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Unconventional PEO-PPC quasi-solid state blend polymer electrolyte for high efficiency solid-state Li-metal batteries 1-gen-2024 Bertoli, LucaGibertini, EugenioMagagnin, Luca +
Fiber Optic SPR Sensor Modified With Copper Oxide Nanoparticles for Highly Sensitive and Selective Detection of Dopamine 1-gen-2024 Vikas, vikasNobili, Luca GiampaoloMagagnin, LucaSaccomandi, Paola +
Inkjet printing of a polymeric vibration damper for MEMS application adopting a step-reticulation process 1-gen-2024 Viviani, PriscaMagagnin, Luca +
Intercalation of graphite in Li-ion batteries: In situ microscopic characterization of the solid-electrolyte interface (SEI) 1-gen-2024 B. ShirzadiE. GibertiniL. MagagninA. Li BassiLamberto DuoG. Bussetti +
Laser assisted electrodeposition of binary metallic alloys from water-based electrolytes: The case of palladium‑platinum 1-gen-2024 Bernasconi, RobertoCrimella, DarioDemir, Ali GokhanPrevitali, BarbaraMagagnin, Luca
High-efficiency removal of Pb (II) and Cu (II) by amidoxime functionalized silica aerogels: Preparation, adsorption mechanisms and environmental impacts analysis 1-gen-2024 Magagnin, Luca +
Improved plating/stripping in anode-free lithium metal batteries through electrodeposition of lithiophilic zinc thin films 1-gen-2024 Afzali, PooriaGibertini, EugenioMagagnin, Luca
Fluorination of lithium metal used as anode in lithium metal batteries 1-gen-2024 E. GibertiniP. MarzianiM. BarbieriL. MagagninM. Sansotera
Electrochemical treatment coupled with solar light-driven photocatalytic approach: A challenging process in cascade for hydrogen production and wastewater remediation 1-gen-2024 Bernasconi, RobertoMagagnin, Luca +
Investigating the effect of current density in ultra-fast electrolytic zinc phosphate deposition 1-gen-2024 Lissandrello, FedericoLecis, NoraMagagnin, Luca
Zinc Plating on Inkjet-Printed Ti3C2Tx MXene: Effect of Electrolyte and PEG Additive 1-gen-2024 Viviani, PriscaGibertini, EugenioMagagnin, Luca +
Flexible inkjet-printed lithium-ion batteries with Ti3C2Tx current collector 1-gen-2024 Viviani, PriscaGibertini, EugenioLissandrello, FedericoMagagnin, Luca +
Resine composite da stampa stereolitografica con proprietà autoattivanti per la metallizzazione da fase acquosa 1-gen-2023 R. BernasconiL. Magagnin
Integrated sensors for real-time monitoring og biological barriers in engineered cell culture dynamic in vitro models 1-gen-2023 Perottoni SDonnaloja FBoeri LMagagnin LGiordano C +
Ruthenium electrodeposition from non-aqueous electrolytes containing divalent ions 1-gen-2023 Lissandrello, FBernasconi, RGriffini, GMagagnin, L +
Flexible Screen-Printed Amperometric Sensors Functionalized With Spray-Coated Carbon Nanotubes and Electrodeposited Cu Nanoclusters for Nitrate Detection 1-gen-2023 Angeli, Martina Aurora CostaMagagnin, Luca +
Società Italiana di Fisica - 109° Congresso Nazionale - Salerno 11-15 settembre 2023 1-gen-2023 E. GibertiniL. Magagnin +
Laser Assisted Electrodeposition of Metals and Alloys 1-gen-2023 Bernasconi, RobertoCrimella, DarioDemir, Ali GokhanPrevitali, BarbaraMagagnin, Luca
Efficient BiVO4-Based Photoanode with Chemically Precipitated Hierarchical Cobalt Borate (Co-Bi) Oxygen Evolution Reaction Catalysts 1-gen-2023 Dell’Oro, RubenSansotera, MaurizioMagagnin, Luca +
Reverse Pulse Plating of Thick and Crack-Free Magnetic Layers for MEMS Manufacturing 1-gen-2023 Bernasconi, RobertoRinaldi, ChristianMagagnin, Luca +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 355
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