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Analyzing and assessing operational risk in supply chain through Petri nets and simulation techniques 1-gen-2006 CARIDI, MARIANOE', CARLOROSSI, TOMMASOSIANESI, ANDREA
What’s the right supply chain for your project 1-gen-2015 Sianesi A.Brun A.Caridi M.Cigolini R.Miragliotta G.Pero M.Rossi T
Performance improvement of manual assembly lines in a context characterized by complexity 1-gen-2016 Cannas, Violetta GiadaPozzi, RossellaPero, MargheritaRossi, Tommaso
The two-dimensional CODP positioning in Engineer-to-Order Supply Chains: an explorative research in the machine tools sector 1-gen-2017 V. G. CannasM. PeroT. Rossi
Improving production planning through finite-capacity MRP 1-gen-2017 ROSSI, TOMMASOPOZZI, ROSSELLAPERO, MARGHERITA EMMA PAOLACIGOLINI, ROBERTO
An exploratory empirical study of engineering and production decoupling configurations in ETO Machinery Industry 1-gen-2018 CANNAS, VIOLETTA GIADAM. PeroT. Rossi +
Complexity reduction and kaizen events to balance manual assembly lines: an application in the field 1-gen-2018 CANNAS, VIOLETTA GIADAPero, MargheritaPozzi, RossellaRossi, Tommaso
Insights from the empirical applications of the customer order decoupling point 1-gen-2018 CANNAS, VIOLETTA GIADAM. PeroT. Rossi +
Integrate Customer Order Decoupling Point and Mass Customisation Concepts: A Literature Review 1-gen-2018 CANNAS, VIOLETTA GIADAM. PeroT. Rossi +
An empirical application of lean management techniques to support ETO design and production planning 1-gen-2018 Cannas, V. G.Pero, M.POZZI, ROSSELLARossi, T.
Engineering and production decoupling configurations: An empirical study in the machinery industry 1-gen-2019 Cannas V. G.Pero M.Rossi T. +
Using simulation to reshape the maintenance systems of caster segments 1-gen-2019 Pero M.Cigolini R.Rossi T. +
Scheduling batches with time constraints in wafer fabrication 1-gen-2020 Ciccullo F.Pero M.Rossi T. +
Determinants for order-fulfilment strategies in engineer-to-order companies: Insights from the machinery industry 1-gen-2020 Cannas V. G.Pero M.Rossi T. +
A new logistics model for increasing economic sustainability of perishable food supply chains through intermodal transportation 1-gen-2021 Rossi T.Pozzi R.Pirovano G.Cigolini R.Pero M.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 15 di 15
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