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First experimental demonstration of real-time neutron capture discrimination in helium and carbon ion therapy 1-gen-2024 Caracciolo, AnitaDi Vita, DavideCarminati, MarcoFiorini, Carlo +
A Compact Continuous Analyzer of Particulate Matter Radioactivity 1-gen-2024 Riboldi, ChristianCrafa, Daniele M.Fiorini, CarloCarminati, Marco
Towards Analog Neural Networks Integrated in Detectors Readout 1-gen-2024 Di Giacomo, SusannaRonchi, MicheleCarminati, MarcoFiorini, Carlo
CdZnTe detectors tested at the DAΦNE collider for future kaonic atoms measurements 1-gen-2024 Borghi, G.Carminati, M.Deda, G.Fiorini, C. +
Study of the thermal neutron activation of a gamma-ray detector for BNCT dose monitoring 1-gen-2024 Caracciolo A.Mazzucconi D.Borghi G.Carminati M.Agosteo S.Fiorini C. +
Implementing an Integrated Neural Network for Real-Time Position Reconstruction in Emission Tomography With Monolithic Scintillators 1-gen-2024 Di Giacomo, S.Ronchi, M.Borghi, G.Carminati, M.Fiorini, C. +
A Frequency-Switching Inductive Power Transfer System for Wireless, Miniaturised and Large-Scale Neural Interfaces 1-gen-2024 Cordara, ClaudiaCarminati, Marco +
A Pipe-Embeddable Impedance Sensor for Monitoring Water Leaks in Distribution Networks: Design and Validation 1-gen-2023 Carminati, Marco +
A compact gamma-ray detector for SPECT systems applied to BNCT dose monitoring 1-gen-2023 Caracciolo, A.Ferri, T.Colombo, G.Badilini, A.Borghi, G.Carminati, M.Mazzucconi, D.Agosteo, S.Altieri, S.Fiorini, C. E. +
A spectroscopic and imaging gamma-detector prototype towards dose monitoring in BNCT 1-gen-2023 Caracciolo A.Di Vita D.Ferri T.Carminati M.Fiorini C. +
Characterization of the 166-Pixel Monolithic SDD TRISTAN Detector with Photons and Electrons in the KATRIN Monitor Spectrometer 1-gen-2023 Carminati, M.Fiorini, C. E. +
Kaonic atoms at the DAΦNE collider: a strangeness adventure 1-gen-2023 Borghi, G.Carminati, M.Deda, G.Fiorini, C. +
Evaluation of the Maximum Throughput of ARDESIA-16 with Different Digital Pulse Processors 1-gen-2023 Pedretti, B.Ticchi, G.Di Vita, D.Borghi, G.Carminati, M.Abba, A.Fiorini, C. E. +
Experimental Verification of Prompt Gamma Imaging Technique during Carbon Ion Radiation Therapy 1-gen-2023 Borghi, G.Missaglia, A.Casamichiela, F.Mazzucconi, D.Carminati, M.Agosteo, S.Fiorini, C. E. +
Characterization of a Novel Gamma-Ray Detection System for Tomographic, In-Situ Proton Therapy Quality Assurance 1-gen-2023 Riboldi, C.Fiorini, C. E.Carminati, M. +
Characterization of a Low Noise and Low Background Charge Sensitive Amplifier for the Readout of Germanium Detectors 1-gen-2023 Butta, D.Meli, G.Carminati, M.Borghi, G.Riboldi, S.Fiorini, C. E. +
Pulse Shape Discrimination with a CLYC Crystal Read Out by SiPMs for Neutron Background Reduction in Prompt Gamma Range Monitoring 1-gen-2023 D'Adda, I.Borghi, G.Carminati, M.Fiorini, C. E. +
A CMOS Implementation of a Switched Capacitor Analog Neural Network ASIC (ANNA) 1-gen-2023 Di Giacomo, S.Ronchi, M.Borghi, G.Carminati, M.Fiorini, C. E.
Bringing In-Sensor Intelligence in Radiation Detectors: a Short Review 1-gen-2023 Carminati, MarcoDi Giacomo, SusannaRonchi, MicheleBorghi, GiacomoFiorini, Carlo
The SIDDHARTA-2 Veto-2 system for X-ray spectroscopy of kaonic atoms at DAΦNE 1-gen-2023 Carminati, M.Deda, G.Fiorini, C. +
Contactless Sensing of Water Properties for Smart Monitoring of Pipelines 1-gen-2023 Riboldi, ChristianCrafa, Daniele MCarminati, Marco +
Experimental Validation of a Gamma Detector Based on 3" LaBr3:Ce:Sr Read Out by SiPMs in an Extended Energy Range 1-gen-2023 Di Vita, D.Borghi, G.Carminati, M.Fiorini, C. E. +
Chemical Sensors: Impedimetric Electrochemical Sensors 1-gen-2023 Carminati, Marco
New SDD arrays for the SIDDHARTA-2 experiment 1-gen-2023 Deda, G.Toscano, L. G.Borghi, G.Carminati, M.Fiorini, C. E. +
Optimization of SDD X-Ray performance at short shaping times by using a charge preamplifier in 65nm technology 1-gen-2023 Amadori, M.Butta, D.Fabbrica, E.Borghi, G.Carminati, M.Fiorini, C. E.
