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Assessment and Tailoring of Technical Processes: A practitioners experience 1-gen-2018 Monica RossiBrendan Sullivan +
The Metamorphosis of Systems Engineering through the evolution of today's standards 1-gen-2018 D. WardM. RossiB. Sullivan +
A Review of Changeability in Complex Engineering Systems 1-gen-2018 SULLIVAN, BRENDAN PATRICKM. RossiS. Terzi
Lean Innovative Connected Vessels (LINCOLN) 1-gen-2018 Lucia RamundoBrendan SullivanRossella LugliettiMonica RossiSergio Terzi
A Customizable Lean Design Methodology for Maritime 1-gen-2018 B. SullivanM. RossiS. Terzi
LINCOLN Integrated Solution Supporting the Design of Specialized Connected Vessels 1-gen-2018 B. SullivanM. RossiC. SassanelliR. LugliettiL. RamundoS. Terzi
An Approach for Maritime Propulsion System Changeability 1-gen-2019 Deluigi G. M.Sullivan B.Rossi M.Terzi S. +
A Prospective Data-Oriented Framework for New Vessel Design 1-gen-2019 Sullivan B. P.Rossi M.Ramundo L.Terzi S. +
Characteristics for the implementation of changeability in complex systems 1-gen-2019 Sullivan B.Rossi M.Ramundo L.Terzi S.
Maritime 4.0 – Opportunities in Digitalization and Advanced Manufacturing for Vessel Development 1-gen-2020 Brendan P. SullivanMonica RossiLucia RamundoSergio Terzi +
Maritime Design Process Improvement Through a Lean Transformation 1-gen-2020 Sullivan B. P.Rossi M.Ramundo L.Terzi S.
Defining Maritime 4.0: Reconciling principles, elements and characteristics to support maritime vessel digitalisation 1-gen-2021 Sullivan B. P.Rossi M.Ramundo L.Terzi S. +
Extending Value in Legacy Production Systems: Insights from the Liquid Food Processing 1-gen-2021 Sullivan B. P.Rossi M. +
Reconfigurable Manufacturing: An Investigation of Diagnosability Requirements and Enabling Technological Applications in Industry 1-gen-2021 Brendan P. Sullivan +
A Systematic Literature Review of Changeability in Engineering Systems Along the Life Cycle 1-gen-2022 Sullivan, B. P.Rossi, M.Terzi, S. +
Measures and Competencies to Support the Development of Systems Thinking In corso di stampa Brendan P. Sullivan +
Engineering systems integration, testing and validation In corso di stampa Brendan P. Sullivan
MBSE to PLM Integration: Initiatives and Future Outlook In corso di stampa Brendan P. SullivanMonica Rossi +
A Life Cycle Perspective to Sustainable Maritime Systems Through Functional and Technical Requirements In corso di stampa Brendan P. SullivanGiuditta AnsaloniArianna BiondaMonica Rossi
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 19 di 19
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