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Decomposition of Asynchronous Automated Long Lines with Finite Buffer Capacity 1-gen-2017 MAGNANINI, MARIA CHIARATolio, Tullio
Impact of opportunistic maintenance on manufacturing system performance 1-gen-2018 Colledani, MarcelloMAGNANINI, MARIA CHIARATolio, Tullio
Smart Centering for Rotation-Symmetric Parts in Multi-Stage Production Systems for Zero-Defect Manufacturing 1-gen-2018 Maria Chiara MagnaniniMarcello Colledani +
A threshold-based control policy for scrap reduction of perishable in-process inventories 1-gen-2018 Magnanini, Maria ChiaraTolio, Tullio
Part Variation Modeling in Multi-Stage Production Systems for Zero-Defect Manufacturing 1-gen-2019 Magnanini, Maria ChiaraColledani, Marcello +
A control model for downstream compensation strategy in multi-stage manufacturing systems of complex parts 1-gen-2019 Magnanini, Maria ChiaraColledani, Marcello +
The Paradigm of Pit - Stop Manufacturing 1-gen-2019 Tolio, Tullio A. M.Magnanini, Maria Chiara
Robust model-based control of multistage manufacturing processes 1-gen-2019 Magnanini, Maria Chiara +
Switching- and hedging- point policy for preventive maintenance with degrading machines: application to a two-machine line 1-gen-2020 Magnanini M. C.Tolio T.
Restart policies to maximize production quality in mixed continuous-discrete multi-stage systems 1-gen-2020 Magnanini, Maria ChiaraTolio, Tullio
Reaching zero-defect manufacturing by compensation of dimensional deviations in the manufacturing of rotating hollow parts 1-gen-2020 Magnanini M. C. +
Reference architecture for the industrial implementation of zero-defect manufacturing strategies 1-gen-2020 Magnanini M. C.Colledani M.Caputo D.
Robust optimization of manufacturing systems flexibility 1-gen-2020 Magnanini M. C.Terkaj W.Tolio T.
A model-based Digital Twin to support responsive manufacturing systems 1-gen-2021 Magnanini M. C.Tolio T. A. M.
Performance evaluation of asynchronous two-stage manufacturing lines fabricating discrete parts 1-gen-2021 Magnanini M. C.Tolio T. A. M.
A Hybrid Architecture for the Deployment of a Data Quality Management (DQM) System for Zero-Defect Manufacturing in Industry 4.0 1-gen-2021 Magnanini M. C. +
A digital twin-based approach for multi-objective optimization of short-term production planning 1-gen-2021 Magnanini M. C.Melnychuk O.Yemane A.Colledani M. +
Effect of work-force availability on manufacturing systems operations of job shops 1-gen-2021 Magnanini M. C.Colledani M.Melnychuk O.Caputo D.
Robust Improvement Planning of Automated Multi-stage Manufacturing Systems 1-gen-2022 Magnanini M. C.Tolio T. A. M.
Advancing zero defect manufacturing: A state-of-the-art perspective and future research directions 1-gen-2022 Magnanini M. C.Colledani M. +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 20
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