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Symbolic dynamics for the n-centre problem at negative energies 1-gen-2012 SOAVE, NICOLA +
Bounded solutions for a forced bounded oscillator without friction 1-gen-2014 SOAVE, NICOLAVERZINI, GIANMARIA
Entire solutions with exponential growth for an elliptic system modelling phase separation 1-gen-2014 SOAVE, NICOLAZILIO, ALESSANDRO
Symbolic dynamics: From the N-centre to the (N + 1)-body problem, a preliminary study 1-gen-2014 SOAVE, NICOLA
Monotonicity and 1-Dimensional Symmetry for Solutions of an Elliptic System Arising in Bose-Einstein Condensation 1-gen-2014 FARINA, ALBERTOSOAVE, NICOLA
On existence and phase separation of solitary waves for nonlinear Schrödinger systems modelling simultaneous cooperation and competition 1-gen-2015 SOAVE, NICOLA
Uniform Bounds for Strongly Competing Systems: The Optimal Lipschitz Case 1-gen-2015 SOAVE, NICOLA +
Liouville theorems and 1-dimensional symmetry for solutions of an elliptic system modelling phase separation 1-gen-2015 SOAVE, NICOLA +
Normalized solutions for a system of coupled cubic Schrödinger equations on R3 1-gen-2016 SOAVE, NICOLA +
Hölder bounds and regularity of emerging free boundaries for strongly competing Schrödinger equations with nontrivial grouping Dedicated to Prof. Juan Luis Vázquez with deep admiration and respect 1-gen-2016 SOAVE, NICOLA +
New existence and symmetry results for least energy positive solutions of Schrödinger systems with mixed competition and cooperation terms 1-gen-2016 SOAVE, NICOLA +
Multidimensional entire solutions for an elliptic system modelling phase separation 1-gen-2016 SOAVE, NICOLA +
A natural constraint approach to normalized solutions of nonlinear Schrödinger equations and systems 1-gen-2017 Soave, Nicola +
On fractional elliptic equations in Lipschitz sets and epigraphs: regularity, monotonicity and rigidity results 1-gen-2017 DIPIERRO, SERENASoave, Nicola +
On phase separation in systems of coupled elliptic equations: Asymptotic analysis and geometric aspects 1-gen-2017 SOAVE, NICOLA +
Variational Problems with Long-Range Interaction 1-gen-2018 Soave, NicolaNABAIS TAVARES, HUGO RICARDOTerracini, SusannaZilio, Alessandro
The nodal set of solutions to some elliptic problems: Sublinear equations, and unstable two-phase membrane problem 1-gen-2018 Soave, NicolaTerracini, Susanna
The Unique Continuation Property of Sublinear Equations 1-gen-2018 Soave, Nicola +
On Coron's problem for weakly coupled elliptic systems 1-gen-2018 PISTOIA, ANGELASoave, Nicola
On Stable Solutions of Boundary Reaction-Diffusion Equations and Applications to Nonlocal Problems with Neumann Data 1-gen-2018 N. Soave +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 31
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