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A machine learning approach to enhance the SUPG stabilization method for advection-dominated differential problems 1-gen-2023 Zingaro, AlbertoDede', Luca +
The role of mechano-electric feedbacks and hemodynamic coupling in scar-related ventricular tachycardia 1-gen-2022 Salvador M.Regazzoni F.Pagani S.Dede' L.Quarteroni A. +
3D–0D closed-loop model for the simulation of cardiac biventricular electromechanics 1-gen-2022 Roberto PiersantiFrancesco RegazzoniMatteo SalvadorLuca Dede’Christian VergaraAlfio Quarteroni +
A cardiac electromechanical model coupled with a lumped-parameter model for closed-loop blood circulation 1-gen-2022 Regazzoni, F.Salvador, M.Africa, P. C.Fedele, M.Dede', L.Quarteroni, A.
Modelling the COVID-19 epidemic and the vaccination campaign in Italy by the SUIHTER model 1-gen-2022 Parolini, NicolaDede, LucaArdenghi, GiovanniQuarteroni, Alfio
A machine learning method for real-time numerical simulations of cardiac electromechanics 1-gen-2022 Regazzoni, F.Salvador, M.Dede’, LucaQuarteroni, A.
A geometric multiscale model for the numerical simulation of blood flow in the human left heart 1-gen-2022 Zingaro, AlbertoFumagalli, IvanDede, LucaFedele, MarcoAfrica, Pasquale C.Quarteroni, Alfio +
Slow Conduction Corridors and Pivot Sites Characterize the Electrical Remodeling in Atrial Fibrillation 1-gen-2022 Frontera A.Pagani S.Manzoni A.Dede' L.Quarteroni A. +
Modeling the cardiac electromechanical function: A mathematical journey 1-gen-2022 Quarteroni, AlfioDedè, LucaRegazzoni, Francesco
Modeling cardiac muscle fibers in ventricular and atrial electrophysiology simulations 1-gen-2021 Roberto PiersantiPasquale C. AfricaMarco FedeleChristian VergaraLuca DedèAlfio Quarteroni +
Multipatch Isogeometric Analysis for electrophysiology: Simulation in a human heart 1-gen-2021 Bucelli, MicheleSalvador, MatteoDede’, LucaQuarteroni, Alfio
Mathematical analysis and numerical approximation of a general linearized poro-hyperelastic model 1-gen-2021 Barnafi Wittwer N.Zunino P.Dede' L.Quarteroni A.
A Comprehensive Deep Learning-Based Approach to Reduced Order Modeling of Nonlinear Time-Dependent Parametrized PDEs 1-gen-2021 Fresca, StefaniaDede’, LucaManzoni, Andrea
Mathematical and numerical models for the cardiac electromechanical function 1-gen-2021 Luca Dede'Alfio QuarteroniFrancesco regazzoni
A mathematical dashboard for the analysis of Italian COVID-19 epidemic data 1-gen-2021 Parolini N.Ardenghi G.Dede' L.Quarteroni A.
Computational fluid dynamics of blood flow in an idealized left human heart 1-gen-2021 Dede L.Menghini F.Quarteroni A.
Active Force Generation in Cardiac Muscle Cells: Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulation of the Actin-Myosin Interaction 1-gen-2021 Regazzoni F.Dede' L.Quarteroni A.
A Computational Study of the Electrophysiological Substrate in Patients Suffering From Atrial Fibrillation 1-gen-2021 Pagani S.Dede' L.Salvador M.Manzoni A.Quarteroni A. +
SUIHTER : a new mathematical model for COVID-19. Application to the analysis of the second epidemic outbreak in Italy 1-gen-2021 N. ParoliniL. Dede’P. F. AntoniettiG. ArdenghiA. ManzoniE. MiglioM. VeraniA. Quarteroni +
Electromechanical modeling of human ventricles with ischemic cardiomyopathy: numerical simulations in sinus rhythm and under arrhythmia 1-gen-2021 Salvador M.Fedele M.Africa P. C.Dede' L.Quarteroni A. +
POD-Enhanced Deep Learning-Based Reduced Order Models for the Real-Time Simulation of Cardiac Electrophysiology in the Left Atrium 1-gen-2021 Fresca, StefaniaManzoni, AndreaDedè, LucaQuarteroni, Alfio
Hemodynamics of the heart's left atrium based on a Variational Multiscale-LES numerical method 1-gen-2021 Zingaro A.Dede' L.Quarteroni A. +
Data integration for the numerical simulation of cardiac electrophysiology 1-gen-2021 Pagani S.Dede' L.Manzoni A.Quarteroni A.
