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Production quality performance in manufacturing systems processing deteriorating products 1-gen-2015 COLLEDANI, MARCELLOANGIUS, ALESSIO +
Lead Time Dependent Product Deterioration in Manufacturing Systems with Serial, Assembly and Closed-Loop Layout 1-gen-2015 COLLEDANI, MARCELLOANGIUS, ALESSIO +
Lead-time oriented production control policies in two-machine production lines 1-gen-2015 ANGIUS, ALESSIOCOLLEDANI, MARCELLO +
Calculating the joint distribution of n batch delivery spans in a stochastic permutation flow shop 1-gen-2016 ANGIUS, ALESSIOURGO, MARCELLO +
Analysis of the Lead Time Distribution in Closed Loop Manufacturing Systems 1-gen-2016 ANGIUS, ALESSIOCOLLEDANI, MARCELLO +
Equipment selection and evaluation approach for an adaptable assembly line 1-gen-2016 ANGIUS, ALESSIOCOLLEDANI, MARCELLOMANZINI, MASSIMORATTI, ANDREAURGO, MARCELLO
Impact of Preventive Maintenance on the Service Level of Multi-stage Manufacturing Systems with Degrading Machines 1-gen-2016 ANGIUS, ALESSIOCOLLEDANI, MARCELLOSILIPO, LAURAYEMANE, ANTENEH TEFERI
Impact of condition based maintenance policies on the service level of multi-stage manufacturing systems 1-gen-2018 Angius, AlessioColledani, MarcelloYemane, Anteneh
Analysis of the Lead Time Distribution in multi-product systems with dedicated buffers 1-gen-2018 Angius, AlessioColledani, Marcello
Lead-time-oriented production control policies in two-machine production lines 1-gen-2018 Angius, AlessioColledani, Marcello +
Integrated production and reconfiguration planning in modular plug-and-produce production systems 1-gen-2019 Colledani, MarcelloAngius, Alessio
Production quality performance of manufacturing systems with in-line product traceability and rework 1-gen-2020 Colledani M.Angius A.
A safety oriented decision support tool for the remanufacturing and recycling of post-use H&EVs lithium-ion batteries 1-gen-2020 Gentilini L.Mossali E.Angius A.Colledani M.
A kronecker algebra formulation for markov activity networks with phase-type distributions 1-gen-2021 Angius A.Urgo M. +
Lead Time Analysis of Manufacturing Systems with Time-Driven Rework Operations 1-gen-2021 Angius A.Colledani M.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 15 di 15
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