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Effect of aerodynamic force change caused by car-body rolling on train overturning safety under strong wind conditions 1-gen-2022 Tomasini G. M.Cheli F. +
Wind tunnel tests on railway vehicles in the presence of windbreaks: Influence of flow and geometric parameters on aerodynamic coefficients 1-gen-2022 Brambilla E.Giappino S.Tomasini G.
Procedure for evaluating crosswind safety of a train running in presence of windbreaks with gap, part 1: determination of the aerodynamic loads 1-gen-2021 Elia BrambillaCarlos Esteban Araya ReyesSchito PaoloTomasini Gisella
Solar Wireless Sensor Nodes for Condition Monitoring of Freight Trains 1-gen-2020 Stefano CiiGisella TomasiniMaria Laura BacciDavide Tarsitano
Full-Scale Experimental Investigation of the Interaction between Trains and Tunnels 1-gen-2020 Somaschini, ClaudioArgentini, TommasoBrambilla, EliaRocchi, DanieleSchito, PaoloTomasini, Gisella
Aerodynamic coefficients of a high-speed train in presence of windbreaks with different gap configurations 1-gen-2020 Elia BrambillaGisella TomasiniStefano Giappino
Correlation of car-body vibration and train overturning under strong wind conditions 1-gen-2020 Liu D.Tomasini G.Rocchi D.Cheli F. +
A new methodology for assessing the actual number of impacts due to the ballast-lifting phenomenon 1-gen-2020 C SomaschiniD RocchiP SchitoG Tomasini
Wireless sensor nodes for freight trains condition monitoring 1-gen-2020 Cii S.Tomasini G.Tarsitano D.Bacci M. L.
Wireless Sensor Node for Wheelset Defects Identification 1-gen-2019 S. BruniF. Castelli-DezzaS. CiiE. Di GialleonardoG. Tomasini +
Measurement of the aerodynamic coefficients of high-speed railway vehicles: benchmark between different wind tunnels 1-gen-2019 Elia BrambillaDaniele RocchiGisella Tomasini +
Design and Experimental Optimisation of a cm-Scale Wind Turbine for Energy Harvesting 1-gen-2019 Tomasini G.Tarsitano D.Giappino S. +
A centimetre-scale bi-directional wind turbine for energy harvesting applications: Design and experimental tests 1-gen-2019 Tomasini G.Tarsitano D.Giappino S.
Safety to crosswind of railway vehicles in presence of wind barriers: numerical-experimental approach 1-gen-2019 G. TomasiniE. BrambillaS. Cii
Infrastructure scenario effect on train aerodynamic coefficients 1-gen-2018 D. RocchiC. SomaschiniG. Tomasini
Wireless sensor nodes for diagnostics and monitoring of freight vehicles 1-gen-2018 CII, STEFANOE. SabbioniD. TarsitanoG. Tomasini
Comparison between train-tunnel pressure signatures single unit vs double unit 1-gen-2018 BRAMBILLA, ELIAC. SomaschiniP. SchitoG. TomasiniD. Rocchi
Virtual homologation of high-speed trains running in tunnels using an iterative numerical algorithm 1-gen-2018 E. BrambillaC. SomaschiniD. RocchiP. SchitoG. Tomasini
Influence of the flow within a tunnel on the train-tunnel pressure signature 1-gen-2018 C. SomaschiniE. BrambillaD. RocchiP. SchitoG. Tomasini
High-speed freight trains for intermodal transportation: Wind tunnel study on the aerodynamic coefficients of container wagons 1-gen-2018 Giappino S.Melzi S.Tomasini G.
A new methodology for the assessment of the running resistance of trains without knowing the characteristics of the track: Application to full-scale experimental data 1-gen-2018 Claudio SomaschiniTommaso ArgentiniDaniele RocchiPaolo SchitoGisella Tomasini
Wind effects induced by high speed train pass-by in open air 1-gen-2018 Rocchi, D.Tomasini, G.Schito, P.Somaschini, C.
