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Exploring the potential of business models for sustainability and big data for food waste reduction 1-gen-2022 Ciccullo F.Fabbri M.Abdelkafi N.Pero M.
Revisiting the servitization-sustainability link: A case study in the professional printing supply chain 1-gen-2022 Abdelkafi, NizarPero, MargheritaMasi, Antonio +
A new logistics model for increasing economic sustainability of perishable food supply chains through intermodal transportation 1-gen-2021 Rossi T.Pozzi R.Pirovano G.Cigolini R.Pero M.
Designing supplier networks in global product development 1-gen-2021 Pero M.Rossi M.Xu J.Cigolini R.
Digitalizing agri-food supply chains to achieve Sustainable Development Goals: A systematic literature review 1-gen-2021 Masi A.Ciccullo F.Pero M.
Incorporating sustainability in inventory planning models: a systematic literature review of existing approaches 1-gen-2021 A. MasiF. CicculloM. PeroJ. XuA. Sianesi
On relating big data analytics to supply chain planning: towards a research agenda 1-gen-2021 J. XuM. PeroF. CicculloA. Sianesi
Modularity and operational efficiency in engineer to order companies: a study in the machine tool industry 1-gen-2021 Masi A.Pero M.Abdelkafi N.
Improving sustainability performance of the Italian professional printers supply chain 1-gen-2021 Pero M.Fabbri M.Masi A.Abdelkafi N. +
Supply chain strategy in the luxury fashion industry: impacts on performance indicators 1-gen-2021 Pero M. E. P. +
A Literature-Based Exploration of Servitization in Engineer-to-Order Companies 1-gen-2021 Masi A.Pero M.Abdelkafi N.
Supply Chain Strategy in the Luxury Fashion Industry 1-gen-2021 Pero M. +
Scheduling batches with time constraints in wafer fabrication 1-gen-2020 Ciccullo F.Pero M.Rossi T. +
When sustainability becomes an order winner: Linking supply uncertainty and sustainable supply chain strategies 1-gen-2020 Ciccullo F.Pero M.Caridi M. +
Implementing configurators to enable mass customization in the Engineer-to-Order industry: a multiple case study research 1-gen-2020 Cannas, VGMasi, APero, M +
Applying and developing mass customization in construction industries – A multi case study 1-gen-2020 Pero, Margherita +
Industry 4.0 and supply chain process re-engineering: A coproduction study of materials management in construction 1-gen-2020 Ciccullo F.Pero M. +
Employees’ Participation and Involvement in Lean Management: The Experience of a Training Program of Assembly Lines Workers 1-gen-2020 Campagna L.Pero L.Pero M.
Determinants for order-fulfilment strategies in engineer-to-order companies: Insights from the machinery industry 1-gen-2020 Cannas V. G.Pero M.Rossi T. +
Sustainability in fashion brands 1-gen-2020 Pero M. +
Sustainable innovation in the dairy supply chain: enabling factors for intermodal transportation 1-gen-2020 Ciccullo F.Pero M.Cigolini R. +
Bridging the technical and managerial side of big data analytics for supply chain planning: insight from a Delphi study 1-gen-2020 J. XuM. PeroF. Ciccullo
On the impact of blockchain technology on business models and supply chain management 1-gen-2020 Xu J.Abdelkafi N.Pero M.
Cross-Functional Coordination Before and After the CODP: An Empirical Study in the Machinery Industry 1-gen-2020 Pero M.Cannas V. G.
On the Impact of Blockchain Technology on Business Models and Supply Chain Management 1-gen-2020 J. XuN. AbdelkafiM. Pero
Engineering and production decoupling configurations: An empirical study in the machinery industry 1-gen-2019 Cannas V. G.Pero M.Rossi T. +
Using simulation to reshape the maintenance systems of caster segments 1-gen-2019 Pero M.Cigolini R.Rossi T. +
A landscape of Big data analytics in Supply chain planning: completing the puzzle and vision to the future 1-gen-2019 J. XuM. PeroF. CicculloA. Sianesi
Moving towards circular economy in the fashion industry: a systematic review of New Product Development and Supply Chain Management practices 1-gen-2019 F. CicculloJ. XuH. KaraosmanM. PeroA. Brun
Toward triadic supply network relationships in collaborative new product development: An investigation on supplier-supplier relationship 1-gen-2019 J. XuM. PeroM. Rossi
Forecasting cycle time in semiconductor manufacturing systems: a literature review 1-gen-2019 M. PeroV. G. CannasF. Ciccullo +
Special issue editorial: Managing the supply chain management–marketing interface 1-gen-2019 Lamberti L.Pero M.
Die Wechselwirkungen zwischen Supply Chain und Business Model Innovationen: Ergebnisse einer Interviewstudie 1-gen-2019 N. AbdelkafiM. Pero +
Supply Network in New Product Development: Beyond the buyer-supplier relationship 1-gen-2019 J. XuM. PeroM. Rossi
Evolution of Global Product Development Networks: An Exploratory Study 1-gen-2018 Pero, MargheritaRossi, MonicaTerzi, Sergio
Integrating the environmental and social sustainability pillars into the lean and agile supply chain management paradigms: A literature review and future research directions 1-gen-2018 Ciccullo, FedericaPero, MargheritaCaridi, Maria +
Triadic Supply Network Relationship in Supplier Involved New Product Development: Case study research in China and Italy 1-gen-2018 XU, JINOUMargherita PeroMonica Rossi
An exploratory empirical study of engineering and production decoupling configurations in ETO Machinery Industry 1-gen-2018 CANNAS, VIOLETTA GIADAM. PeroT. Rossi +
Impacts of Industry 4.0 on the Specific Case of Mass Customization Through Modeling and Simulation Approach 1-gen-2018 Margherita Pero +
Triadic relationships in new product development: Contingent factors and implications for performance 1-gen-2018 Pero M.Micheli G. +
Complexity reduction and kaizen events to balance manual assembly lines: an application in the field 1-gen-2018 CANNAS, VIOLETTA GIADAPero, MargheritaPozzi, RossellaRossi, Tommaso
Insights from the empirical applications of the customer order decoupling point 1-gen-2018 CANNAS, VIOLETTA GIADAM. PeroT. Rossi +
Integrate Customer Order Decoupling Point and Mass Customisation Concepts: A Literature Review 1-gen-2018 CANNAS, VIOLETTA GIADAM. PeroT. Rossi +
An empirical application of lean management techniques to support ETO design and production planning 1-gen-2018 Cannas, V. G.Pero, M.POZZI, ROSSELLARossi, T.
Supply Chain coordination mechanisms during New Product Development in the machinery industry: a matter of contingencies 1-gen-2018 F. CicculloM. PeroA. Sianesi
The Value Disciplines of Serial Innovators: Integrating Customer Intimacy, Operational Excellence, and Product Leadership 1-gen-2018 E. BelliniM. PeroF. Artusi
Supply Chain Innovation-Driven Business Models: Exploratory Analysis and Implications for Management 1-gen-2018 Abdelkafi, NizarPero, Margherita
Factors influencing the implementation of new sustainable logistic models within dairy supply chains: Insights from a multiple stages case study research 1-gen-2018 Cannas V. G.Ciccullo F.Cigolini R.Pero M.Ruci M.
Environmental Collaboration for Sustainability in the Construction Industry: An Exploratory Study in Italy 1-gen-2017 PERO, MARGHERITA EMMA PAOLAMORETTO, ANTONELLA MARIA +
Design chain visibility: How much information should you share with your partners during new product development projects? 1-gen-2017 Caridi, MariaPero, MargheritaSianesi, Andrea
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 147
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