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Lean Startup: a comprehensive historical review In corso di stampa Ghezzi A. +
Unveiling the Digital and Sustainability Convergence: Leveraging Blockchain for Grand Challenges Oriented Business Model Innovation 1-gen-2023 D. MoianaJ. ManottiA. GhezziA. Rangone
Intellectual Capital Mobilization in the Experimentation Process: Artifacts as Boundary Objects 1-gen-2023 Magnaghi MattiaGhezzi Antonio +
Students’ Entrepreneurial Orientation in Italy: do digital and coding skills matter? 1-gen-2023 Antonio GhezziAndrea Rangone +
When technologies become Industry 4.0 platforms: Defining the role of digital technologies through a boundary-spanning perspective 1-gen-2023 Ghezzi A. +
Achieving Agility in High-Reputation Firms: Agile Experimentation Revisited 1-gen-2022 Sanasi S.Manotti J.Ghezzi A.
Entrepreneurship as design: A design process for the emergence and development of entrepreneurial opportunities 1-gen-2022 Magistretti S.Sanasi S.Dell'Era C.Ghezzi A.
The contribution of organizational culture, structure, and leadership factors in the digital transformation of SMEs: a mixed-methods approach 1-gen-2022 Ghezzi, Antonio +
Pivots as strategic responses to crises: Evidence from Italian companies navigating Covid-19 1-gen-2022 Sanasi S.Ghezzi A.
Linking Digital and Coding Skills to Entrepreneurial Intention and Student Entrepreneurship in Italy 1-gen-2022 Antonio GhezziAndrea Rangone +
Small-medium enterprises and innovative startups in entrepreneurial ecosystems: exploring an under-remarked relation 1-gen-2021 Cavallo A.Ghezzi A.Rossi-Lamastra C.
Business model innovation in emerging industries: A taxonomy of space economy startups 1-gen-2021 Manotti J.Cavallo A.Ghezzi A.Rangone A.
Organizational Re-Design for Business model innovation while exploiting digital technologies: A single case study of an energy company 1-gen-2021 Cavallo A.Franzó SimoneGhezzi A. +
Assessing entrepreneurial ecosystems through a strategic value network approach: evidence from the San Francisco Area 1-gen-2021 Cavallo A.Ghezzi A.Sanasi S.
Determinants of the exit value in European venture capital-backed technology startups 1-gen-2021 Montanaro B.Cavallo A.Giudici G.Ghezzi A.
Idle Asset Hunters—The Secret of Multi-sided Platforms 1-gen-2021 D TrabucchiS SanasiA GhezziT Buganza
The evolving nature of open innovation governance: A study of a digital platform development in collaboration with a big science centre 1-gen-2021 Cavallo, AngeloGhezzi, Antonio +
Opening up to startup collaborations: open business models and value co-creation in SMEs 1-gen-2021 Ghezzi A.Cavallo A.Sanasi S.Rangone A.
Corporate entrepreneurship in the digital age: A systematic literature review 1-gen-2021 D'angelo S.Ghezzi A.Cavallo A.
Economic growth: The role of digitalization and entrepreneurship 1-gen-2021 Cavallo A.Ghezzi A.
Lean startup for opportunity exploitation: adoption constraints and strategies in technology new ventures 1-gen-2021 Ghezzi A. +
Business model validation in emerging industries: Evidence from space economy startups 1-gen-2021 J. ManottiS. SanasiA. GhezziA. RangoneG. Toletti
Innovation of Meaning through Institutional Work 1-gen-2021 S. SanasiF. ArtusiA. GhezziE. Bellini
The Impact of Blockchain on Business Models: A Literature Review 1-gen-2021 Vella G.Gastaldi L.Ghezzi A.
Competitive intelligence and strategy formulation: connecting the dots 1-gen-2021 Cavallo A.Sanasi S.Ghezzi A.Rangone A.
Competitive empathy: sharing values and strategies with rivals 1-gen-2021 Ghezzi A.
The role of tools, artifacts and instruments in the Experimentation Process: a Boundary Object perspective 1-gen-2021 Silvia SanasiAntonio Ghezzi
Digital Innovation: a Bibliometric Review and Research Agenda 1-gen-2020 J. ManottiS. SanasiA. GhezziA. CavalloA. Rangone
Towards Digital-enabled Business Models: The Role of Servitization 1-gen-2020 D'ANGELO, STEFANOCAVALLO, ANGELOGHEZZI, ANTONIOLAMPERTI, SOFIA
Business Model Adaptation: Evidence of Lean Experimentation in Digital Startups 1-gen-2020 Ghezzi, AntonioSanasi, SilviaCavallo, Angelo
How Entrepreneurs make sense of Lean Startup Approaches: Business Models as cognitive lenses to generate fast and frugal Heuristics 1-gen-2020 Ghezzi A.
Business Model Scaling through Experimentation: Growth Hacking in Digital Startups 1-gen-2020 Sanasi, SilviaCavallo, AngeloGhezzi, Antonio
Interconnected business models: present debates and future agenda 1-gen-2020 Jocevski M.Ghezzi A. +
Driving internationalization through business model innovation: Evidences from an AgTech company 1-gen-2020 A. CavalloA. GhezziBertha Viviana Ruales Guzmán
Social Opportunities and Business Model Design: Evidence From Three Social Enterprises 1-gen-2020 Sanasi, SilviaGhezzi, AntonioRangone, Andrea
Business model innovation for sustainability: A system dynamics approach 1-gen-2020 Cavallo A.Manotti J.Ghezzi A.Rangone A. +
Experimentation and digitalization: Towards a brand-new corporate entrepreneurship? 1-gen-2020 Cavallo A.D'Angelo S.Ghezzi A.
Agglomeration dynamics of innovative start-ups in Italy beyond the industrial district era 1-gen-2020 Cavallo, AngeloGhezzi, AntonioCOLOMBELLI, ALESSANDRA +
Digital innovation: A bibliometric review and research agenda 1-gen-2020 Manotti J.Sanasi S.Cavallo A.Ghezzi A.Rangone A.
Making sense of the sharing economy: a business model innovation perspective 1-gen-2020 Sanasi S.Ghezzi A.Cavallo A.Rangone A.
Governing Open Innovation and a Digital Platform in Collaboration with a Big Science Center 1-gen-2020 Cavallo, AngeloGhezzi, Antonio +
Agile Business Model Innovation in Digital Entrepreneurship: Lean Startup Approaches 1-gen-2020 Ghezzi, AntonioCavallo, Angelo
How entrepreneurs may achieve sustainable business model configurations 1-gen-2020 S. D'angeloA. CavalloA. Di ScannoA. GhezziG. Toletti
Smart Products value creation in SMEs innovation ecosystems 1-gen-2020 Ghezzi A. +
Exploring The Growth Challenge Of mobile Payment Platforms: A business Model Perspective 1-gen-2020 Milan JocevskiAntonio Ghezzi +
Filtering and enabling meaning perception: a business model perspective 1-gen-2019 SANASI, SILVIAARTUSI, FEDERICOGhezzi, AntonioBellini, Emilio
The strategic-value network model for entrepreneurial ecosystem assessment 1-gen-2019 A. CavalloA. GhezziS. SanasiA. Rangone
Enacting business model change in digital startups: An exploratory multiple-case study 1-gen-2019 S. SanasiA. GhezziA. CavalloA. Rangone
Servitization and Industry 4.0 convergence in the digital transformation of product firms: A business model innovation perspective 1-gen-2019 Ghezzi A. +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 134
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