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CANter: data-link layer detection of drop-and-spoof attacks on CAN and CAN FD In corso di stampa S. LongariS. Zanero +
Janus: A Trusted Execution Environment Approach for Attack Detection in Industrial Robot Controllers In corso di stampa Longari, StefanoJannone, JacopoPolino, MarioCarminati, MicheleZanchettin, AndreaTanelli, MaraZanero, Stefano
CyFence: Securing Cyber-physical Controllers Via Trusted Execution Environment 1-gen-2024 Longari, StefanoPozone, AlessandroLeoni, JessicaPolino, MarioCarminati, MicheleTanelli, MaraZanero, Stefano
Securing LiDAR Communication through Watermark-based Tampering Detection 1-gen-2024 S. LongariM. CarminatiS. Zanero +
Investigating the Impact of Evasion Attacks Against Automotive Intrusion Detection Systems 1-gen-2024 S. LongariM. CarminatiS. Zanero +
Tarallo: Evading Behavioral Malware Detectors in the Problem Space 1-gen-2024 Digregorio, GabrieleD'Onghia, MarioCarminati, MichelePolino, MarioZanero, Stefano +
Fraud Detection Under Siege: Practical Poisoning Attacks and Defense Strategies 1-gen-2023 Paladini, TommasoMonti, FrancescoPolino, MarioCarminati, MicheleZanero, Stefano
Advancing Fraud Detection Systems through Online Learning 1-gen-2023 T. PaladiniM. Bernasconi de LucaM. CarminatiM. PolinoF. Trovo'S. Zanero
A novel hybrid methodology to secure GOOSE messages against cyberattacks in smart grids 1-gen-2023 Hussain, ShahbazZanero, StefanoRagaini, Enrico +
BINO: Automatic Recognition of Inline Binary Functions from Template Classes 1-gen-2023 Lorenzo BinosiMario PolinoMichele CarminatiStefano Zanero
A novel hybrid cybersecurity scheme against false data injection attacks in automated power systems 1-gen-2023 Hussain S.Hemmati M.Iqbal A.Zanero S.Ragaini E.Gruosso G. +
Untangle: Aiding Global Function Pointer Hijacking for Post-CET Binary Exploitation 1-gen-2023 Alessandro BertaniLorenzo BinosiMichele CarminatiStefano ZaneroMario Polino +
Rainfuzz: Reinforcement-Learning Driven Heat-Maps for Boosting Coverage-Guided Fuzzing 1-gen-2023 Binosi, LorenzoPolino, MarioCarminati, MicheleZanero, Stefano +
The Good, the Bad, and the Binary: An LSTM-Based Method for Section Boundary Detection in Firmware Analysis 1-gen-2023 Bertani, AlessandroPolino, MarioCarminati, MicheleZanero, Stefano +
Lookin' Out My Backdoor! Investigating Backdooring Attacks Against DL-driven Malware Detectors 1-gen-2023 D'Onghia, MarioCarminati, MichelePolino, MarioZanero, Stefano +
DJM-CYBER: A Joint Master in Advanced Cybersecurity 1-gen-2023 Zanero, Stefano +
Task Aware Intrusion Detection for Industrial Robots 1-gen-2023 Stefano LongariMario PolinoMichele CarminatiAndrea Maria ZanchettinMara TanelliStefano Zanero +
CANdito: Improving Payload-Based Detection of Attacks on Controller Area Networks 1-gen-2023 Longari, StefanoCarminati, MicheleZanero, Stefano +
HAMLET: A Transformer Based Approach for Money Laundering Detection 1-gen-2023 Paladini, TommasoD’Onghia, MarioCarminati, MicheleZanero, Stefano +
Quantum Eigenfaces: Linear Feature Mapping and Nearest Neighbor Classification with Outlier Detection 1-gen-2023 Bellante, ArmandoVanerio, StefanoZanero, Stefano +
Evaluating the Robustness of Automotive Intrusion Detection Systems Against Evasion Attacks 1-gen-2023 Longari, StefanoNoseda, FrancescoCarminati, MicheleZanero, Stefano
Coming of Age 1-gen-2023 Zanero, Stefano
HACK: a Holistic modeling Approach for Cubesat cyberattacKs 1-gen-2023 Borgia, S.Topputo, F.Zanero, S.