The TRISTAN 166-pixel detector: Preliminary results with a planar setup 1-gen-2023 Carminati M.Gugiatti M.King P.Fiorini C. +
Calorimeter calibration of the ComPol CubeSat gamma-ray polarimeter 1-gen-2023 Arrigucci M.Carminati M.Deda G.Fiorini C.King P.Toscano L. +
A CubeSat-Sized Airborne Gamma-Ray Spectrometer for In-Flow Radioactivity Monitoring of Particulate Matter 1-gen-2023 Carminati, M.Crafa, D. M.Riboldi, C.Lilliu, M.Fiorini, C. E.
Towards an Analog Neural Network ASIC (ANNA) for Position Reconstruction in Anger Cameras 1-gen-2023 Di Giacomo, S.Ronchi, M.Borghi, G.Carminati, M.Fiorini, C. E. +
Readout Electronics for Gamma-Ray Astronomy 1-gen-2023 Carminati, MarcoFiorini, Carlo
A Prompt Gamma-ray Detection Module for Imaging, Timing and Spectroscopy in Hadrontherapy Applications 1-gen-2023 D'Adda, I.Riboldi, C.Borghi, G.Carminati, M.Fiorini, C. E.
Design and Validation of an Electronic Unit for Monitoring Water Distribution in Plastic Pipes 1-gen-2023 Riboldi C.Crafa D. M.Carminati M.
Reconstruction of Gamma-ray interaction in Thick, Monolithic Scintillators via Neural Network-Based Techniques 1-gen-2023 Ferri, T.Caracciolo, A.Fiorini, C. E.Carminati, M.Borghi, G.
Towards Real-Time Active Collimation in Monolithic Arrays of Silicon Drift Detectors 1-gen-2023 Pedretti, B.Ticchi, G.Di Vita, D.Borghi, G.Carminati, M.Fiorini, C. E.
Development of a High Count-Rate X-ray Detector with Backscattering Geometry for Synchrotron Applications 1-gen-2023 Ticchi, G.Pedretti, B.Bernardini, L.Forgione, A.Di Vita, D.Carminati, M.Borghi, G.Fiorini, C. E. +
Towards the first kaonic deuterium measurement with the SIDDHARTA-2 experiment 1-gen-2023 Carminati, MarcoDeda, GriseldFiorini, Carlo +
Modular IoT Unit to Monitor Water Distribution with an Impedance Leak Sensor 1-gen-2023 Riboldi C.Crafa D. M.Carminati M.
Challenges in Acquiring Clinical Simultaneous SPECT-MRI on a PET-MRI Scanner 1-gen-2023 D’Adda, IleniaCarminati, MarcoFiorini, Carlo +
The KAMEO proposal: Investigation of the E2 nuclear resonance effects in kaonic atoms 1-gen-2023 Carminati M.Deda G.Fiorini C. +
Implantable Biosensor for Brain Dopamine using Microwire-Based Electrodes 1-gen-2023 Meimandi, AliCarminati, Marco +
Prompt-gamma fall-off estimation with C-ion irradiation at clinical energies, using a knife-edge slit camera: A Monte Carlo study 1-gen-2023 Missaglia, AndreaBourkadi-Idrissi, AichaCasamichiela, FrancescoMazzucconi, DavideCarminati, MarcoAgosteo, StefanoFiorini, Carlo
Neural Networks Embedded in Wearable Devices: a Preliminary Digital vs. Analog Comparison 1-gen-2023 Crafa, D. M.Di Giacomo, S.Fiorini, C.Carminati, M.
A γ-Ray Detector Based on a 3' LaBr3:Ce:Sr Crystal With SiPM Readout for 80 keV–16 MeV Energy Range With Position Sensitivity for Doppler Correction 1-gen-2023 Di Vita, DavideBorghi, GiacomoCarminati, MarcoFiorini, Carlo +
ASPECT-BET: An sdd-SPECTrometer for BETa decay studies 1-gen-2023 Carminati, MarcoFiorini, Carlo +
SDDs for high-rate and high-resolution electron spectroscopy 1-gen-2023 Carminati, M. +
New measurements of kaonic helium-4 L-series X-rays yields in gas with the SIDDHARTINO setup 1-gen-2023 Carminati, M.Deda, G.Fiorini, C. +
Investigating the E2 nuclear resonance effect in kaonic atoms 1-gen-2023 Carminati, MDeda, GFiorini, CKing, P +
Potentialities of CdZnTe Quasi-Hemispherical Detectors for Hard X-ray Spectroscopy of Kaonic Atoms at the DAΦNE Collider 1-gen-2023 Carminati, MarcoDeda, GriseldFiorini, Carlo +
Measurements of high-n transitions in intermediate mass kaonic atoms by SIDDHARTA-2 at DA$$\mathrm {\Phi }$$NE 1-gen-2023 Carminati, M.Deda, G.Fiorini, C. +
Kaonic atoms measurements with SIDDHARTA-2 1-gen-2023 Carminati, M.Deda, G.Fiorini, C. +
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