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Effect of hydrogen on the microstructure and mechanical properties of FeCCrNiBxSi advanced high strength steels 1-gen-2024 Norouzi, EhsanVergani, Laura Maria +
Additive manufacturing of AISI 316L specimens with distributed inner bone-type cavities: processability and characterization 1-gen-2023 Bregoli, CBuccino, FBagherifard, SVergani, L M +
Towards an Informed CNN for Bone SR-microCT Image Classification with an Unsupervised Patched-based Image Clustering 1-gen-2023 Poles, IsabellaD'Arnese, EleonoraBuccino, FedericaVergani, LauraSantambrogio, Marco D
Osteoporosis and Covid-19: Detected similarities in bone lacunar-level alterations via combined AI and advanced synchrotron testing 1-gen-2023 Buccino, FedericaVergani, Laura Maria +
Isolating the Role of Bone Lacunar Morphology on Static and Fatigue Fracture Progression through Numerical Simulations 1-gen-2023 Buccino, FedericaBagherifard, SaraVergani, Laura Maria +
The synergy of synchrotron imaging and convolutional neural networks towards the detection of human micro-scale bone architecture and damage 1-gen-2023 F. BuccinoI. AiazziM. C. SbarraG. ZiarelliL. M. Vergani +
Hydrogen embrittlement behavior in FeCCrNiBSi TRIP steel 1-gen-2023 Ehsan NorouziLaura Maria Vergani +
On How to Unravel Bone Microscale Phenomena: A Mask-Guided Attention SR-microCT Image Classification Approach 1-gen-2023 I. PolesE. D'ArneseF. BuccinoL. VerganiM. D. Santambrogio
Design and Analysis of Energy Absorbent Bioinspired Lattice Structures 1-gen-2023 Buccino F.Vergani L.Guagliano M.Bagherifard S. +
Effect of hydrogen on the deformation mechanisms of metastable 304 austenitic stainless steel 1-gen-2023 L. M. Vergani +
Efficient experimental methods for rapid fatigue life estimation of additive manufactured elements 1-gen-2023 Colombo, CBiffi, CAFiocchi, JTuissi, AVergani, LM +
Assessing the intimate mechanobiological link between human bone micro-scale trabecular architecture and micro-damages 1-gen-2022 Buccino, FedericaBagherifard, SaraVergani, Laura Maria +
Mechanical Design Optimization of Prosthetic Hand’s Fingers: Novel Solutions towards Weight Reduction 1-gen-2022 Buccino, FedericaBunt, AlessandroVergani, Laura Maria +
Tailored Torsion and Bending-Resistant Avian-Inspired Structures 1-gen-2022 Buccino, FCandidori, SGraziosi, SVergani, LM +
Bending analysis of sandwich panel composite with a re-entrant lattice core using zig-zag theory 1-gen-2022 Buccino, F.Vergani, L. +
Mapping local mechanical properties of human healthy and osteoporotic femoral heads 1-gen-2021 Buccino, FedericaColombo, ChiaraVergani, Laura M. +
A Review on Multiscale Bone Damage: From the Clinical to the Research Perspective 1-gen-2021 Buccino, FedericaColombo, ChiaraVergani, Laura Maria
2D and 3D numerical models to evaluate trabecular bone damage 1-gen-2021 Buccino F.Colombo C.Vergani L. M. +
Torsion—Resistant Structures: A Nature Addressed Solution 1-gen-2021 Buccino, FedericaVergani, Laura Maria +
Down to the Bone: A Novel Bio-Inspired Design Concept 1-gen-2021 Buccino, FedericaAiazzi, IreneSbarra, Maria ChiaraZiarelli, GiovanniVergani, Laura MariaBagherifard, Sara +
Heat treatments for stress relieving AlSi9Cu3 alloy produced by laser powder bed fusion 1-gen-2021 Fiocchi J.Colombo C.Vergani L. M.Biffi C. A. +
Modulating the damping capacity of SLMed AlSi10Mg trough stress-relieving thermal treatments 1-gen-2020 Colombo C.Biffi C. A.Fiocchi J.Scaccabarozzi D.Saggin B.Tuissi A.Vergani L. M.
Ad Hoc Heat Treatments for Selective Laser Melted Alsi10mg Alloy Aimed at Stress-Relieving and Enhancing Mechanical Performances 1-gen-2020 Fiocchi J.Biffi C. A.Colombo C.Vergani L. M.Tuissi A.
