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Growth-induced delamination of an elastic film adhered to a cylinder 1-gen-2024 Turzi, Stefano +
Bifurcation analysis of spontaneous flows in active nematic fluids 1-gen-2023 Turzi, Stefano +
Active viscoelastic nematics with partial degree of order 1-gen-2023 Turzi, Stefano
The shape of the mitral annulus: A hypothesis of mechanical morphogenesis 1-gen-2023 Turzi, Stefano +
Finite-Temperature Avalanches in 2D Disordered Ising Models 1-gen-2023 Ettori, FedericoPerani, FilippoTurzi, StefanoBiscari, Paolo
Elementary Mechanics of the Mitral Valve 1-gen-2022 Turzi, S. +
Dehydration-induced mechanical instabilities in active elastic spherical shells 1-gen-2021 Turzi S. +
Drift-Diffusion Transport in a Randomly Inhomogeneous One-Dimensional Medium 1-gen-2021 Turzi, Stefano
Equilibrium of Two Rods in Contact Under Pressure 1-gen-2020 Turzi, S +
Spontaneous helical flows in active nematics lying on a cylindrical surface 1-gen-2020 Turzi S. +
Landau-like theory for buckling phenomena and its application to the elastica hypoarealis 1-gen-2020 Turzi, Stefano S
Two-shape-tensor model for tumbling in nematic polymers and liquid crystals 1-gen-2019 Turzi S. S.
Identification of low-symmetry phases in nematic liquid crystals 1-gen-2019 Turzi, Stefano S. +
Strain energy storage and dissipation rate in active cell mechanics 1-gen-2018 Agosti, A.Ambrosi, D.Turzi, S.
Determination of the symmetry classes of orientational ordering tensors 1-gen-2017 Turzi, Stefano SBisi, Fulvio
Active nematic gels as active relaxing solids 1-gen-2017 Turzi, Stefano S.
The delamination of a growing elastic sheet with adhesion 1-gen-2017 NAPOLI, GAETANOTURZI, STEFANO SIMONE
Viscoelastic nematodynamics 1-gen-2016 TURZI, STEFANO SIMONE
Liquid relaxation: A new Parodi-like relation for nematic liquid crystals 1-gen-2016 BISCARI, PAOLOTURZI, STEFANO SIMONE +
Snap buckling of a confined thin elastic sheet 1-gen-2015 TURZI, STEFANO SIMONE +
Elastic director vibrations in nematic liquid crystals 1-gen-2015 TURZI, STEFANO SIMONE
Molien series and low-degree invariants for a natural action of SO(3)wr Z_2 1-gen-2015 TURZI, STEFANO SIMONE +
Anisotropic wave propagation in nematic liquid crystals 1-gen-2014 BISCARI, PAOLOTURZI, STEFANO SIMONE +
Growth-induced blisters in a circular tube 1-gen-2014 TURZI, STEFANO SIMONE +
Symmetry Adapted Molecular-field Theory For Thermotropic Biaxial Nematic Liquid Crystals and Its Expansion At Low Temperature 1-gen-2013 TURZI, STEFANO SIMONE +
Molecular-field-theory approach to the Landau theory of liquid crystals: Uniaxial and biaxial nematics 1-gen-2012 TURZI, STEFANO SIMONE +
Asymptotic director fields of moving defects in nematic liquid crystals 1-gen-2012 BISCARI, PAOLOTURZI, STEFANO SIMONE
Molecular field theory for biaxial nematic liquid crystals composed of molecules with C-2h point group symmetry 1-gen-2011 TURZI, STEFANO SIMONE +
On the Cartesian definition of orientational order parameters 1-gen-2011 TURZI, STEFANO SIMONE
A Catastrophe-Theoretic Approach to Tricritical Points with Application to Liquid Crystals 1-gen-2009 GIBELLI, LIVIOTURZI, STEFANO SIMONE
On the determination of nontrivial equilibrium configurations close to a bifurcation point 1-gen-2008 TURZI, STEFANO SIMONE +
Surface melting and effective anchoring in nematics 1-gen-2007 BISCARI, PAOLOTURZI, STEFANO SIMONE
Boundary-roughness effects in nematic liquid crystals 1-gen-2007 BISCARI, PAOLOTURZI, STEFANO SIMONE
Bulk and surface biaxiality in nematic liquid crystals 1-gen-2006 BISCARI, PAOLOTURZI, STEFANO SIMONE +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 34 di 34
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