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AGREE: A Compliant-Controlled Upper-Limb Exoskeleton for Physical Rehabilitation of Neurological Patients 1-gen-2023 Dalla Gasperina, StefanoGandolla, MartaLongatelli, ValeriaPanzenbeck, MattiaLuciani, BeatriceBraghin, FrancescoPedrocchi, Alessandra
Reshaping the full body illusion through visuoelectro-tactile sensations 1-gen-2023 Dell'Eva F.Pedrocchi A. +
The EU-funded I3LUNG Project: Integrative Science, Intelligent Data Platform for Individualized LUNG Cancer Care With Immunotherapy 1-gen-2023 Prelaj, ArselaTrovo', FrancescoPedrocchi, Alessandra Laura GiuliaRestelli, MarcelloAmbrosini, EmiliaNuara, AlessandroMazzeo, Laura +
IMU-based human activity recognition and payload classification for low-back exoskeletons 1-gen-2023 Pesenti M.Invernizzi G.Mazzella J.Bocciolone M.Pedrocchi A.Gandolla M.
Technology Acceptance Model for Exoskeletons for Rehabilitation of the Upper Limbs from Therapists' Perspectives 1-gen-2023 Luciani, BeatriceBraghin, FrancescoPedrocchi, Alessandra Laura GiuliaGandolla, Marta
Virtual prototyping of a robotic chess player for play therapy 1-gen-2023 Pesenti M.Antonietti A.Gandolla M.Pedrocchi A. +
IMU-based classification of resistive exercises for real-time training monitoring on board the international space station with potential telemedicine spin-off 1-gen-2023 Ravizza M.Sheiban F. J.Pedrocchi A.Ferrigno G. +
A multiscale computational approach to replicate the full-scale mouse striatum model 1-gen-2023 Antonietti A.Pedrocchi A. +
A hybrid FES-motor cooperative control over a knee joint movement: A feasibility study 1-gen-2022 F. Dell'EvaS. Dalla GasperinaM. GandollaA. PedrocchiE. Ambrosini +
XAI for myo-controlled prosthesis: Explaining EMG data for hand gesture classification 1-gen-2022 Gozzi N.Malandri L.Pedrocchi A. +
Upper limb soft robotic wearable devices: a systematic review 1-gen-2022 Bardi E.Gandolla M.Braghin F.Resta F.Pedrocchi A. L. G.Ambrosini E.
Adaptive Hybrid FES-Force Controller for Arm Exosuit 1-gen-2022 Pedrocchi, AlessandraAmbrosini, Emilia +
A model-based identification procedure of stimulation angular ranges for FES-cycling 1-gen-2022 N. SannaF. FerrariA. PedrocchiS. FerranteM. TarabiniE. Ambrosini
Grasping learning, optimization, and knowledge transfer in the robotics field 1-gen-2022 Pozzi L.Gandolla M.Pedrocchi A.Braghin F. +
User-Centered Back-Support Exoskeleton: Design and Prototyping 1-gen-2022 Roveda L.Pesenti M.Covarrubias MarioPedrocchi A.Braghin F.Gandolla M. +
Upper limb exosuit cable routing optimization 1-gen-2022 Bardi E.Ambrosini E.Pedrocchi A.Braghin F.Covarrubias Rodriguez M.Gandolla M. +
Rehabilitation of Post-COVID Patients: A Virtual Reality Home-Based Intervention Including Cardio-Respiratory Fitness Training 1-gen-2022 Biffi, EAmbrosini, EPedrocchi, AArlati, S +
Hand grip support for rehabilitation and assistance: from patent to TRL5 1-gen-2022 Gandolla, MMariani, CPozzi, LMancini, MFoglia, G MPedrocchi, A
A unified scheme for the benchmarking of upper limb functions in neurological disorders 1-gen-2022 Longatelli, ValeriaPedrocchi, AlessandraGandolla, Marta +
The effects of robotic assistance on upper limb spatial muscle synergies in healthy people during planar upper-limb training 1-gen-2022 Malosio M.Pedrocchi A. +
A Backbone-Tracking Passive Exoskeleton to Reduce the Stress on the Low-Back: Proof of Concept Study 1-gen-2022 Pesenti M.Gandolla M.Pedrocchi A. +
Sharing Worlds: Design of a Real-Time Attention Classifier for Robotic Therapy of ASD Children 1-gen-2022 Santos, LauraGeminiani, AlicePedrocchi, Alessandra +
Sensor-Based Task Ergonomics Feedback for a Passive Low-Back Exoskeleton 1-gen-2022 Pesenti, MGandolla, MOuyang, SPedrocchi, ACovarrubias, MarioRoveda, L +
Training with a Mobile FES-cycling System: A Case Study with a Spinal Cord Injured Pilot to Investigate Performances Optimization 1-gen-2022 Ferrari F.Sanna N.Brambilla P.Dell'Eva F.Ferrante S.Tarabini M.Pedrocchi A.Ambrosini E.