Characterization of cardiac electrogram signals in atrial arrhythmias 1-gen-2021 Pagani S.Dede' L.Manzoni A.Quarteroni A. +
Non intrusive reduced order modeling of parametrized PDEs by kernel POD and neural networks 1-gen-2021 Salvador, M.Dedè, L.Manzoni, A.
Electro-Mechanical Coupling in Human Atrial Cardiomyocytes: Model Development and Analysis of Inotropic Interventions 1-gen-2021 Regazzoni, FrancescoDede, LucaQuarteroni, Alfio +
Modeling the cardiac response to hemodynamic changes associated with COVID-19: a computational study 1-gen-2021 Luca DedèFrancesco RegazzoniChristian VergaraPaolo ZuninoAlfio Quarteroni +
A proof of concept for computational fluid dynamic analysis of the left atrium in atrial fibrillation on a patient-specific basis 1-gen-2020 Dede L.Quarteroni A. +
A Computational Comparison Between Isogeometric Analysis and Spectral Element Methods: Accuracy and Spectral Properties 1-gen-2020 Gervasio P.Dede L.Quarteroni A. +
An intergrid transfer operator using radial basis functions with application to cardiac electromechanics 1-gen-2020 Salvador M.Dede' L.Quarteroni A.
Effect of fibre orientation and bulk modulus on the electromechanical modelling of human ventricles 1-gen-2020 Azzolin, LucaDedè, LucaGerbi, AntonelloQuarteroni, Alfio
Deep learning-based reduced order models in cardiac electrophysiology 1-gen-2020 Fresca S.Manzoni A.Dede' L.Quarteroni A.
Metodo basato su reti neurali per costruire modelli surrogati di tipo differenziale e tempo-dipendenti, utilizzando in modo combinato dati e conoscenza a priori delle proprietà del fenomeno 1-gen-2020 A. QuarteroniL. Dede'F. Regazzoni
An Image-based Computational Hemodynamics Study of the Systolic Anterior Motion of the Mitral Valve 1-gen-2020 Fumagalli I.Fedele M.Vergara C.Dede' L.Quarteroni A. +
Machine learning of multiscale active force generation models for the efficient simulation of cardiac electromechanics 1-gen-2020 Regazzoni F.Dede L.Quarteroni A.
Outer loop and isthmus in ventricular tachycardia circuits: Characteristics and implications 1-gen-2020 Pagani S.Manzoni A.Dede' Luca.Quarteroni A. +
Segregated Algorithms for the Numerical Simulation of Cardiac Electromechanics in the Left Human Ventricle 1-gen-2020 Dede' L.Gerbi A.Quarteroni A.
Biophysically detailed mathematical models of multiscale cardiac active mechanics 1-gen-2020 Regazzoni F.Dede' L.Quarteroni A.
Data Analysis and Predictive Mathematical Modeling for COVID-19 Epidemic Studies 1-gen-2020 Quarteroni, AlfioDede’, LucaParolini, Nicola
Simulation of the Hemodynamic Effects of the Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion in Atrial Fibrillation: Preliminary Results 1-gen-2020 Dede' LucaQuarteroni Alfio +
The Impact of Left Atrium Appendage Morphology on Stroke Risk Assessment in Atrial Fibrillation: A Computational Fluid Dynamics Study 1-gen-2019 BARONE, LORENZODede', LucaFedele, MarcoQuarteroni, Alfio +
Machine learning for fast and reliable solution of time-dependent differential equations 1-gen-2019 Regazzoni, F.Dedè, L.Quarteroni, A.
Isogeometric Analysis of the electrophysiology in the human heart: Numerical simulation of the bidomain equations on the atria 1-gen-2019 L. Dede'A. Quarteroni +
Biomembrane modeling with isogeometric analysis 1-gen-2019 Dedè, LucaQuarteroni, Alfio +
A monolithic algorithm for the simulation of cardiac electromechanics in the human left ventricle 1-gen-2019 L. Dede'A. Quarteroni +
Mathematical Modelling of the Human Cardiovascular System - Data, Numerical Approximation, Clinical Applications 1-gen-2019 Quarteroni A.Dede' L.Manzoni A.Vergara C.
Numerical approximation of the electromechanical coupling in the left ventricle with inclusion of the Purkinje network 1-gen-2018 LANDAJUELA LARMA, MIKELVergara C.Dede' L.Formaggia L.Quarteroni A +
Isogeometric Analysis of a Phase Field Model for Darcy Flows with Discontinuous Data 1-gen-2018 Dedè, LucaQuarteroni, Alfio
A Hele–Shaw–Cahn–Hilliard Model for Incompressible Two-Phase Flows with Different Densities 1-gen-2018 Dede L. +
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