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ADHOC: a tool for performing effective feature selectionProceedings Eighth IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence 1-gen-1996 LANZI, PIER LUCA +
Performing Effective Feature Selection by Investigating the Deep Structure of the Data 1-gen-1996 LANZI, PIER LUCA +
Fast Feature Selection with Genetic Algorithms: A Filter Approach 1-gen-1997 LANZI, PIER LUCA
A Study on the Generalization Capabilities of XCS 1-gen-1997 LANZI, PIER LUCA
Adding Memory to XCS 1-gen-1998 LANZI, PIER LUCA
An Analysis of the Memory Mechanism of XCSM 1-gen-1998 LANZI, PIER LUCA
Extending the Representation of Classifier Conditions Part II: From Messy Coding to S-Expressions 1-gen-1999 LANZI, PIER LUCA +
Extending the Representation of Classifier Conditions Part I: From Binary to Messy Coding 1-gen-1999 LANZI, PIER LUCA
An extension to the XCS classifier system for stochastic environments 1-gen-1999 LANZI, PIER LUCACOLOMBETTI, MARCO
An Analysis of Generalization in the XCS Classifier System 1-gen-1999 LANZI, PIER LUCA
A Learning Classifier Systems Bibliography 1-gen-2000 LANZI, PIER LUCA +
A Roadmap to the Last Decade of Learning Classifier System Research (from 1989 to 1999). 1-gen-2000 LANZI, PIER LUCA +
Adaptive Agents with Reinforcement Learning and Internal Memory 1-gen-2000 LANZI, PIER LUCA
Real-World Applications of Evolutionary Computing. EvoWorkshops 2000. Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, April 17, 2000 1-gen-2000 LANZI, PIER LUCA +
What is a Learning Classifier System? 1-gen-2000 COLOMBETTI, MARCOLANZI, PIER LUCA +
Hierarchy-based mining of association rules in data warehouses 1-gen-2000 PSAILA, GIUSEPPELANZI, PIER LUCA
Learning Classifier Systems: From Foundations to Applications 1-gen-2000 LANZI, PIER LUCA +
Toward optimal classifier system performance in non-Markov environments 1-gen-2000 LANZI, PIER LUCA +
A Bigger Learning Classifier Systems Bibliography 1-gen-2001 LANZI, PIER LUCA +
Genetic Programming, 4th European Conference, (EuroGP 2001) 1-gen-2001 LANZI, PIER LUCA +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 191
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