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Covalency in the electronic structure of Fe3O4: An ultraviolet inverse photoemission investigation 1-gen-1991 CICCACCI, FRANCOFINAZZI, MARCO +
Ultraviolet inverse photoemission from FeS2 1-gen-1992 PUPPIN, EZIOFINAZZI, MARCOCICCACCI, FRANCO
Interaction of oxygen with polycrystalline cobalt studied by inverse-photoemission spectroscopy 1-gen-1993 DUO', LAMBERTOFINAZZI, MARCOCICCACCI, FRANCO +
High-sensitivity bandpass UV photon detector for inverse photoemission 1-gen-1993 FINAZZI, MARCOCICCACCI, FRANCO +
Energy dependence of 4f and 5d cross sections for rare-earth metals 1-gen-1993 DUO', LAMBERTOFINAZZI, MARCO +
Ultraviolet inverse photoemission study of the oxidation of Fe, Co and Ni 1-gen-1993 FINAZZI, MARCODUO', LAMBERTOCICCACCI, FRANCOPUPPIN, EZIO +
Empty and filled valence-electron states of Lu–transition-metal compounds: An uv spectroscopy study 1-gen-1994 DUO', LAMBERTOFINAZZI, MARCO +
Spin-resolved photoemission from Pt/Fe(001) 1-gen-1994 FINAZZI, MARCO +
Experimental evidence of a strongly reduced orbital moment in CeRh3B2 1-gen-1994 FINAZZI, MARCO +
4f orbital and spin magnetism in cerium intermetallic compounds studied by magnetic circular x-ray dichroism 1-gen-1994 FINAZZI, MARCO +
Magnetic X-ray dichroism in the soft X-ray energy range: application to the study of magnetism in intermetallic and modulated (multilayers, superlattices) systems 1-gen-1994 FINAZZI, MARCO +
Yttrium chemisorption on magnetic Fe(0 0 1) 1-gen-1994 FINAZZI, MARCO +
Circular magnetic dichroism in spin-resolved Fe 3p photoemission 1-gen-1995 FINAZZI, MARCO +
Direct Evidence of the Role of Hybridization in the X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism of α-Ce 1-gen-1995 FINAZZI, MARCO +
Influence of hybridization in the Magnetic Circular X-ray Dichroism at the Ce-M4,5 absorption edges of Ce-Fe systems 1-gen-1996 FINAZZI, MARCO +
Photoemission studies of the cerium electronic properties at the interface 1-gen-1996 FINAZZI, MARCO +
X-ray magnetic circular dichroism of vanadium thin films grown on Ag(100) and Fe(100) 1-gen-1997 FINAZZI, MARCOCICCACCI, FRANCO +
Magnetism of Mn ultra-thin films grown on (001) bcc Fe studied by X-ray magnetic circular dichroism 1-gen-1997 FINAZZI, MARCO +
1 ML Mn/Fe(001): Is Mn coupling with Fe antiferromagnetic or ferromagnetic? 1-gen-1997 FINAZZI, MARCO +
Circular Magnetic Diehroism on MIV,V(U) Edges in USb0,5Te0.5 1-gen-1997 FINAZZI, MARCO +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 275
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