Effect of ground configuration on the aerodynamic forces and moments of a train with open underbody 1-gen-2016 ROCCHI, DANIELETOMASINI, GISELLA MARITA +
A geo-localization and diagnostic system for freight railway wagons 1-gen-2016 DIANA, GIORGIORESTA, FERRUCCIOTOMASINI, GISELLA MARITA +
Ballast lifting: a challenge in the increase of the commercial speed of hs-trains 1-gen-2016 ROCCHI, DANIELETOMASINI, GISELLA MARITASCHITO, PAOLOSOMASCHINI, CLAUDIO +
Underbody blockage effect on the aerodynamic coefficients of train vehicles 1-gen-2016 ROCCHI, DANIELETOMASINI, GISELLA MARITASOMASCHINI, CLAUDIOGIAPPINO, STEFANO GIUSEPPE
Full-scale experimental study on the new Italian high-speed train aerodynamics: on board and trackside measurements 1-gen-2016 SOMASCHINI, CLAUDIOARGENTINI, TOMMASOROCCHI, DANIELESCHITO, PAOLOTOMASINI, GISELLA MARITA
Measurement of the aerodynamic features of the ETR1000-V300Zefiro high-speed train 1-gen-2016 ROCCHI, DANIELESCHITO, PAOLOSOMASCHINI, CLAUDIOTOMASINI, GISELLA MARITAARGENTINI, TOMMASO +
Galloping-based piezo-aeroelastic energy harvester: numerical models and wind tunnel experimental tests 1-gen-2016 TOMASINI, GISELLA MARITAGIAPPINO, STEFANO GIUSEPPEROSA, LORENZO PAOLO
Smart sensor for detection of derailment on freight trains 1-gen-2016 COSTA, ANDREADIANA, GIORGIOMILANI, DAMIANORESTA, FERRUCCIOTOMASINI, GISELLA MARITA +
A study of the influence of aerodynamic loads on the forces exchanged in a twistlock corner casting connection of flat-wagons 1-gen-2016 DI GIALLEONARDO, EGIDIOMELZI, STEFANORESTA, FERRUCCIOTOMASINI, GISELLA MARITA
Simplified estimation of the train resistance parameters: full scale experimental tests and analysis 1-gen-2016 SOMASCHINI, CLAUDIOROCCHI, DANIELETOMASINI, GISELLA MARITASCHITO, PAOLO
High-speed train crosswind analysis: CFD study and validation with wind-tunnel tests 1-gen-2016 CHELI, FEDERICOROCCHI, DANIELESCHITO, PAOLOTOMASINI, GISELLA MARITA +
Aerodynamic loads in open air of high speed trains: Analysis of experimental data 1-gen-2016 CACCIALANZA, MATTEO MARIAROCCHI, DANIELESCHITO, PAOLOSOMASCHINI, CLAUDIOTOMASINI, GISELLA MARITA
Evaluation of the cross wind velocity through pressure measurements on train surface 1-gen-2016 CHELI, FEDERICOMARIANO, LIVIOROCCHI, DANIELESCHITO, PAOLOTOMASINI, GISELLA MARITA
Windbreaks for railway lines: Wind tunnel experimental tests 1-gen-2016 TOMASINI, GISELLA MARITAGIAPPINO, STEFANO GIUSEPPECHELI, FEDERICOSCHITO, PAOLO
Cross wind and rollover risk on lightweight railway vehicles 1-gen-2016 GIAPPINO, STEFANO GIUSEPPEROCCHI, DANIELESCHITO, PAOLOTOMASINI, GISELLA MARITA
Comparison between steady and moving railway vehicles subjected to crosswind by CFD analysis 1-gen-2016 ROCCHI, DANIELESCHITO, PAOLOTOMASINI, GISELLA MARITA +
Wireless sensor node for detection of freight train derailment 1-gen-2016 COSTA, ANDREAMILANI, DAMIANORESTA, FERRUCCIOTOMASINI, GISELLA MARITA
An aerodynamic and aeroelastic experimental study on a sectional and three-dimensional rectangular tall building 1-gen-2016 GIAPPINO, STEFANO GIUSEPPEROSA, LORENZO PAOLOTOMASINI, GISELLA MARITAZASSO, ALBERTO
Neural network algorithm for evaluating wind velocity from pressure measurements performed on a train's surface 1-gen-2016 CHELI, FEDERICOROCCHI, DANIELESCHITO, PAOLOTOMASINI, GISELLA MARITA
Galloping-based piezo-aeroelastic energy harvester for wireless sensors to be installed on freight trains 1-gen-2016 TOMASINI, GISELLA MARITAGIAPPINO, STEFANO GIUSEPPECOSTA, ANDREA
Numerical and Experimental Analysis of the Pressure Signature for different High-Speed Trains 1-gen-2015 SOMASCHINI, CLAUDIOROCCHI, DANIELESCHITO, PAOLOTOMASINI, GISELLA MARITA
A Computational fluid dynamics study on the relative motion effects for high speed train crosswind assessment 1-gen-2015 PREMOLI, ANTONIOROCCHI, DANIELESCHITO, PAOLOSOMASCHINI, CLAUDIOTOMASINI, GISELLA MARITA
Indirect model based estimation of cutting force and tool tip vibrational behavior in milling machines by sensor fusion 1-gen-2015 SALEHI, MEHDIALBERTELLI, PAOLOGOLETTI, MASSIMORIPAMONTI, FRANCESCOTOMASINI, GISELLA MARITAMONNO, MICHELE
Ballast flight under high-speed trains: Wind tunnel full-scale experimental tests 1-gen-2015 PREMOLI, ANTONIOROCCHI, DANIELESCHITO, PAOLOSOMASCHINI, CLAUDIOTOMASINI, GISELLA MARITA
Experimental-numerical evaluation of crosswind effect on high-speed freight train and its payload 1-gen-2015 Di Gialleonardo E.Melzi S.Tomasini G.Resta F.
Ballast flight under high-speed trains: full-scale experimental tests 1-gen-2014 SOMASCHINI, CLAUDIOPREMOLI, ANTONIOROCCHI, DANIELESCHITO, PAOLOTOMASINI, GISELLA MARITA +
Rocchi D., Schito P., Tomasini G., Cheli F., Premoli A., “Numerical prediction of high speed train slipstream”, CWE2014, Hamburg (Germany), June 2014 1-gen-2014 ROCCHI, DANIELESCHITO, PAOLOTOMASINI, GISELLA MARITACHELI, FEDERICOPREMOLI, ANTONIO
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