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Thermal Challenges of Wide Band Gap Powerelectronic Component in Electrical Vehicle 1-gen-2023 Piscaglia, F. +
Kernel-based surrogate for fluid dynamics simulation of wind assistant propulsion 1-gen-2023 F. PiscagliaE. Gallorini +
Acceleration of supersonic/hypersonic reactive CFD simulations via heterogeneous CPU-GPU supercomputing 1-gen-2023 Ghioldi, F.Piscaglia, F.
Towards the modeling of the effect of turbulent water batches on the flow of slurries in horizontal pipes using CFD 1-gen-2023 Piscaglia, Federico +
A multi region adjoint-based solver for topology optimization in conjugate heat transfer problems 1-gen-2023 Gallorini, E.Piscaglia, F. +
Multivariable optimization of pyramidal compound substrates for cooling of power-electronics in modern hybrid and electric propulsion systems 1-gen-2023 Ghioldi, F.Piscaglia, F. +
Second-Order Time-Accurate ALE Schemes for Flow Computations with Moving and Topologically Changing Grids 1-gen-2023 Costero, DanielPiscaglia, Federico
GPU Acceleration of CFD Simulations in OpenFOAM 1-gen-2023 Piscaglia, FedericoGhioldi, Federico
An Adjoint‐Based Solver with Adaptive Mesh Refinement For Efficient Design of Coupled Thermal‐Fluid Systems 1-gen-2023 Gallorini, E.Piscaglia, F. +
Toward the Simulation of Flashing Cryogenic Liquids by a Fully Compressible Volume of Fluid Solver 1-gen-2022 Piscaglia, F. +
A Continuous Adjoint Method for the Multi-Objective Optimization of Coupled Fluid-Thermal Problems in OpenFOAM 1-gen-2022 Gallorini, E.Piscaglia, F. +
A Fast Computational Method for the Optimal Thermal Design of Anisotropic Multilayer Structures with Discrete Heat Sources for Electrified Propulsion Systems 1-gen-2022 Ghioldi, F.Piscaglia, F. +
Novel Developments for Rapid Reactive CFD Simulations of Dual-Fuel IC Engines 1-gen-2022 Costero Valero, D.Ghioldi, F.Piscaglia, F. +
GPU-Accelerated Simulation of Supersonic Combustion in Scramjet Engines by OpenFOAM 1-gen-2022 Ghioldi, F.Piscaglia, F.
Efficienza degli impianti di ventilazione nella rimozione di agenti contaminanti 1-gen-2021 F. PiscagliaM. QuadrioA. Frezzotti +
A CFD Methodology for the Optimal Thermal Design of the Propulsion System in Electric Motors 1-gen-2021 Ghioldi, F.Gallorini, E.Piscaglia, F. +
A Methodology for the Aero-Thermal Optimization of Hybrid and Electric Propulsion Systems 1-gen-2021 Gallorini, E.Ghioldi, F.Piscaglia, F. +
A non-intrusive model reduction method in hot rolling 1-gen-2021 Piscaglia, F. +
Vortex Flow and Cavitation in Liquid Injection: a Comparison between High-Fidelity CFD Simulations and Experimental Visualizations on Transparent Nozzle Replicas 1-gen-2021 Piscaglia, F. +
On the Influence of Nozzle-Generated Coherent Structures on the Primary Atomization of Fuel Jets 1-gen-2021 Piscaglia, F. +
exaFOAM: Overview and preliminary activities 1-gen-2020 Piscaglia, F. +
A CPU-GPU Paradigm to Accelerate Turbulent Combustion and Reactive-Flow CFD Simulations 1-gen-2020 Ghioldi, F.Piscaglia, F.
A three-phase VOF solver for the simulation of in-nozzle cavitation effects on liquid atomization 1-gen-2020 Giussani, F.Piscaglia, F. +
Aerospace Propulsion Research Activities at SPlab. Overview and Results 1-gen-2019 Galfetti, L.Maggi, F.Paravan, C.Dossi, S.Colombo, G.Verga, A.Carlotti, S.Bisin, R.Piscaglia, F. +
A LES-VOF solver for High-Fidelity CFD Modelling of String-Cavitation in Fuel Injectors 1-gen-2019 F. Piscaglia +
A 3-Phase Solver for the Simulation of Internal Nozzle Cavitating Flows in Fuel-Injectors using OpenFOAM 1-gen-2019 Piscaglia, F. +
Influence of Operating Parameters on the Ballistics of a Lab-Scale Vortex Flow Pancake Hybrid Rocket Engine 1-gen-2019 Paravan, C.Piscaglia, F.Galfetti, L.
