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Karaosman, H., Brun, A., Morales-Alonso, G. "Slow fashion and sustainability in Spain: How can local manufacturing improve sustainability and how do consumers respond?" Proceedings of "1st ANNUAL EDIM PhD CONFERENCE" 1-gen-2014 KARAOSMAN, HAKANBRUN, ALESSANDRO +
The impact of ethical fashion on Spanish consumers 1-gen-2015 KARAOSMAN, HAKANBRUN, ALESSANDRO +
Sustainability implementation in the Luxury Fashion Industry: Assessing Annual Sustainability Reports 1-gen-2015 KARAOSMAN, HAKANBRUN, ALESSANDRO +
Integrated sustainable fashion Supply Chains and the Impact on Operational Performance 1-gen-2015 KARAOSMAN, HAKANBRUN, ALESSANDRO +
The Myth of Sustainability in Fashion Supply Chains 1-gen-2016 KARAOSMAN, HAKANBRUN, ALESSANDRO
Joining the Dots: Sustainability Impact on Operational Performance in Luxury Fashion Supply Chain 1-gen-2016 KARAOSMAN, HAKANBRUN, ALESSANDRO +
The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on the Supply Chain Performance of Luxury Fashion Industry 1-gen-2016 KARAOSMAN, HAKANBRUN, ALESSANDRO +
A Simulation Study of Inventory Replenishment in Luxury Fashion SCs 1-gen-2016 BRUN, ALESSANDROKARAOSMAN, HAKAN
Slow Fashion and Sustainability: The Luxury Impact 1-gen-2016 KARAOSMAN, HAKANBRUN, ALESSANDRO +
Embarking on Environmental and Social Sustainability in Luxury Fashion Supply Chains: An empirical investigation on leather and silk 1-gen-2017 KARAOSMAN, HAKANBRUN, ALESSANDRO +
Vogue or Vague: Sustainability Performance Appraisal in Luxury Fashion Supply Chains 1-gen-2017 KARAOSMAN, HAKANBRUN, ALESSANDRO +
From a Systematic Literature Review to a Classification Framework: Sustainability Integration in Fashion Operations 1-gen-2017 KARAOSMAN, HAKANBRUN, ALESSANDRO +
Environmental and Social Impact Free Stance and Consequences on the Operational Performance. 1-gen-2017 Karaosman HBRUN, ALESSANDRO +
Integrating Sustainability in Luxury Fashion Supply Networks: an empirical investigation of leather and silk 1-gen-2017 Karaosman H.Brun A.Morales-Alonso G. +
Strike a Pose: Luxury for Sustainability 1-gen-2017 KARAOSMAN, HAKANBRUN, ALESSANDRO +
See Now Buy Now: A Revolution for Luxury Supply Chain Management 1-gen-2017 BRUN, ALESSANDROCASTELLI, CECILIA MARIAKARAOSMAN, HAKAN
A focused supply chain strategy for luxury fashion management 1-gen-2017 Brun, AlessandroCastelli, CeciliaKARAOSMAN, HAKAN
Bespoke Supply Chains: Transforming Luxury Supply Networks 1-gen-2018 A. BrunH. Karaosman
Product Matrix: A Model for Sustainability Assessment at Product Level 1-gen-2018 KARAOSMAN, HAKANA. Brun
Bespoke Supply Chains: Transforming Luxury Fashion Supply Chains 1-gen-2019 Brun, A.Sianesi, A.Karaosman, H.
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