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On the Nature of Resonance Interactions in Substituted Benzenes. II. 13C NMR Investigations on Aryl 4-X-Benzoates 1-gen-1989 MELE, ANDREA +
Synthetic Exploitation of the Ring-Opening of 3,4- Dinitrothiophene. A Novel Access to 1,4-Dialkyl- and 1,4- Diaryl-2,3-Dinitro-1,3-Butadienes 1-gen-1990 MELE, ANDREA +
On the Nature of Resonance Interactions in Substituted Benzenes. Part 3. A 13C Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Study of Substituent Effects in 4-Substituted Benzamides and Methyl Benzoates in Dimethyl Sulphoxide 1-gen-1990 MELE, ANDREA +
Addition of Activated Grignard Reagents to 2- Phenyloxazolines 1-gen-1990 MELE, ANDREASERVI, STEFANO +
Addition of activated Grignard reagents to 2-phenyloxazolines 1-gen-1990 MELE, ANDREASERVI, STEFANO +
A Comparison between Ion Trap and Triple Quadrupole Collision-results 1-gen-1991 MELE, ANDREA +
On the Use of (4S,5S)-2-Phenyl-4,5-Dimethyl-4-Formyl-4,5- Dihydro-Oxazole in the Synthesis of N-Protected 2,3,4,6-Tetradeoxy-4-C-Methyl-4-Amino-L-Hexose Derivatives 1-gen-1991 FUGANTI, CLAUDIOMELE, ANDREA +
On the Mode of Bakers' Yeast Transformation of 3- Chloropropiophenone and Related Ketones. Synthesis of (2S)- [2-2H]Propiophenone, (R)-Fluoxetine, and (R)- and (S)-Fenfluramine 1-gen-1991 FUGANTI, CLAUDIOMELE, ANDREA +
Stereochemistry of the Microbial Generation of - Decanolide, -Dodecanolide and -Nonanolide from C18 13-Hydroxy, C18 10-Hydroxy, and C19 14-Hydroxy Unsaturated Fatty Acids 1-gen-1991 FUGANTI, CLAUDIOMELE, ANDREA +
8-Bromoerythronolide 5,96,9-Spiroacetal B: Synthesis, Structure, Conformation, and Nucleophilic Substitution Reactivity 1-gen-1991 AURICCHIO, SERGIOMEILLE, STEFANO VALDOMELE, ANDREA +
Stereochemistry of the Methyne-Methylene Conversion in the Biogeneration of (S)-Delta-Decanolide and (S)-Gamma-Dodecanolide from (13RS)-13- Hydroxyoctadeca-9Z,11E-dienoic and (10RS)-10-Hydroxyoctadec-8E-enoic Acid 1-gen-1991 FUGANTI, CLAUDIOMELE, ANDREA +
Structure and Conformation of Erythronolide B and (8S)-8-Fluoroerythronolide B Spiroacetals and of Their Acetyl Derivatives. A 1H NMR Study 1-gen-1992 AURICCHIO, SERGIOMELE, ANDREA +
New Methods for Measurement of Long-Range Proton-Carbon Coupling Constants in Oligosaccharides 1-gen-1992 MELE, ANDREA +
Collision Spectroscopy in Isomer Characterization: the Case of (E)- and (Z)-p-Nitrophenylazo tert-Buthyl Sulphides 1-gen-1992 MELE, ANDREA +
Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Studies of the Inclusion Complex of Piroxycam with Beta-Cyclodextrin 1-gen-1992 MELE, ANDREA +
On the origin of the C3 framework of yeast-generated (R)-S-benzylthioglycerate 1-gen-1992 MELE, ANDREASERVI, STEFANO +
On the Origin of the C3 Framework of Yeast-Generated (R)-S-Benzyl Thioglycerate 1-gen-1992 FUGANTI, CLAUDIOMELE, ANDREASERVI, STEFANO +
Substituent Effect on One-Bond 13C-13C NMR Coupling Constants between the Carbonyl Carbon and C1 in Methyl Benzoates. Is there a Dependence on Pi greca-Bond-Order Changes? 1-gen-1992 MELE, ANDREA +
Synthetic Exploitation of the Ring-Opening of 3,4- Dinitrothiophene. Access to 1,4-Disubstituted 2,3-Dinitro- 1,3-Butadienes and 2,3-Butanedione Dioximes 1-gen-1992 MELE, ANDREA +
Selective Inverse Correlation by Using Chemical-Shift-Selective Filters and Selective Pulses 1-gen-1993 MELE, ANDREA +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 310
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