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Modelling and Experimental Validation of the Locomotion of Endoscopic Robots in the Colon 1-gen-2003 CIARLETTA, PASQUALE +
Modeling and experimental validation of the locomotion of endoscopic robots in the colon 1-gen-2004 CIARLETTA, PASQUALE +
A novel microstructural approach in tendon viscoelastic modelling at the fibrillar level 1-gen-2006 CIARLETTA, PASQUALE +
Pseudo-hyperelastic model of tendon hysteresis from adaptive recruitment of collagen type I fibrils 1-gen-2008 CIARLETTA, PASQUALE +
Continuum model of epithelial morphogenesis during caenorhabditis elegans embryonic elongation 1-gen-2009 CIARLETTA, PASQUALE +
Hyperelastic model of anisotropic fiber reinforcements within intestinal walls for applications in medical robotics 1-gen-2009 CIARLETTA, PASQUALE +
A finite dissipative theory of temporary interfibrillar bridges in the extracellular matrix of ligaments and tendons 1-gen-2009 CIARLETTA, PASQUALE +
Morphogenesis of thin hyperelastic plates: A constitutive theory of biological growth in the Föppl-von Kármán limit 1-gen-2009 CIARLETTA, PASQUALE +
Hysteretic behavior of ligaments and tendons: Microstructural analysis of damage, softening and non-recoverable strain 1-gen-2010 CIARLETTA, PASQUALE +
Swelling instability of surface-attached gels as a model of soft tissue growth under geometric constraints 1-gen-2010 CIARLETTA, PASQUALE +
Stiffening by fiber reinforcement in soft materials: A hyperelastic theory at large strains and its application 1-gen-2011 CIARLETTA, PASQUALE +
The radial growth phase of malignant melanoma: Multi-phase modelling, numerical simulations and linear stability analysis 1-gen-2011 CIARLETTA, PASQUALE +
Generating functions for volume-preserving transformations 1-gen-2011 CIARLETTA, PASQUALE
Elements of a finite strain-gradient thermomechanical theory for material growth and remodeling 1-gen-2011 CIARLETTA, PASQUALE +
Morphological changes in early melanoma development: Influence of nutrients, growth inhibitors and cell-adhesion mechanisms 1-gen-2011 CIARLETTA, PASQUALE +
Emergence of microstructural patterns in skin cancer: A phase separation analysis in a binary mixture 1-gen-2011 CIARLETTA, PASQUALE +
Contour instabilities in early tumor growth models 1-gen-2011 CIARLETTA, PASQUALE +
Growth instabilities and folding in tubular organs: A variational method in non-linear elasticity 1-gen-2012 CIARLETTA, PASQUALE +
Peristaltic patterns for swelling and shrinking of soft cylindrical gels 1-gen-2012 CIARLETTA, PASQUALE +
Papillary networks in the dermal-epidermal junction of skin: A biomechanical model 1-gen-2012 CIARLETTA, PASQUALE +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 87
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