A detailed one-dimensional model to predict the unsteady behavior of turbocharger turbines for internal combustion engine applications 1-gen-2019 Federico PiscagliaAngelo Onorati +
Combustion Processes in Hybrid Rockets 1-gen-2019 Paravan, ChristianGalfetti, LucianoBisin, RiccardoPiscaglia, Federico
Hybrid URANS/LES Turbulence Modeling for Spray Simulation: A Computational Study 1-gen-2019 Piscaglia, F. +
A MultiPhase Dynamic-VoF solver to model primary jet atomization and cavitation inside high-pressure fuel injectors in OpenFOAM 1-gen-2019 Federico PiscagliaFilippo GiussaniAndrea Montorfano +
A Novel 3-Phase Solver for VOF Simulations of Internal-Nozzle Flows in Fuel Injectors using OpenFOAM 1-gen-2018 F. PiscagliaF. Giussani +
A Study of the Organized in-Cylinder Motion by a Dynamic Adaptive Scale-Resolving Turbulence Model 1-gen-2018 A. MontorfanoF. PiscagliaA. Onorati +
A Study of Primary Atomization in High-Pressure Fuel Injectors by a Dynamic VOF Solver in OpenFOAM 1-gen-2017 A. MontorfanoF. Piscaglia +
In-cylinder flow simulations in large marine two-stroke engine 1-gen-2017 F. PiscagliaA. Montorfano +
Development of algorithms in OpenFOAM: validation and application to industrial problems 1-gen-2017 F. Piscaglia
VOF Simulation of The Cavitating Flow in High Pressure GDI Injectors 1-gen-2017 F. GiussaniA. MontorfanoF. PiscagliaA. Onorati +
Influence of momentum interpolation methods on the accuracy and convergence of pressure–velocity coupling algorithms in OpenFOAM 1-gen-2017 PISCAGLIA, FEDERICOMONTORFANO, ANDREAONORATI, ANGELO +
Hybrid RANS/LES of Moving Boundary Problems: Application to Cavitating Sprays and In-Cylinder Flows 1-gen-2016 Piscaglia, F.Montorfano, A.Onorati, A. +
Development of a VOF Dynamic Solver in OpenFOAM: an Application to the Simulation of the Opening and Closure Events in High Pressure GDI Injectors 1-gen-2016 PISCAGLIA, FEDERICOMONTORFANO, ANDREA +
An Adaptive Filtering Technique for Scale-Resolving Turbulence Modeling of in-Cylinder Flows 1-gen-2016 F. PiscagliaA. Onorati +
Time-Resolved Simulations of Moving Boundary Problems in OpenFOAM: Application to Cavitating Sprays and In-Cylinder Flows (invited keynote at conference) 1-gen-2016 PISCAGLIA, FEDERICO
Developments in transient modeling, moving mesh, turbulence and multiphase methodologies in OpenFOAM 1-gen-2016 PISCAGLIA, FEDERICO
Dynamic VOF modelling of the internal flow in GDI fuel injectors 1-gen-2016 GIUSSANI, FILIPPOMONTORFANO, ANDREAPISCAGLIA, FEDERICOONORATI, ANGELO +
Compressible Dynamic Solver for the Simulation of Turbulent Flows in IC Engine Geometries 1-gen-2015 Piscaglia, F.Montorfano, A.Onorati, A. +
Comparison of Direct and Large Eddy Simulations of the Turbulent Flow in a Valve/Piston Assembly 1-gen-2015 MONTORFANO, ANDREAPISCAGLIA, FEDERICOONORATI, ANGELO +
Influence of spatial discretization schemes on accuracy of explicit LES: Canonical problems to engine-like geometries 1-gen-2015 PISCAGLIA, FEDERICOMONTORFANO, ANDREAONORATI, ANGELO +
An Extension of the Dynamic Mesh Handling with Topological Changes for LES of ICE in OpenFOAM® 1-gen-2015 MONTORFANO, ANDREAPISCAGLIA, FEDERICOONORATI, ANGELO
A Scale Adaptive Filtering Technique for Turbulence Modeling of Unsteady Flows in IC Engines 1-gen-2015 PISCAGLIA, FEDERICOMONTORFANO, ANDREAONORATI, ANGELO
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