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An ultrafast spectroscopy study of stimulated emission in poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene) films and microcavities 1-gen-1999 VIRGILI, TERSILLACERULLO, GIULIO NICOLASTAGIRA, SALVATOREDE SILVESTRI, SANDRO +
Ultrafast electric field-assisted pump-probe spectroscopy in poly (9,9-dioctylfluorene) light-emitting diodes 1-gen-2003 CERULLO, GIULIO NICOLAC. GadermaierLANZANI, GUGLIELMOVIRGILI, TERSILLA +
Understanding fundamental processes in poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene) light-emitting diodes via ultrafast electric-field-assisted pump-probe spectroscopy 1-gen-2003 CERULLO, GIULIO NICOLAC. GadermaierLANZANI, GUGLIELMOVIRGILI, TERSILLA +
Polymeric mixture comprising a polyfluorene derivate and use thereof as optical device 1-gen-2004 LANZANI, GUGLIELMOMARINOTTO, DANIELEVIRGILI, TERSILLA
Ultrafast spectroscopic studies in polyfluorene: (6,6)-phenyl C61-butyric acid methyl ester blend films: monitoring the photoinduced charge transfer process 1-gen-2004 LANZANI, GUGLIELMOVIRGILI, TERSILLA +
Ultrafast excitation cross-correlation photoconductivity in polyfluorene photodiodes 1-gen-2005 GAMBETTA, ALESSIOLANZANI, GUGLIELMOVIRGILI, TERSILLA
Ultrafast field assisted dissociation in oligofluorenes 1-gen-2005 ANTOGNAZZA, MARIA ROSALANZANI, GUGLIELMOVIRGILI, TERSILLA +
Near-field vs far-field polarization properties of hollow pyramid SNOM tips 1-gen-2005 BIAGIONI, PAOLOPOLLI, DARIOVIRGILI, TERSILLACERULLO, GIULIO NICOLAFINAZZI, MARCODUO', LAMBERTO +
Photophysics of charge transfer in a polyfluorene/violanthrone blend 1-gen-2005 LANZANI, GUGLIELMOVIRGILI, TERSILLA +
Ultrafast resonant optical switching in isolated polyfluorenes chains 1-gen-2005 LANZANI, GUGLIELMOMARINOTTO, DANIELEVIRGILI, TERSILLA +
Ultrafast Optoelectronic probing of excited states in low dimensional carbon-based pi-comjugated materials 1-gen-2005 LANZANI, GUGLIELMOVIRGILI, TERSILLA +
Ultrafast intrachain photoexcitation of polymeric semiconductors 1-gen-2005 VIRGILI, TERSILLAMARINOTTO, DANIELEMANZONI, CRISTIANCERULLO, GIULIO NICOLALANZANI, GUGLIELMO
Two-step field-induced singlet dissociation in a fluorene trimer 1-gen-2005 ANTOGNAZZA, MARIA ROSAC. GadermaierLANZANI, GUGLIELMOVIRGILI, TERSILLA +
Photoinduced Transient Stark Spectroscopy in Organic Semiconductors: A Method for Charge Mobility Determination in the Picosecond Regime 1-gen-2006 GAMBETTA, ALESSIOLANZANI, GUGLIELMOVIRGILI, TERSILLA +
Blue polymer optical fiber amplifiers based on conjungated fluorene oligomers 1-gen-2008 CLARK, JENNYLANZANI, GUGLIELMOVIRGILI, TERSILLA +
Coherent phonons in cyanine dye monomers and J-aggregates 1-gen-2009 VIRGILI, TERSILLALANZANI, GUGLIELMOCERULLO, GIULIO NICOLA +
Multi-photon non-linear photocurrent in organic photodiodes 1-gen-2009 GARBUGLI, MICHELEGAMBETTA, ALESSIOVIRGILI, TERSILLALANZANI, GUGLIELMO +
Femtosecond laser fabrication of microfluidic channels for organic photonic devices 1-gen-2009 CLARK, JENNYLANZANI, GUGLIELMORAMPONI, ROBERTAOSELLAME, ROBERTOVIRGILI, TERSILLA +
Photoinduced on-chain charge-separation and ultrafast recombination in a sugar-coated insulated molecular wire 1-gen-2009 MROZ, MARTA MAGDALENALANZANI, GUGLIELMOVIRGILI, TERSILLA +
Temporal Dynamics of polaritons in a strongly- coupled organic-semiconductor microcavity 1-gen-2009 VIRGILI, TERSILLAPOLLI, DARIOLANZANI, GUGLIELMOCERULLO, GIULIO NICOLA +
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