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Ergodic mean field games: existence of local minimizers up to the Sobolev critical case 1-gen-2024 Verzini G. +
Singular Analysis of the Optimizers of the Principal Eigenvalue in Indefinite Weighted Neumann Problems 1-gen-2023 Verzini, Gianmaria +
Asymptotic properties of an optimal principal eigenvalue with spherical weight and Dirichlet boundary conditions 1-gen-2022 Verzini G. +
Normalized solutions to mass supercritical Schrödinger equations with negative potential 1-gen-2022 Verzini, Gianmaria +
Local Hölder and maximal regularity of solutions of elliptic equations with superquadratic gradient terms 1-gen-2022 Verzini, Gianmaria +
Partial Differential Equations in Action - From Modelling to Theory 1-gen-2022 Sandro SalsaGianmaria Verzini
Multiplicity of solutions on a Nehari set in an invariant cone 1-gen-2022 B. NorisG. Verzini +
Normalized solutions of mass supercritical Schrödinger equations with potential 1-gen-2021 Verzini G. +
Local minimizers in absence of ground states for the critical NLS energy on metric graphs 1-gen-2021 Pierotti D.Soave N.Verzini G.
Time-fractional equations with reaction terms: Fundamental solutions and asymptotics 1-gen-2021 Verzini, Gianmaria +
Normalized concentrating solutions to nonlinear elliptic problems 1-gen-2021 Verzini G. +
Regularized variational principles for the perturbed Kepler problem 1-gen-2021 Verzini, Gianmaria +
Asymptotic spherical shapes in some spectral optimization problems 1-gen-2020 Verzini G. +
Quantitative Analysis of a Singularly Perturbed Shape Optimization Problem in a Polygon 1-gen-2020 Verzini, Gianmaria +
Spiraling Asymptotic Profiles of Competition-Diffusion Systems 1-gen-2019 Verzini, Gianmaria +
Normalized solutions for nonlinear Schrödinger systems on bounded domains 1-gen-2019 Noris, BenedettaVerzini, Gianmaria +
Existence of viscosity solutions to two-phase problems for fully nonlinear equations with distributed sources 1-gen-2018 Salsa, SandroVerzini, Gianmaria +
Best dispersal strategies in spatially heterogeneous environments: optimization of the principal eigenvalue for indefinite fractional Neumann problems 1-gen-2018 Verzini, Gianmaria +
On the honeycomb conjecture for a class of minimal convex partitions 1-gen-2018 Fragala' IlariaVerzini Gianmaria +
Normalized bound states for the nonlinear Schrödinger equation in bounded domains 1-gen-2017 PIEROTTI, DARIO GIANCARLOVERZINI, GIANMARIA
Bifurcation and segregation in quadratic two-populations mean field games systems 1-gen-2017 VERZINI, GIANMARIA +
Uniform Hölder bounds for strongly competing systems involving the square root of the laplacian 1-gen-2016 VERZINI, GIANMARIA +
Stable solitary waves with prescribed L2-mass for the cubic Schrödinger system with trapping potentials 1-gen-2015 VERZINI, GIANMARIABenedetta Noris +
Partial Differential Equations in Action. Complements and exercises 1-gen-2015 SALSA, SANDROVERZINI, GIANMARIA
A nonlinear Steklov problem arising in corrosion modeling 1-gen-2015 PIEROTTI, DARIO GIANCARLOVERZINI, GIANMARIA +
Positive solutions with a complex behavior for superlinear indefinite ODEs on the real line 1-gen-2015 VERZINI, GIANMARIA +
Entire parabolic trajectories as minimal phase transitions 1-gen-2014 VERZINI, GIANMARIA +
Existence and orbital stability of the ground states with prescribed mass for the L2-critical and supercritical NLS on bounded domains 1-gen-2014 Benedetta NorisVERZINI, GIANMARIA +
Strong Competition versus Fractional Diffusion: The Case of Lotka-Volterra Interaction 1-gen-2014 VERZINI, GIANMARIA +
Uniform Holder regularity with small exponent in competition-fractional diffusion systems 1-gen-2014 VERZINI, GIANMARIA +
Bounded solutions for a forced bounded oscillator without friction 1-gen-2014 SOAVE, NICOLAVERZINI, GIANMARIA
Entire Minimal Parabolic Trajectories: The Planar Anisotropic Kepler Problem 1-gen-2013 VERZINI, GIANMARIA +
Fractional diffusion with Neumann boundary conditions: the logistic equation 1-gen-2013 VERZINI, GIANMARIA +
A remark on natural constraints in variational methods and an application to superlinear Schrödinger systems 1-gen-2013 B. NorisVERZINI, GIANMARIA
Convergence of minimax structures and continuation of critical points for singularly perturbed systems 1-gen-2012 B. NorisVERZINI, GIANMARIA +
Analysis of an evolution problem for controlled drug release 1-gen-2011 BISCARI, PAOLOMINISINI, SARAPIEROTTI, DARIO GIANCARLOVERZINI, GIANMARIAZUNINO, PAOLO
Controlled release with finite dissolution rate 1-gen-2011 BISCARI, PAOLOPIEROTTI, DARIO GIANCARLOVERZINI, GIANMARIAZUNINO, PAOLO +
Existence and nonexistence of entire solutions for non-cooperative cubic elliptic systems 1-gen-2011 VERZINI, GIANMARIA +
Uniform Hölder bounds for nonlinear Schrödinger systems with strong competition 1-gen-2010 VERZINI, GIANMARIANORIS, BENEDETTA +
Multipulse Phases in k-Mixtures of Bose-Einstein Condensates 1-gen-2009 VERZINI, GIANMARIA +
Analisi Matematica. Con elementi di geometria e calcolo vettoriale. (Vol 2.) 1-gen-2008 CONTI, MONICAVERZINI, GIANMARIA +
Analisi Matematica. Dal calcolo all'analisi. (Vol.1) 1-gen-2006 CONTI, MONICAVERZINI, GIANMARIA +
Uniqueness and least energy property for solutions to strongly competing systems 1-gen-2006 CONTI, MONICAVERZINI, GIANMARIA +
A regularity theory for optimal partition problems 1-gen-2005 CONTI, MONICAVERZINI, GIANMARIA +
On a class of optimal partition problems related to the Fucik spectrum and to the monotonicity formulae 1-gen-2005 CONTI, MONICAVERZINI, GIANMARIA +
Asymptotic estimates for the spatial segregation of competitive systems 1-gen-2005 CONTI, MONICAVERZINI, GIANMARIA +
A variational problem for the spatial segregation of reaction-diffusion systems 1-gen-2005 CONTI, MONICAVERZINI, GIANMARIA +
Infinitely many solutions to fourth order superlinear periodic problems 1-gen-2004 CONTI, MONICAVERZINI, GIANMARIA +
A variational method for the existence of bounded solutions of a sublinear forced oscillator 1-gen-2004 VERZINI, GIANMARIA +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 57
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