A gesture recognition algorithm in a robot therapy for ASD children 1-gen-2022 Ivani A. S.Geminiani A.Caglio A.Olivieri I.Pedrocchi A. +
Wearable Robotics for Impaired Upper-Limb Assistance and Rehabilitation: State of the Art and Future Perspectives 1-gen-2022 Ambrosini E.Pedrocchi A. +
Real-world data to build explainable trustworthy artificial intelligence models for prediction of immunotherapy efficacy in NSCLC patients 1-gen-2022 Prelaj, ArselaMiskovic, VanjaPesenti, MattiaMazzeo, LauraMarinacci, RobertoManglaviti, SaraRestelli, MarcelloTrovo, FrancescoPedrocchi, Alessandra Laura Giulia +
Machine Learning Using Real-World and Translational Data to Improve Treatment Selection for NSCLC Patients Treated with Immunotherapy 1-gen-2022 Prelaj, ArselaRestelli, MarcelloPedrocchi, Alessandra Laura GiuliaTrovo', Francesco +
Development and Electromyographic Validation of a Compliant Human-Robot Interaction Controller for Cooperative and Personalized Neurorehabilitation 1-gen-2022 Dalla Gasperina S.Longatelli V.Braghin F.Pedrocchi A.Gandolla M.
The Cultural and Social Challenge of Promoting the Professional Value of Motherhood and Fatherhood 1-gen-2022 Pedrocchi A.
A force-based human machine interface to drive a motorized upper limb exoskeleton. a pilot study 1-gen-2022 Gandolla, MLuciani, BPedrocchi, ABraghin, F +
Reproducing a decision-making network in a virtual visual discrimination task 1-gen-2022 Trapani A.Sheiban F. J.Pedrocchi A. +
Development of an Interactive Total Body Robot Enhanced Imitation Therapy for ASD children 1-gen-2022 Fassina, GabrieleSantos, LauraGeminiani, AlicePedrocchi, Alessandra +
Bayesian Integration in a Spiking Neural System for Sensorimotor Control 1-gen-2022 Grillo M.Geminiani A.Pedrocchi A.Casellato C. +
Leveraging Deep Learning Techniques to Improve P300-Based Brain Computer Interfaces 1-gen-2022 Dag I.Dui L. G.Ferrante S.Pedrocchi A.Antonietti A.
Transfer learning in hand movement intention detection based on surface electromyography signals 1-gen-2022 Soroushmojdehi R.Pedrocchi A.Gandolla M. +
AGREE: an upper-limb robotic platform for personalized rehabilitation, concept and clinical study design 1-gen-2022 Gasperina, Stefano DallaLongatelli, ValeriaPanzenbeck, MattiaLuciani, BeatriceMorosini, AlicePiantoni, AlessandroBraghin, FrancescoPedrocchi, AlessandraGandolla, Marta +
Brain-Inspired Spiking Neural Network Controller for a Neurorobotic Whisker System 1-gen-2022 Antonietti A.Geminiani A.Casellato C.Pedrocchi A. +
Abstract PO-065: Artificial intelligence to improve selection for NSCLC patients treated with immunotherapy 1-gen-2021 Prelaj, ArselaRestelli, MarcelloPedrocchi, AlessandraTrovo, Francesco +
An assistive upper-limb exoskeleton controlled by multi-modal interfaces for severely impaired patients: development and experimental assessment. 1-gen-2021 Gandolla M.Dalla Gasperina S.Longatelli V.Manti A.Aquilante L.Biffi, EmiliaMarkus PuchingerMarco BoccioloneFrancesco BraghinAlessandra Pedrocchi +
A mobile app to transparently distinguish single-from dual-task walking for the ecological monitoring of age-related changes in daily-life gait 1-gen-2021 Francesca LunardiniMilad MalavoltiAlessandra Laura Giulia PedrocchiSimona Ferrante +
Cerebellar control of saccadic adaptation using a spiking neural network model integrated into the neurorobotics platform 1-gen-2021 Antonietti A.Pedrocchi A. +
The effectiveness of robot-vs. Virtual reality-based gait rehabilitation: A propensity score matched cohort 1-gen-2021 Biffi E.Pedrocchi A.Ambrosini E. +
Resolvin E1 and Cytokines Environment in Skeletally Immature and Adult ACL Tears 1-gen-2021 Gandolla M.Pedrocchi A.Bigoni M. +
Computational Modelling of Cerebellar Magnetic Stimulation: The Effect of Washout 1-gen-2021 Antonietti A.Pedrocchi A. +
A modulated template-matching approach to improve spike sorting of bursting neurons 1-gen-2021 Buccino A. P.Pedrocchi A. +
Adaptive Cooperative Control for Hybrid FES-Robotic Upper Limb Devices: A Simulation Study 1-gen-2021 Bardi E.Dalla Gasperina S.Pedrocchi A.Ambrosini E.
User-centred assistive SystEm for arm Functions in neUromuscuLar subjects (USEFUL): a randomized controlled study 1-gen-2021 Longatelli V.Antonietti A.Biffi E.Bocciolone M.Pedrocchi A.Gandolla M. +
Review on Patient-Cooperative Control Strategies for Upper-Limb Rehabilitation Exoskeletons 1-gen-2021 Dalla Gasperina S.Pedrocchi A.Braghin F.Gandolla M. +
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