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Development of a multiphase chemical reactor network method as a tool for simulating biomass gasification in fluidized beds 1-gen-2024 Berkel, Leon LoniDebiagi, PauloAmjed, Muhammad AhsanStagni, AlessandroHasse, ChristianFaravelli, Tiziano +
Chemical kinetics of SARA fractions pyrolysis: Resins 1-gen-2024 Frassoldati, AlessioFaravelli, Tiziano +
Coupling chemical lumping to data-driven optimization for the kinetic modeling of dimethoxymethane (DMM) combustion 1-gen-2024 Pegurri, AlessandroDinelli, TimoteoPratali Maffei, LunaFaravelli, TizianoStagni, Alessandro
A generalized partially stirred reactor model for turbulent closure 1-gen-2023 Stagni A.Faravelli T. +
Low- and intermediate-temperature ammonia/hydrogen oxidation in a flow reactor: Experiments and a wide-range kinetic modeling 1-gen-2023 Stagni A.Faravelli T. +
Towards a lumped approach for solid plastic waste gasification: Polyethylene and polypropylene pyrolysis 1-gen-2023 Locaspi, AndreaPelucchi, MatteoMehl, MarcoFaravelli, Tiziano
A comprehensive kinetic framework for solid carbon deposition and hydrogen production from the pyrolysis of light hydrocarbons streams 1-gen-2023 Serse, FrancescoDing, ZhaobinBracconi, MauroMaestri, MatteoNobili, AndreaGiudici, ClarissaFrassoldati, AlessioFaravelli, TizianoCuoci, AlbertoPelucchi, Matteo
Towards a lumped approach for solid plastic waste gasification: Polystyrene pyrolysis 1-gen-2023 Locaspi, AndreaPelucchi, MatteoFaravelli, Tiziano
Unraveling the complexity of pyrolysates from residual fuels by Py-GCxGC-FID/SCD/TOF-MS with an innovative data processing method 1-gen-2023 Frassoldati, AlessioFaravelli, Tiziano +
Oxygen effects on soot formation in H2/n-heptane counterflow flames 1-gen-2023 Nobili, AndreaPelucchi, MatteoCuoci, AlbertoFrassoldati, AlessioFaravelli, Tiziano +
Automatic validation and analysis of predictive models by means of big data and data science 1-gen-2023 Ramalli E.Dinelli T.Nobili A.Stagni A.Pernici B.Faravelli T.
Automated Kinetic Mechanism Evaluation for e-Fuels Using SciExpeM: The Case of Oxymethylene Ethers 1-gen-2023 Dinelli, TimoteoPratali Maffei, LunaPegurri, AlessandroStagni, AlessandroFaravelli, Tiziano +
HȮ2 + HȮ2: High level theory and the role of singlet channels 1-gen-2022 Pelucchi M.Faravelli T. +
An experimental, theoretical and kinetic-modeling study of hydrogen sulfide pyrolysis and oxidation 1-gen-2022 Alessandro StagniLuna Pratali MaffeiTiziano Faravelli +
Soot formation from n-heptane counterflow diffusion flames: Two-dimensional and oxygen effects 1-gen-2022 Nobili A.Cuoci A.Pelucchi M.Faravelli T. +
Chemistry of nitrogen oxides (NOx) formation in flameless combustion 1-gen-2022 Stagni, AlessandroFrassoldati, AlessioPelucchi, MatteoFaravelli, Tiziano
Theoretical kinetics of HO2 + C5H5: A missing piece in cyclopentadienyl radical oxidation reactions 1-gen-2022 Pratali Maffei L.Pelucchi M.Faravelli T.Cavallotti C.
New insights into the oxidation chemistry of pyrrole, an N-containing biomass tar component 1-gen-2022 Pelucchi M.Mehl M.Faravelli T. +
Special issue of thermo-chemical conversion of biomass 1-gen-2022 Faravelli T. +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 459
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