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Accounting and accountability for the digital transformation of public services 1-gen-2022 Agostino D. +
Temporality in Social Media Events and Multiples Layers of Accountability 1-gen-2022 Deborah Agostino +
Resource Management for Colleges and Universities. William F.MassyJohn Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, MD, 2020. 352 pages, $44.95 1-gen-2021 Agostino, Deborah
The contribution of online reviews for quality evaluation of cultural tourism offers: The experience of italian museums 1-gen-2021 Agostino D.Brambilla M.Pavanetto S.Riva P.
Humanized museums? How digital technologies become relational tools 1-gen-2021 Marini C.Agostino D.
A measurement framework for assessing the digital transformation of cultural institutions: the Italian case 1-gen-2021 Agostino D.Costantini C.
Digitalization, accounting and accountability: A literature review and reflections on future research in public services 1-gen-2021 Agostino D. +
The Contribution of Online Reviews for Quality Evaluation of Cultural Tourism Offer: The Experience of Italian Museums 1-gen-2021 Deborah AgostinoMarco BrambillaSilvio PavanettoPaola Riva
Accountability in The Digital Era between Space and Time: Some Empirical Evidence from Brazilian Museums 1-gen-2021 Deborah Agostino +
The dynamic role played by planning infrastructure in enhancing collaboration: evidence from La Scala Opera House 1-gen-2021 Deborah AgostinoMIchela Arnaboldi
From cost accounting to strategic cost management: The experience of Italian higher education 1-gen-2021 Deborah AgostinoMichela Arnaboldi
From preservation to entertainment: Accounting for the transformation of participation in Italian state museums 1-gen-2021 Agostino D.Arnaboldi M.
Big data for decision making: Are museums ready? 1-gen-2020 Agostino D.Arnaboldi M.Carloni E.
New development: COVID-19 as an accelerator of digital transformation in public service delivery 1-gen-2020 Agostino D.Arnaboldi M.diaz lema
From preservation to entertainment: Accounting for the transformation of participation in Italian state museums 1-gen-2020 Agostino D.Arnaboldi M.
Verso un «new normal» dei musei post-COVID 19: quale ruolo per il digitale? 1-gen-2020 D. AgostinoM. ArnaboldiE. Lorenzini
Value co-creation assessment in cultural institutions. From a single initiative to an embedded strategy: the case of Brescia Museums Foundation 1-gen-2020 C. MariniD. Agostino
Italian state museums during the COVID-19 crisis: from onsite closure to online openness 1-gen-2020 Agostino D.Arnaboldi M. +
How Digital Technologies Enable Museums to Rethink Their Relationship with Visitors: A Strategic-Design Perspective 1-gen-2020 C. MariniD. Agostino
Exploring the importance of Facebook post writing as a museum engagement tool 1-gen-2020 Agostino D.Arnaboldi M.diaz lema.Riva P.
Implementing Performance Measurement Systems in Local Governments: Moving from the “How” to the “Why” 1-gen-2019 Agasisti, TommasoAgostino, DeborahSoncin, Mara
What can social media data add to the knowledge of arts and humanities? an empirical investigation on twitter at teatro alla scala 1-gen-2019 Agostino D.Arnaboldi M.
How to quantify social media influencers: An empirical application at the Teatro alla Scala 1-gen-2019 Agostino D.Arnaboldi M.Calissano A.
Online Reviews for Public Service Personalization: The Case of Italian Museums 1-gen-2019 Paola RivaDeborah AgostinoMichela Arnaboldi
Social media data into performance measurement systems: Methodologies, opportunities, and risks 1-gen-2018 D. AgostinoM. ArnaboldiG. Azzone
Can Twitter Add to Performance Evaluation in the Area of Performing Arts? Reflections from La Scala Opera House 1-gen-2018 Agostino, Deborah
The role of big data analytics in museums: balancing between contradictions and praxis” 1-gen-2018 D. AgostinoM. Arnaboldi
Towards analytics reporting in cultural institutions: balancing between contradiction and praxis 1-gen-2018 D. AgostinoM. ArnaboldiCARLONI, ELEONORA
Football cities 1-gen-2018 D. AgostinoI. Lapsley +
Performancemeasurement systems in public service networks. Thewhat, who, and how of control 1-gen-2018 D. AgostinoM. Arnaboldi
The erratic implementation path of digital technologies in public service delivery: some evidence from Italian museums 1-gen-2017 D. AgostinoM. Arnaboldi
The NET dashboard to exploit social media data in performing arts: the case of Teatro Alla Scala 1-gen-2017 D. AgostinoM. ArnaboldiA. Calissano
How social media reshapes action on distant customers: some empirical evidence 1-gen-2017 AGOSTINO, DEBORAHSIDOROVA, YULIA
Rational and ritualistic use of key performance indicators in hybrid organizations 1-gen-2017 AGOSTINO, DEBORAHARNABOLDI, MICHELA
Public engagement through social media: the spending review experience 1-gen-2017 AGOSTINO, DEBORAHARENA, MARIKACATALANO, GIUSEPPE PASQUALE ROBERTOERBACCI, ANGELO
Critical crossroads to explain network change: evidence from a goal-directed network 1-gen-2017 AGOSTINO, DEBORAHARNABOLDI, MICHELADAL MOLIN, MARTINA
The role of ICT in public consultation practices: some empirical evidence from the Italian spending review 1-gen-2016 AGOSTINO, DEBORAHARENA, MARIKACATALANO, GIUSEPPE PASQUALE ROBERTO +
Investigating the determinants of network learning: a qualitative comparative analysis on an Italian network 1-gen-2016 AGOSTINO, DEBORAHDAL MOLIN, MARTINA
Social media implementation in higher education institutions between mimicry and professionalism 1-gen-2016 AGOSTINO, DEBORAHARNABOLDI, MICHELA
A grid approach to managing sustainability: evidence from a multiple Italian case study 1-gen-2016 AGOSTINO, DEBORAHDAL MOLIN, MARTINA
A performance measurement system to quantify the contribution of social media: new requirements for metrics and methods 1-gen-2016 AGOSTINO, DEBORAHSIDOROVA, YULIA
Innovation tensions in Opera Houses: planning as gatekeeper? 1-gen-2016 AGOSTINO, DEBORAHARNABOLDI, MICHELA
Planning as boundary object to mitigate innovation tensions in performing arts 1-gen-2016 AGOSTINO, DEBORAHARNABOLDI, MICHELA
Performance measurement in public networks: Developing a PMS for network actors and network managers 1-gen-2016 AGOSTINO, DEBORAHARNABOLDI, MICHELAAZZONE, GIOVANNI
A Measurement Framework for Assessing the Contribution of Social Media to Public Engagement: An empirical analysis on Facebook 1-gen-2016 AGOSTINO, DEBORAHARNABOLDI, MICHELA
How Performance Measurement Systems Support Managerial Actions in Networks: Evidence from an Italian Case Study 1-gen-2015 AGOSTINO, DEBORAHARNABOLDI, MICHELA
Innovation in Opera Houses: planning as gatekeeper? 1-gen-2015 AGOSTINO, DEBORAHARNABOLDI, MICHELA
The New Public Management in hybrid settings: New challenges for performance measures 1-gen-2015 AGOSTINO, DEBORAHARNABOLDI, MICHELA
Learning in Inter-organizational Network 1-gen-2015 AGOSTINO, DEBORAH +
How to exploit social media data to evaluate performing arts: an empirical application at La Scala Opera House 1-gen-2015 AGOSTINO, DEBORAHARNABOLDI, MICHELABRAMBILLA, MARCOVOLONTERIO, RICCARDO +
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