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An Incremental Input-to-State Stability Condition for a Class of Recurrent Neural Networks 1-gen-2024 D'Amico, WilliamBella, Alessio LaFarina, Marcello
Nonlinear MPC design for incrementally ISS systems with application to GRU networks 1-gen-2024 Bonassi, FabioLa Bella, AlessioFarina, MarcelloScattolini, Riccardo
Data-based control design for nonlinear systems with recurrent neural network-based controllers 1-gen-2023 D'Amico, WilliamLa Bella, AlessioDercole, FabioFarina, Marcello
Virtual reference feedback tuning for linear discrete-time systems with robust stability guarantees based on set membership 1-gen-2023 D’Amico, WilliamFarina, Marcello
Design, realization, control, and validation of a smart tether system for a robotic guide for blind and visually impaired users 1-gen-2023 Marcello FarinaPanita RattamasanaprapaiPaolo MarsonFederica CamuncoliManuela Galli
A novel distributed algorithm for estimation and control of large-scale systems 1-gen-2023 M. Farina +
Robust offset-free nonlinear model predictive control for systems learned by neural nonlinear autoregressive exogenous models 1-gen-2023 Xie J.Bonassi F.Farina M.Scattolini R.
Deep Long-Short Term Memory networks: Stability properties and Experimental validation 1-gen-2023 Bonassi F.Panzani G.Farina M.Scattolini R. +
Data-based control design for output-error linear discrete-time systems with probabilistic stability guarantees 1-gen-2023 D’Amico, WilliamBisoffi, AndreaFarina, Marcello
Shaping accessible public spaces for visually impaired people. The BUDD-e research experience. 1-gen-2023 Rebecchi, AndreaFarina, MarcelloAndreoni, GiuseppeCapolongo, StefanoCorno, MatteoPerego, PaoloLettieri, Emanuele
Remote MPC for Tracking over Lossy Networks 1-gen-2022 Farina M. +
Data-based control design for linear discrete-time systems with robust stability guarantees 1-gen-2022 D'Amico, WilliamFarina, Marcello
Towards lifelong learning of Recurrent Neural Networks for control design 1-gen-2022 Bonassi, FabioXie, JingFarina, MarcelloScattolini, Riccardo
A feedback linearisation algorithm for single-track models with structural stability properties 1-gen-2022 Bascetta, LFarina, MGabrielli, AMatteucci, M
An Offset-Free Nonlinear MPC scheme for systems learned by Neural NARX models 1-gen-2022 Bonassi F.Xie J.Farina M.Scattolini R.
On Recurrent Neural Networks for learning-based control: Recent results and ideas for future developments 1-gen-2022 Bonassi F.Farina M.Xie J.Scattolini R.
Robust multi-rate predictive control using multi-step prediction models learned from data 1-gen-2022 Marcello FarinaLorenzo FagianoRiccardo Scattolini +
Recurrent Neural Network controllers learned using Virtual Reference Feedback Tuning with application to an Electronic Throttle Body 1-gen-2022 D'Amico W.Farina M.Panzani G.
A Hierarchical Architecture for Optimal Unit Commitment and Control of an Ensemble of Steam Generators 1-gen-2021 Farina M. +
On the stability properties of Gated Recurrent Units neural networks 1-gen-2021 Bonassi F.Farina M.Scattolini R.
Model-based fault isolability and isolation of persistent faults: Centralized and distributed implementations 1-gen-2021 Farina M. +
Learning model predictive control with long short-term memory networks 1-gen-2021 F. BonassiM. FarinaR. Scattolini +
Stability of discrete-time feed-forward neural networks in NARX configuration 1-gen-2021 Bonassi, FFarina, MScattolini, R
Nonlinear Model Predictive Control with Enhanced Actuator Model for Multi-Rotor Aerial Vehicles with Generic Designs 1-gen-2020 Marcello Farina +
LSTM neural networks: Input to state stability and probabilistic safety verification 1-gen-2020 F. BonassiE. TerziM. FarinaR. Scattolini
Structured modelling from data and optimal control of the cooling system of a large business center 1-gen-2020 Terzi E.Fagiano L.Farina M.Scattolini R.
A hierarchical MPC scheme for coordination of independent systems with shared resources and plug-and-play capabilities 1-gen-2020 M. FarinaX. ZhangR. Scattolini
Iterative distributed fault detection and isolation for linear systems based on moving horizon estimation 1-gen-2020 Lauricella M.Farina M.Scattolini R. +
An optimal hierarchical control scheme for smart generation units: an application to combined steam and electricity generation 1-gen-2020 Spinelli, S.Farina, M. +
A Hierarchical MPC Scheme for Ensembles of Hammerstein Systems 1-gen-2020 M. Farina +
A Hierarchical Architecture for the Coordination of an Ensemble of Steam Generators 1-gen-2020 Farina, M. +
Learning-based predictive control of the cooling system of a large business centre 1-gen-2020 E. TerziD. SaccaniM. FarinaL. FagianoR. Scattolini +
Suboptimal Distributed LQR Design for Physically Coupled Systems 1-gen-2020 Marcello Farina +
Optimal Training of Echo State Networks via Scenario Optimization 1-gen-2020 Luca Bugliari ArmenioLorenzo FagianoEnrico TerziMarcello FarinaRiccardo Scattolini
Model Predictive Control Design for Dynamical Systems Learned by Echo State Networks 1-gen-2019 BUGLIARI ARMENIO, LUCAE. TerziM. FarinaR. Scattolini
Online Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for tethered UAVs to perform a safe and constrained maneuver 1-gen-2019 Farina, M +
Echo State Networks: analysis, training and predictive control 1-gen-2019 Terzi, EFarina, MScattolini, R +
Learning-based predictive control for linear systems: A unitary approach 1-gen-2019 Terzi E.Fagiano L.Farina M.Scattolini R.
Design of Aggregators for the Day-Ahead Management of Microgrids Providing Active and Reactive Power Services 1-gen-2019 La Bella A.Farina M.Sandroni C.Scattolini R.
Distributed Fault Detection for Interconnected Large-Scale Systems: A Scalable Plug & Play Approach 1-gen-2019 Farina M. +
Learning-based predictive control for MIMO systems 1-gen-2019 E. TerziM. FarinaL. FagianoR. Scattolini +
Two-layer model predictive control of systems with independent dynamics and shared control resources 1-gen-2019 Bella, Alessio LaBONASSI, FABIOFarina, MarcelloScattolini, Riccardo
An optimal control of start-up for nonlinear fire-tube boilers with thermal stress constraints 1-gen-2019 Spinelli, StefanoFarina, Marcello +
Distributed MPC for large-scale systems 1-gen-2018 M. FarinaR. Scattolini
Scalable MPC Design. 1-gen-2018 M. Farina +
On the design of microgrids aggregation management framework to provide ancillary services 1-gen-2018 A. La BellaM. farinaC. SandroniR. Scattolini
On the design of a microgrids aggregation management framework to provide ancillary services 1-gen-2018 La Bella, AlessioFarina, MarcelloScattolini, Riccardo +
Partition-based Distributed Kalman Filter with plug and play features 1-gen-2018 M. Farina +
Life lessons from and for distributed MPC – Part 1: Dynamics of cooperation 1-gen-2018 Farina, M. +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 148
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