CANova: A hybrid intrusion detection framework based on automatic signal classification for CAN 1-gen-2023 Longari, StefanoCarminati, MicheleZanero, Stefano +
CANflict: Exploiting Peripheral Conflicts for Data-Link Layer Attacks on Automotive Networks 1-gen-2022 de Faveri Tron, AlviseLongari, StefanoCarminati, MichelePolino, MarioZanero, Stefano
Quantum matching pursuit: A quantum algorithm for sparse representations 1-gen-2022 Bellante, ArmandoZanero, Stefano
Quantum algorithms for SVD-based data representation and analysis 1-gen-2022 Bellante, ArmandoLuongo, AlessandroZanero, Stefano
Apícula: Static Detection of API Calls in Generic Streams of Bytes 1-gen-2022 D’Onghia, MarioSalvadore, MatteoCarminati, MichelePolino, MarioZanero, Stefano +
Amaretto: An Active Learning Framework for Money Laundering Detection 1-gen-2022 Labanca, DaniloPolino, MarioCarminati, MicheleZanero, Stefano +
A Natural Language Processing Approach for Financial Fraud Detection 1-gen-2022 Michele PapaleMichele CarminatiStefano Zanero +
A Systematical and Longitudinal Study of Evasive Behaviors in Windows Malware 1-gen-2022 Galloro, NicolaPolino, MarioCarminati, MicheleContinella, AndreaZanero, Stefano
Smart Factory Security: A Case Study on a Modular Smart Manufacturing System 1-gen-2021 Maggi, FedericoQuadrini, WalterTavola, GiacomoPogliani, MarcelloQuarta, DavideZanero, Stefano +
A novel methodology to validate cyberattacks and evaluate their impact on power systems using real time digital simulation 1-gen-2021 S. ZaneroE. Ragaini +
GOLIATH: A Decentralized Framework for Data Collection in Intelligent Transportation Systems 1-gen-2021 Maffiola, DavideLongari, StefanoCarminati, MicheleTanelli, MaraZanero, Stefano
Sistema di riconoscimento di manomissione del codice di un sistema di controllo mediante uso di processori con memoria trusted 1-gen-2021 Zanero S.Tanelli M.Longari S.Pozone A.
A Novel Methodology to Validate and Evaluate Combined Cyber Attacks in Automated Power Systems Using Real Time Digital Simulation 1-gen-2021 Hussain, ShahbazZanero, StefanoRagaini, Enrico +
SyML: Guiding Symbolic Execution Toward Vulnerable States Through Pattern Learning 1-gen-2021 Ruaro, NicolaPolino, MarioContinella, AndreaZanero, Stefano +
CANnolo: An Anomaly Detection System based on LSTM Autoencoders for Controller Area Network 1-gen-2021 Longari, StefanoCarminati, MicheleZanero, Stefano +
Constrained Concealment Attacks against Reconstruction-based Anomaly Detectors in Industrial Control Systems 1-gen-2020 Erba, AlessandroTaormina, RiccardoGalelli, StefanoPogliani, MarcelloCarminati, MicheleZanero, Stefano +
Remote monitoring of cardiac implanted electronic devices: legal requirements and ethical principles - ESC Regulatory Affairs Committee/EHRA joint task force report 1-gen-2020 Zanero, Stefano +
NoSQL Breakdown: A Large-scale Analysis of Misconfigured NoSQL Services 1-gen-2020 Michele CarminatiMario PolinoStefano Zanero +
ReCAN – Dataset for reverse engineering of Controller Area Networks 1-gen-2020 Longari, StefanoTricarico, AndreaCarminati, MicheleZanero, Stefano +
Detecting Insecure Code Patterns in Industrial Robot Programs 1-gen-2020 Pogliani, MarcelloQuarta, DavideZanero, Stefano +
Evasion Attacks against Banking Fraud Detection Systems 1-gen-2020 M. CarminatiM. PolinoS. Zanero +
Poster: Using Honeypots to Understand Attacks to Industrial Control Systems 1-gen-2019 Pogliani, MarcelloZanero, Stefano +
Characterizing Background Noise in ICS Traffic Through a Set of Low Interaction Honeypots 1-gen-2019 FERRETTI, PIETROPogliani, MarcelloZanero, Stefano
CopyCAN: An Error-Handling Protocol based Intrusion Detection System for Controller Area Network 1-gen-2019 LONGARI, STEFANOCarminati, MicheleZanero, Stefano +
A Secure-by-Design Framework for Automotive On-board Network Risk Analysis 1-gen-2019 Stefano LongariMichele CarminatiStefano Zanero +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 146
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