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Assessment of beat-to-beat heart rate detection method using a camera as contactless sensor 1-gen-2016 IOZZIA, LUCACERINA, LUCAMAINARDI, LUCA
Relationships between heart-rate variability and pulse-rate variability obtained from video-PPG signal using ZCA 1-gen-2016 IOZZIA, LUCACERINA, LUCAMAINARDI, LUCA
Assessment of instantaneous cardiovascular dynamics from video plethysmography 1-gen-2017 IOZZIA, LUCACERINA, LUCAMainardi L.Barbieri R. +
A hardware acceleration for surface EMG non-negative matrix factorization 1-gen-2017 Cerina L.CANCIAN, PIERANDREAFRANCO, GIUSEPPESantambrogio M. D.
A fog-computing architecture for preventive healthcare and assisted living in smart ambients 1-gen-2017 Luca CerinaNOTARGIACOMO, SARAPACCANI, LUCAMarco D. Santambrogio +
Respiratory rate detection using a camera as contactless sensor 1-gen-2017 Iozzia L.PALOMARES GIL, EMILIO JOSECerina L.Mainardi L. +
Reconfigurable embedded systems applications for versatile biomedical measurements 1-gen-2017 Cerina L.Santambrogio M. D.
Identification of atrial fibrillation episodes using a camera as contactless sensor 1-gen-2017 Corino V. D. A.Iozzia L.MARIANI, ANDREAD'ALESSANDRO, GIACOMOD'ETTORRE, CLAUDIACerina L.Mainardi L. +
BIE-PInCS: Brain injury evaluation with pupillometer based on infrared camera system 1-gen-2017 BRACCO, FILIPPODi VECE, CHIARALuca CerinaMarco Santambrogio
A wearable device for blind people to restore color perception 1-gen-2017 CAVADINI, RICCARDOLuca CerinaBRACCO, MARTA IRENEMarco domenico Santambrogio
Robustness of surface EMG classifiers with fixed-point decomposition on reconfigurable architecture 1-gen-2018 Cerina L.Franco G.Cancian P.Santambrogio M. D.
Analysis of instantaneous linear, nonlinear and complex cardio - Vascular dynamics from videophotoplethysmography 1-gen-2018 Iozzia L.Cerina L.Mainardi L.Barbieri R. +
FPGA-based muscle synergy extraction for surface EMG gesture classification 1-gen-2018 Franco G.Cancian P.Cerina L.BESANA, ELISABETTASantambrogio M. D. +
Speeding up resting state networks recognition via a hardware accelerator 1-gen-2019 Carloni F.Corbetta V.Del Sozzo E.Cerina L.Santambrogio M. D. +
AIRBOX: A monitoring system of physiological parameters and mind performance in microclimate-controlled environment 1-gen-2019 De Vincenti D. V.Bertoldi M. A.Cerina L.Santambrogio M. D. +
Monitoring breathing rate by fusing the physiological impact of respiration on video-photoplethysmogram with head movements 1-gen-2019 Cerina L.Mainardi L. +
Continuous Blood Pressure Estimation Through Optimized Echo State Networks 1-gen-2019 Cerina L.Micheli A.Santambrogio M. D. +
CircFA: A FPGA-based circular RNA aligner 1-gen-2019 Zeni A.Peverelli F.Di Tucci L.Cerina L.Santambrogio M. D. +
Identification and Tracking of Physiological Parameters from Skin using Video Photoplethysmography 1-gen-2019 Barbieri R.Cerina L.Mainardi L. +
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