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Shifting Design Thinking to a Circular Design Perspective: Reframing the Process of Circular Innovation 1-gen-2024 Carla SediniMassimo BianchiniStefano MaffeiCabirio Cautela
Design Thinking for Organizational Innovation at PepsiCo 1-gen-2023 Magistretti, SDell'Era, CCautela, CKotlar, J
Design thinking for entrepreneurship: An explorative inquiry into its practical contributions 1-gen-2023 G. CarellaC. CautelaM. MelazziniX. PeiF. Schmittinger
Data in design: How big data and thick data inform design thinking projects 1-gen-2023 Mortati M.Magistretti S.Cautela C.Dell'Era C.
Design Thinking and Its Evolution 1-gen-2022 C. Cautela
The perceived relevance of design thinking in achieving innovation goals: The individual microfoundations perspective 1-gen-2022 Magistretti, SBellini, ECautela, CDell'Era, CGastaldi, LLessanibahri, S
Narrative in design and business: a literature review and research agenda for the future 1-gen-2021 Hayama Y.Zurlo F.Cautela C.Melazzini M.
Design Capabilities and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Envisioning a New Role that Design can Play in Manufacturing 1-gen-2021 C. DastoliB. Del CurtoC. Cautela +
How to teach design thinking to non design students: enablers and barriers to transfer design research practices. 1-gen-2021 G. CarellaM. MelazziniX. PeiC. CautelaM. Mortati
Microfoundations of dynamic design capabilities: An empirical analysis of “excellent” Italian design firms 1-gen-2021 Cautela, Cabirio +
The Interpretation of Design thinking Across Organizational Positions 1-gen-2020 Magistretti S.Cautela C.Dell’Era ClaudioGastaldi L.Lessanibahri S.
il designer di domani tra soft skill e hard skill 1-gen-2020 C. Cautela
Four kinds of design thinking: From ideating to making, engaging, and criticizing 1-gen-2020 Dell'Era C.Magistretti S.Cautela C.Verganti R.Zurlo F.
The hidden values related to the variety of design thinking models 1-gen-2019 C. CautelaM. MelazziniG. Carella
Teaching design to management students. Challenges and risks toward a new integrative pedagogy. 1-gen-2019 C. CautelaM. MelazziniG. Carella
Mapping design thinking. Transformations, applications and evolutions 1-gen-2019 Cabirio CautelaLuca Gastaldi
Design innovation typologies. A critical analysis of a complex relationship 1-gen-2019 C. CautelaL. Rampino
The Role of Design in Design Intensive Start-ups 1-gen-2019 C. Cautela +
Design e Management: alla ricerca di un comune terreno epistemologico 1-gen-2019 C. Cautela
Le coordinate di minima del Design Strategico 1-gen-2019 C. Cautela
The impact of Artificial Intelligence on Design Thinking practice: Insights from the Ecosystem of Startups 1-gen-2019 Cautela, CabirioMortati, MarziaDell'Era, ClaudioGastaldi, Luca
Designer portfolio archetypes in design-intensive industries 1-gen-2019 Cautela, CabirioZurlo, Francesco +
Which kind of Design Thinking is right for you? 1-gen-2018 C. Dell'EraC. CautelaS. MagistrettiR. VergantiF. Zurlo
Re-thinking Design Thinking: from Ideating to Executing, Engaging and Envisioning 1-gen-2018 C. Dell'EraC. CautelaS. MagistrettiR. VergantiF Zurlo
Design Thinking e IA 1-gen-2018 C. CautelaM. MortatiS. Magistretti
New wine in old bottles or new bottles for new wine? Product language approaches in design‐intensive industries during technological turmoil 1-gen-2018 C. CautelaF. Zurlo +
Design-Intensive Start-Ups: A New Application Field for Design Thinking? 1-gen-2017 CAUTELA, CABIRIORAMPINO, LUCIA ROSA ELENACOLOMBO, SARASIMONELLI, GIULIANO
Interdisciplinary Research Perspectives on the Role of Design in Combining Social, Technological and Business Development 1-gen-2017 R. ValušytėA. BiamontiC. Cautela
New Design Thinking Tools for the Next Generation of Designer-Entrepreneurs 1-gen-2017 COLOMBO, SARACAUTELA, CABIRIORAMPINO, LUCIA ROSA ELENA
The anatomy of design-intensive start-ups 1-gen-2016 Cautela C.S. Colombo +
Product Language design options in launching a technology breakthrough 1-gen-2015 CAUTELA, CABIRIO
La gestione dei servizi creativi di design in outsourcing: trade-off manageriali e configurazioni organizzative 1-gen-2015 CAUTELA, CABIRIO +
Design for Incubating and Scaling Innovation 1-gen-2015 CAUTELA, CABIRIOMERONI, ANNA +
Business model innovation through new customer roles. Inspirational cues and insights from a design-driven case study analysis 1-gen-2014 CAUTELA, CABIRIO +
The evolutionary dynamics of product design during the early phases of a technological change. An explorative research in Italian lighting industry 1-gen-2014 CAUTELA, CABIRIO +
Changing customer roles to innovate business models: an overview of design-intensive industries 1-gen-2014 CAUTELA, CABIRIO +
The emergence of new networked business models from technology innovation: an analysis of 3-D printing design enterprises 1-gen-2014 CAUTELA, CABIRIO +
Design Strategies in Different Narrative Frames 1-gen-2014 ZURLO, FRANCESCOCAUTELA, CABIRIO
Product design strategies in technological shifts: An explorative study of Italian design-driven companies 1-gen-2014 CAUTELA, CABIRIOZURLO, FRANCESCO +
Design and Innovation: How Many Ways? 1-gen-2014 Cabirio CautelaAlessandro DesertiFrancesca RizzoFrancesco Zurlo
Product design strategies in technological change 1-gen-2013 CAUTELA, CABIRIO +
Instruments de Design Management. Théories et cas pratiques 1-gen-2012 CAUTELA, CABIRIOZURLO, FRANCESCO +
Introduction to DPPI 2011 1-gen-2012 CAUTELA, CABIRIOF. Rizzo
DPPI11. Designing Pleasurable Products and Interfaces. Proceedings 1-gen-2012 CAUTELA, CABIRIODESERTI, ALESSANDRORIZZO, FRANCESCAZURLO, FRANCESCO
Ambidexterity and dynamic capabilities in designmanagement: an anatomy 1-gen-2012 CAUTELA, CABIRIOZURLO, FRANCESCO
Instruments de Design Management 1-gen-2012 C. CautelaF. Zurlo +
Instruments de Design Management 1-gen-2012 C. CautelaF. Zurlo +
Instruments de Design Management 1-gen-2012 C. CautelaF. Zurlo +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 71
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