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Complex dynamics in a hysteretic relay feedback system with delay 1-gen-2007 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
Bifurcation analysis of an impact model for forest fire prediction 1-gen-2008 BIZZARRI, FEDERICOCOLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
Remarks on metacommunity synchronization with application to prey-predator systems 1-gen-2008 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRODERCOLE, FABIORINALDI, SERGIO
Boundary intersection crossing bifurcation in the presence of sliding 1-gen-2008 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO
Chaos in two-party democracies 1-gen-2008 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRORINALDI, SERGIO
Stable manifolds of saddles in piecewise smooth systems 1-gen-2009 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
Border collision of non-hyperbolic fixed points 1-gen-2009 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRODERCOLE, FABIO
The two-fold singularity of discontinuous vector fields 1-gen-2009 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
Two-parameter bifurcation analysis of the buck converter 1-gen-2009 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
Teixeira singularities in 3D switched feedback control systems. 1-gen-2010 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
On the boundaries of basins of attraction in piecewise smooth systems 1-gen-2010 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
Discontinuity induced bifurcations of non-hyperbolic cycles in nonsmooth systems 1-gen-2010 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRODERCOLE, FABIO
Full characterization of act-and-wait control for first-order unstable lag processes 1-gen-2010 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
Nondeterministic Chaos, and the Two-fold Singularity in Piecewise Smooth Flows 1-gen-2011 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
Enforcing safety of cyberphysical systems using flatness and abstraction 1-gen-2011 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
Codimension-two singularities on the stability boundary in 2D Filippov systems 1-gen-2011 DERCOLE, FABIODELLA ROSSA, FABIOCOLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
Two-fold singularity in nonsmooth electrical systems 1-gen-2011 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
Supervisory control of differentially flat systems based on abstraction 1-gen-2011 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
Two Degenerate Boundary Equilibrium Bifurcations in Planar Filippov Systems 1-gen-2011 DERCOLE, FABIODELLA ROSSA, FABIOCOLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
Bifurcations of piecewise smooth flows: Perspectives, methodologies and open problems 1-gen-2012 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 58
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