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An Optimum Digital Signal Processing for Radiation Spectroscopy 1-gen-1994 BERTUCCIO, GIUSEPPEFAZZI, ALBERTOGERACI, ANGELOSAMPIETRO, MARCO
Optimum filters for charge measurements in presence of 1/f current noise 1-gen-1995 GERACI, ANGELO +
Advanced experimental application of a digital signal processor in high resolution x-ray spectroscopy 1-gen-1995 SAMPIETRO, MARCOGERACI, ANGELOFAZZI, ALBERTO +
A digital system for "optimum" resolution in X-ray spectroscopy 1-gen-1995 SAMPIETRO, MARCOBERTUCCIO, GIUSEPPEGERACI, ANGELOFAZZI, ALBERTO
Modulational instability oscillation and solitary waves in a nonlinear dispersive cavity with parametric gain 1-gen-1995 LONGHI, STEFANOGERACI, ANGELO
Performance comparison of near-optimum digital pulse processors in high resolution x-ray spectroscopy 1-gen-1995 GERACI, ANGELORIPAMONTI, GIANCARLO +
Fast least mean squares method for time determination and pileup rejection in high resolution spectroscopy 1-gen-1996 RIPAMONTI, GIANCARLOGERACI, ANGELO
Self-calibration and self-optimization in DSP-based high resolution spectroscopy systems 1-gen-1996 GERACI, ANGELORIPAMONTI, GIANCARLOPULLIA, ALBERTO
Automatic synthesis of optimum filters with arbitrary constraints and noises: a new method 1-gen-1996 GERACI, ANGELORIPAMONTI, GIANCARLO +
Sintesi automatica di filtri ottimi per spettroscopia nucleare con arbitrari vincoli e spettri di rumore 1-gen-1996 GERACI, ANGELORIPAMONTI, GIANCARLO +
A comparative study of the energy resolution achievable with digital signal processors in X-ray spectroscopy 1-gen-1996 GERACI, ANGELORIPAMONTI, GIANCARLO +
Swift-Hohenberg equation for optical parametric oscillators 1-gen-1996 LONGHI, STEFANOGERACI, ANGELO
A new numerical method for determining the excess noise power spectrum in MOSFET's 1-gen-1997 LONGONI, ANTONIO FRANCESCOGERACI, ANGELO +
Shaping the quantization noise in high resolution digital spectroscopy: theory and experiments 1-gen-1997 GERACI, ANGELOPULLIA, ALBERTORIPAMONTI, GIANCARLO
On filed determination of the minimum-noise filter for digital radiation spectrometer 1-gen-1997 GERACI, ANGELORIPAMONTI, GIANCARLO +
Asymmetrical optimum filters for charge measurements in presence of 1/f current noise 1-gen-1997 GERACI, ANGELO
Lorentzian spectral noise density: optimum filter. 1-gen-1997 GERACI, ANGELORIPAMONTI, GIANCARLO +
Towards real-time digital pulse processing based on least-mean-squares algorithms 1-gen-1997 RIPAMONTI, GIANCARLOGERACI, ANGELO
Optimum time-limited filters for input signals of arbitrary shape 1-gen-1997 GERACI, ANGELORIPAMONTI, GIANCARLO +
Optimum filter for 1/f current noise smoothed-to-white at low frequency. 1-gen-1997 GERACI, ANGELORIPAMONTI, GIANCARLO +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 281
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