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A Thermoelastic Method to Measure the Thermal Expansion Coefficient 1-gen-1986 BEGHI, MARCOCAGLIOTI, GIUSEPPEFAZZI, ALBERTO +
A Spectral Analyzer for the Thermomechanical Response of Solids to Low Frequency Dynamic Loads 1-gen-1987 BEGHI, MARCOBOTTANI, CARLO ENRICOFAZZI, ALBERTO
A spectral analyzer for the thermoelastic and thermoplastic response of solids to low frequency dynamic loads 1-gen-1987 BEGHI, MARCOBOTTANI, CARLO ENRICOCAGLIOTI, GIUSEPPEFAZZI, ALBERTO
High resolution X-ray spectroscopy with silicon drift detectors and integrated electronics 1-gen-1992 BERTUCCIO, GIUSEPPESAMPIETRO, MARCOFAZZI, ALBERTO
An Optimum Digital Signal Processing for Radiation Spectroscopy 1-gen-1994 BERTUCCIO, GIUSEPPEFAZZI, ALBERTOGERACI, ANGELOSAMPIETRO, MARCO
Advanced experimental application of a digital signal processor in high resolution x-ray spectroscopy 1-gen-1995 SAMPIETRO, MARCOGERACI, ANGELOFAZZI, ALBERTO +
A digital system for "optimum" resolution in X-ray spectroscopy 1-gen-1995 SAMPIETRO, MARCOBERTUCCIO, GIUSEPPEGERACI, ANGELOFAZZI, ALBERTO
An EPLD-based time-of-arrival acquisition board for neutron coincidence counting 1-gen-1995 FAZZI, ALBERTOVAROLI, VINCENZO +
A double-gate double-feedback JFET charge-sensitive preamplifier 1-gen-1996 FAZZI, ALBERTO +
Gate-to-Gate BJT Obtained from a Double-Gate Input JFET to Reset Charge Preamplifiers 1-gen-1996 FAZZI, ALBERTO +
Charge Sensitive Amplifier front-end with an nJFET and a forward biased reset diode 1-gen-1996 FAZZI, ALBERTO +
A Novel Electronic Chain for High Level Neutron Coincidence Counters 1-gen-1997 FAZZI, ALBERTOVAROLI, VINCENZO +
A Portable Instrument for Scintigraphic Recording of Blood Volume Shifts 1-gen-1998 FAZZI, ALBERTOPIROVANO, CLAUDIOVAROLI, VINCENZO +
A digital Spectrometer for 'Optimum' Pulse Processing 1-gen-1998 FAZZI, ALBERTOVAROLI, VINCENZO
Signal Shaping Optimizazion with 3He Tubes in High Rate Neutron Counting 1-gen-1999 FAZZI, ALBERTOVAROLI, VINCENZO
Low noise, high count-rate charge amplifier with detector embedded front-end transistor and continuous reset 1-gen-1999 GUAZZONI, CHIARASAMPIETRO, MARCOFAZZI, ALBERTO +
Detector embedded device for continuous reset of charge amplifiers: choice between bipolar and MOS transistor 1-gen-2000 GUAZZONI, CHIARASAMPIETRO, MARCOFAZZI, ALBERTO
Bipolar feedback transistor integrated on detector with JFET for continuous reset 1-gen-2000 SAMPIETRO, MARCOGATTI, EMILIOGUAZZONI, CHIARAFAZZI, ALBERTO +
Charge Preamplifier for Hole Collecting PIN Diode and Integrated Tetrode N-JFET 1-gen-2000 FAZZI, ALBERTOVAROLI, VINCENZO +
Embedded front-end for charge amplifier configuration with sub-threshold MOSFET continuous reset 1-gen-2000 GUAZZONI, CHIARASAMPIETRO, MARCOFAZZI, ALBERTO +
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