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ELITE: a Digital Dedicated Hardware System for Movement Analysis via Real-Time TV-Signal Processing 1-gen-1985 FERRIGNO, GIANCARLOPEDOTTI, ANTONIO
AUSCAN System: Technological Features of the New 3-D Version. 1-gen-1987 FERRIGNO, GIANCARLOSANTAMBROGIO, GIORGIO CESARE +
Analysis of human locomotion by advanced technologies and methodologies 1-gen-1987 FRIGO, CARLO ALBINOFERRIGNO, GIANCARLO +
Changes in Spatial Scale in Drawing and Handwriting: Kinematic Contributions by Proximal and Distal Joints 1-gen-1987 FERRIGNO, GIANCARLOPEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
Procedure to Automatically Classify Markers in Biomechanical Analysis of Whole Body Movement in Different Sport Activities 1-gen-1988 FERRIGNO, GIANCARLO +
A Contribution to an Investigation of Runners Knee Joint. Biology of Sport 1-gen-1988 FERRIGNO, GIANCARLOSANTAMBROGIO, GIORGIO CESARE +
A Technique for the Evaluation of Derivatives from Noisy Biomechanical Data by a Model-Based Bandwidth-Selection Procedure 1-gen-1990 FERRIGNO, GIANCARLO +
Pattern recognition in 3D human motion analysis 1-gen-1990 FERRIGNO, GIANCARLOPEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
An Algorithm for 3D Automatic Movement Analysis by Means of Standard TV Cameras 1-gen-1990 FERRIGNO, GIANCARLO +
ELITE: A Goal Oriented Vision System for Moving Objects Detection 1-gen-1991 FERRIGNO, GIANCARLOPEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
ELITE: a 3-D motion analysis system. 1-gen-1991 FERRIGNO, GIANCARLOPEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
Frequency Content of Bending Test Kinematics: A Study to Determine the Optimal Data Filtering. 1-gen-1992 FERRIGNO, GIANCARLOSANTAMBROGIO, GIORGIO CESARE +
Back Surface Reconstruction by the AUSCAN System. 1-gen-1992 FERRIGNO, GIANCARLOSANTAMBROGIO, GIORGIO CESARE +
A Comparison Between the More Recent Techniques for Smoothing and Derivative Assessment in Biomechanics 1-gen-1992 FERRIGNO, GIANCARLO +
Three-dimensional Optical Analysis of Chest Wall Motion. 1-gen-1994 FERRIGNO, GIANCARLOALIVERTI, ANDREAPEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
Opto-electronic Techniques for Patient Repositioning in Radiotherapy. 1-gen-1996 BARONI, GUIDOFERRIGNO, GIANCARLOPEDOTTI, ANTONIO
Valutazione Biomeccanica dell’Interessamento Toracico ed Assiale nelle Spondiloartriti Sieronegative. 1-gen-1996 SANTAMBROGIO, GIORGIO CESAREFERRIGNO, GIANCARLOPEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
Chest wall and lung volume estimation by optical reflectance motion analysis. 1-gen-1996 FERRIGNO, GIANCARLOALIVERTI, ANDREAPEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
Quantitative analysis of movement control in prolonged μgravity 1-gen-1996 FERRIGNO, GIANCARLOBARONI, GUIDOPEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 450
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