH3: Probing the Mobility of CuII Ions and the Role of Multinuclear CuII Species 1-gen-2020 Villamaina R.Iacobone U.Nova I.Ruggeri M. P.Tronconi E. +
Packed foams for the intensification of catalytic processes: assessment of packing efficiency and pressure drop using a combined experimental and numerical approach 1-gen-2020 Ambrosetti M.Bracconi M.Maestri M.Groppi G.Tronconi E.
Packed Periodic Open Cellular Structures – an Option for the Intensification of Non-Adiabatic Catalytic Processes 1-gen-2020 Ambrosetti M.Groppi G.Tronconi E. +
Synergy of vanadia and ceria in the reaction mechanism of low-temperature selective catalytic reduction of NOx by NH3 1-gen-2020 Nova I.Tronconi E. +
Structured catalysts and non-conventional reactor designs for energy applications 1-gen-2020 M. AmbrosettiR. BalzarottiL. FratalocchiM. BracconiG. GroppiE. Tronconi
Production and characterization of copper periodic open cellular structures made by 3D printing-replica technique 1-gen-2020 Balzarotti, RiccardoAmbrosetti, MatteoGroppi, GianpieroTronconi, Enrico +
An experimental and modelling study of the reactivity of adsorbed NH3 in the low temperature NH3-SCR reduction half-cycle over a Cu-CHA catalyst 1-gen-2020 Usberti N.Gramigni F.Nasello N. D.Iacobone U.Selleri T.Nova I.Tronconi E. +
Adoption of 3D printed highly conductive periodic open cellular structures as an effective solution to enhance the heat transfer performances of compact Fischer-Tropsch fixed-bed reactors 1-gen-2020 Fratalocchi L.Groppi G.Visconti C. G.Lietti L.Tronconi E.
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