Fatigue-caused damage in trabecular bone from clinical, morphological and mechanical perspectives 1-gen-2020 Libonati F.Vergani L. +
Reproducibility of DXA-based bone strain index and the influence of body mass: an in vivo study 1-gen-2020 Vergani L. +
Numerical and experimental residual stresses of different welded joint configurations in heavy wall 1-gen-2020 Colombo C.Monti S.Guagliano M.Vergani L. +
Development of specific heat treatments for aluminum alloys produced by SLM: Effect on residual stresses and fatigue strength 1-gen-2020 Biffi C. A.Fiocchi J.Tuissi A.Colombo C.Vergani L. M. +
Squeeze-winding: A new manufacturing route for biomimetic fiber-reinforced structures 1-gen-2020 Libonati F.El Louizi F.Colombo C.Vergani L. +
Rapid estimation of fatigue limit for C45 steel by thermography and digital image correlation 1-gen-2020 Colombo C.Sansone M.Patriarca L.Vergani L.
A fully coupled implementation of hydrogen embrittlement in FE analysis 1-gen-2019 Gobbi G.Colombo C.Miccoli S.Vergani L.
Influence of manufacturing process on fatigue resistance of high strength steel bolts for connecting rods 1-gen-2019 Acri, A.Beretta, S.Bolzoni, F.Colombo, C.Vergani, L. M.
Bone strain index reproducibility and soft tissue thickness influence: a dual x-ray photon absorptiometry phantom study 1-gen-2019 L. Vergani +
Effect of delamination on the fatigue life of GFRP: A thermographic and numerical study 1-gen-2019 Colombo C.Bhujangrao T.Libonati F.Vergani L.
Bone-inspired enhanced fracture toughness of de novo fiber-reinforced composites 1-gen-2019 Libonati F.Ielmini F.Vergani L. +
Fatigue caused microdamage in trabecular bone 1-gen-2019 Libonati F.COLOMBO, CHIARAVergani L. +
Numerical investigation of wire-clamp contact for a drawing machine 1-gen-2019 Colombo C.Vergani L. +
A new finite element based parameter to predict bone fracture 1-gen-2019 Colombo, ChiaraLibonati, FlaviaVergani, Laura +
Thermographic applications for the rapid estimation of fatigue limit 1-gen-2019 Colombo C.Vergani L.
Effect of optimized heat treatments on the tensile behavior and residual stresses of selective laser melted AlSi10Mg samples 1-gen-2019 Colombo C.Biffi C. A.Fiocchi J.Tuissi A.Vergani L. M.
PoliHydra/hydra: fully coupled implementation 1-gen-2018 Giorgia GobbiChiara ColomboStefano MiccoliLaura Vergani
Polihydra/Hydra: Weakly Coupled Implementation 1-gen-2018 Giorgia GobbiChiara ColomboStefano MiccoliLaura Vergani
A multiscale XFEM approach to investigate the fracture behavior of bio-inspired composite materials 1-gen-2018 Vergani, LauraLibonati, Flavia +
Shape-matching soft mechanical metamaterials 1-gen-2018 Strano, M.Vergani, L. +
Mixed mode crack tip parameters for different wheel positions relative to a vertical crack at the rail foot 1-gen-2018 Ayatollahi, M. R.Guagliano, M.Vergani, L. +
Action-at-a-distance metamaterials: Distributed local actuation through far-field global forces 1-gen-2018 Vergani, L. +
Thermographic stepwise assessment of impact damage in sandwich panels 1-gen-2018 Colombo, ChiaraVergani, Laura +
Multi-material 3D printed mechanical metamaterials: Rational design of elastic properties through spatial distribution of hard and soft phases 1-gen-2018 Vergani, L. +
Determinants of bone damage: An ex-vivo study on porcine vertebrae 1-gen-2018 Libonati, FlaviaFerrario, DavideStrano, MatteoVergani, Laura +
A weakly coupled implementation of hydrogen embrittlement in FE analysis 1-gen-2018 Gobbi, GiorgiaColombo, ChiaraMiccoli, StefanoVergani, Laura
Optimization of filament winding parameters for the design of a composite pipe 1-gen-2018 Colombo, ChiaraVergani, Laura
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